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We create bio-fermented, nutrient-rich, probiotic formulas for gut health, glowing skin and wellbeing. Founded in Bondi in 2009 by Carla Oates. ✨
We’re so obsessed with fermentation that we built our very own state-of-the-art fermentation plant where we work with a team of microbiologists and scientists to ferment our inner beauty formulas. But what exactly is the benefit of having our own manufacturing plant? We’re so glad you asked... —it allows our formulas to reach peak potency —ensures greater quality control at every step —a more sustainable process as it reduces waste
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A new age in wellness is here! Introducing SUPERGENES™—a next generation capsule range of intensive herbal probiotics for a healthier, happier, more super you. After years (and years!) of formulating with our team of microbiologists, scientists, nutritionists and naturopaths, we’re so excited to launch five(!) potent, probiotic formulas to help you unlock your health potential. Each with hand selected evidence-based herbs, nutrients and The Beauty Chef exclusive GUT5Y™ probiotic strains. The strains have been chosen to improve the bioavailability and benefits of each specific formula. Say hello to… HEALTHY HAIR & NAILS With saw palmetto, iodine derived from kelp, biotin, silica & GUT5Y-4™ to support hair thickness, hair growth and healthy nails. STRESS & ANXIETY RELIEF With clinically studied Affron™, ashwagandha, B vitamins & GUT5Y-2™ to promote inner calm, general mental wellbeing and assist with mood balance, nervous tension, stress and mild anxiety. SLEEP SUPPORT With lemon balm, passionflower, California poppy, lavender, chamomile & GUT5Y-1™ to induce deep, restorative sleep and relieve restless nights. MENOPAUSAL BALANCE With sage, hops, schisandra & GUT5Y-5 to relieve feelings of nervous energy, stress and hot flushes—supporting your wellbeing through peri-menopause and menopause. PMS SUPPORT With chasteberry, dong quai, rosemary & GUT5Y-3™ to relieve symptoms of PMS including breast tenderness, pain and menstrual irregularity. Explore the range at the link in bio! ✨ Please note: The Beauty Chef SUPERGENES™ are listed medicines. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE.
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Have you ever felt clearer and more mentally sharp after a week of healthy eating? Or lost your appetite when you’re nervous? That&#039 ;s your gut-brain connection at work. This week on our blog, The Digest, we speak with Nutritional Psychiatrist @drumanaidoo about how our diet can influence our mood. She also shares her tips on how to eat for better mental health—listed above for your ease of reading. Catch the full convo at the link in bio.
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Our CEO & Founder, Carla Oates, created a limited edition Tuna Glow Bowl in collaboration with @fishbowl_fuel . It’s safe to say The Beauty Chef team approves! ✔️ This bowl has been carefully designed with the ingredients and nutritional qualities full of antioxidants, fibre and prebiotics to feed the beneficial microorganisms in the body and to help you glow from the inside out. Find it on the menu at a Fishbowl store near you.
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The Tuna Glow, a gutsy collaboration with The Beauty Chef. Here for summer, not forever.
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Tuna Glow by @thebeautychef , drops tomorrow at a Fishbowl near you! Here for summer, not forever.
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A collaboration, coming soon.
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For the first time in a long time, we’ve included some of our already reduced kits in our Cyber Week Sale! ✨ Glow Deeper Kit (save $30)—a dynamic duo that supports skin firmness and radiance 💫Glow Starter Kit (save $27)—the perfect intro for starting you inner beauty ritual 💛Brighter Boost Kit (save $20)—mini’s of our bestselling Boosts, so you can find your new favourite formula Link in bio to shop.
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A healthy, well-balanced diet is essential for strong healthy hair and nails. These are a few of the key foods and nutrients to look out for and to start getting more of! 🌱 Need a little extra support? Our SUPERGENES™ Healthy Hair & Nails capsules contain evidence-based herbs, nutrients and evidence-based probiotics to support hair thickness, hair growth & healthy nails—save 20% in our Cyber Week sale on now.
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Clear, blemish-free skin starts with CLARIFY™! We receive so many amazing results from this product for clearing up congested skin, reducing breakouts and speeding up the wound healing process 💕 Save $20 on CLARIFY™ in our Cyber Week sale on now. #BeautyBeginsInTheBelly
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Reducing alcohol this festive season? Make a mocktail with one of our Inner Beauty Boosts. This delicious hydrating mix will replenish dehydrated skin and provide you with a dose of magnesium for electolyte balance and probiotics to nourish digestive health. Ingredients: 3 - 4 cucumber slices handful of basil leaves 1 lime or lemon, juiced 1 tablespoon HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost sparkling water ice Method: 1. Muddle cucumber and basil. 2. Add lime juice, sparkling water and HYDRATION and shake well. 3. Pour into glass with ice.
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#MICROBIOMEMONDAY Are we more microbial than human? What role do our genetics play in our overall health? Ever hear people say: "I inherited my thin hair from my Dad" or "My Mum had bad PMS symptoms and I do too"? We have 150x more microbial genes that human genes. So while our inherited genetics do play a significant role, our ability to influence them is even greater. By looking after our microbes and feeding them the right nutrients, herbs and probiotics we can unlock our health potential. 💥 📷 Microbes by @under.the.scope
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BTS with @bodyandsoul_au for their inner beauty cover shoot. Find the full article in today’s paper and linked in our stories 📖 Photography: Steven Chee @stevenchee Styling: Irene Tsolakas @irenetsolakas Interview: Alison Izzo @ali__izzo Video: @hollyberckelman
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The OG way to enjoy GLOW®—simply mixed in water. One teaspoon a day is all it takes to see and feel the difference. #TheGlowEffect
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Glowing Skin Popsicles 🍦✨ These are a must for hot summer days. With one teaspoon of GLOW® per popsicle, it’s the most refreshing way to enjoy your daily serve of our bestselling beauty powder. Combine 4 teaspoons of GLOW®, 2 cups of coconut water, 1 cup strawberries. Blend. Pour into moulds and freeze for 3+ hours.
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Did you know, looking at your phone or being around bright lights in the evening can impact the circadian rhythm and cause melatonin (the sleep hormone) to decrease? Natural melatonin secretion starts at 9pm, so use this time as a guide to put away devices and dim the lights to help keep your natural body clock regulated. Still struggling to wind down? Take two capsules of our SUPERGENES™ Sleep Support capsules 30 minutes before bed to relieve restless nights. Please note: The Beauty Chef SUPERGENES™ are listed medicines. ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE.
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GLOW® Granola Bars 🥜 You could say we’re a little nuts for this recipe! Filled with healthy fats, fibre, probiotics and skin loving antioxidants—thanks to the addition of GLOW®—they’re the perfect morning or afternoon snack. Bonus: they’re free from any hidden additives that you’d often find on the supermarket shelves. Full recipe on our website. Link in bio.
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Spotted 👀 We’ve taken our latest innovation of intensive herbal probiotics to the streets! Thank you to the Glenayr Avenue roadworks for bringing a New York vibe to Bondi—we’re here for it! 🚧✨
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