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IELLO - In a nutshell: Get on Board 3️⃣ Steps in a turn: 🎫 Flip the ticket and find your shape 🚌 Place your markers accordingly on the board 👩🎓👨💼 Get passengers on board and drop them off #bus #iellogames #getonboard #newyork #london #ielloinanutshell
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🫂 2 years ago we started the Unmatched adventure with Restoration Games and Mondo. 📅Today, we are proud to already distribute 4 opuses of the line! ⚔️ The first one, Battle of Legends Volume 1, lets you play as Medusa, King Arthur, Alice or Sinbad! ⌚ Have you tried it yet? What was your first anachronistic fight? #1v1 #restorationgames #mondo #boardgames #cardgame #miniatures
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🏆 Who's gonna be crowned the King of Tokyo? Come fight the fiercer opponent at UK Games Expo, Saturday 4th of June, to win... the cutest of them! Kawaii-Ju! 👇Book your tournament here: 📑 #UKGamesExpo #kingoftokyo #kaiju #kawaii #iellogames
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🎁 [CONTEST] 🎁 Welcome to the dungeon run! 🎒🗡️This is your remaining equipment and there are 5 monsters in the dungeon. You must enter now! Here are the monsters YOU placed in the dungeon 👍💬Like the page and tell us in the comments below if you can survive through the whole dungeon! 🍀The winner will be randomly picked on Tuesday 17th May from the correct answer to get an English copy of Welcome to the Dungeon shipped directly to their address! #giveaway #dungeon #wttd #iellogames #boardgames
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IELLO - In a nutshell. A new and condensed way to learn our games! 2️⃣ Actions in a turn: 👆 Choose two patterns, one for you and one for the other players. ✍️ Everyone draws their attributed shape on their map. #spaceexploration #chooseandwrite #iellogames #distantsuns #drawing
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🗽 💂🏾[GIVEAWAY] Choose your city! As you may know, Get on Board already features two cities, with some of their must-see spots like Time Square for New York or Buckingham Palace for London! Which city would you like to see next and what would be their Sightseeing Spots? Tell us in the comments bellow! The winner will be randomly picked on May the 3rd, be sure to answer before! #getonboard #iellogames #bus #newyork #london
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😏🤫Welcome to the dungeon, or "how to betray your friends and feel good about it". Have you ever wanted a fun and tactical game, where you lure and deceive your Saturday night game table? You probably just found the one you need! Are you trying to go through the dungeon or push someone into it? Available in the Mini Games range, Great Games in Small Boxes #bluff #iellogames #dungeon #pushyourluck #minigames
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🚍🗽You seem to love Get on Board! Check out this trailer showcasing some gameplay and a closer look to the materials ⚙️Saashi ✍️ Monsieur Z #newyork #london #bus #iellogames #release #getonboard
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🕹️🐉 They are getting even stronger! In King of Monster Island, Bosses have 2 levels of difficulty! The volcano empowers them and they become even stronger! Are you ready to take the challenge? Because two more are coming! 🔽Check out the BGG link here: #kingoftokyo #richardgarfield #iellogames #KOMI #reveals #Boss
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🎁 🐇 [GIVEAWAY] Happy Easter! 🐇 🎁 To mark the occasion, we're giving away a copy of Bunny Kingdom! To enter, tell us your favorite type of chocolate (or any variety of carrot, if that's what you prefer to eat) and tag your friend who you will share this special day with! A winner will be picked randomly from the participants on April 20th! #easter #giveaway #rabbit #richardgarfield #iellogames #eastermonday
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More like London or New York? You can make your choice with our partner BoardgameShot pictures. Here are some of our favorites from their Get on Board shooting. You can find even more of them on the official BGG page: #bus #iellogames #newyork #london #getonboard
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🚌🎫Get on board is now available! Ready for a ride in London or New York? Crowded by businessmen, students and tourists, your bus is going through London as fast as possible! Dodge the traffic jam, create the best bus line and get everyone to their destination, while going to the sightseeing spots to acquire more points! Will you be the best bus driver at the table? #london #newyork #boardgames #gamenights #iellogames #bus
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