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Elbow got kissed by the boo boo monster 👹 💪🏾 No extensive tissue damage. Ruptured bursa sac that will eventually heal. I’ve had much worse, and as always let pain - and tequila - be the guide 😈 Back to work. #thesmashingmachine #bennysafdie (thank you all for the love and healing/medicine recommendations ❤️‍🩹 Im good 👍🏾)
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Our truck driving @therock is BACK at 🎯 🛻🔥He’s got you covered and wants you to stock up with all the ultimate Papa’s Day picks! Get the hottest new men’s products from @papatui_ for the men in your life🧴🧼 Happy Papa’s Day to all the incredible papa’s out there! 🏆
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Functional medicine, holistic medicine, modern medicine - I’m an advocate for it all when we get banged up. But don’t sleep on the power of the “healing Teremana hooch” 😂🥃 Sunshine & pain 🌞💪🏾 Smashing em up soulman 😉🕊️
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Saturday night soosh train 🍣🚂🥢 is leaving the station! Incredibly delicious rainbow rolls + salmon nigiri + my frosted @teremana for the trifecta win 🥇🥶 🥃 As you know, my cheat meals are SACRED so I go all out and savor every single bite and bring new meaning to the phrase “fuck it, we’ve earned it” What’s the difference between a vitamin and a hormone? You’re welcome 😂💀 Enjoy your cheat meals, my friends. 🥢🍣🚂🥃 #SaturdayNightSooshTrain #Sushing
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Insane leg training this weekend 🤙🏾 Great to get some hardcore weekend workouts in, even while shooting “The Smashing Machine”. Not an easy balance, as it’s all consuming, but getting proper rest and recovering on weekends after a grueling week of production will be the key, week after week of us shooting our film. I’m smiling cos it’s cheat meal time. And I’m a full on masochist 😈💀 Have a productive week, my friends. * brotherly shout to the real smashing machine @markkerrtsm for the constant motivation and support on this wild wild journey ❤️
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Saturday AM leg training. Over the years and dealing with injuries, I’ve found it’s much more effective and optimal for me to do my squats at the very end of my leg workout when my legs are on fire 🔥 and full of blood and lactic acid. I can go higher volume with less heavy weight on my back - and get greater gains with much less joint pain. After four knee surgeries, one Achilles tear, quad tear, adductor tear, two disc ruptures in my low back and torn abdomen wall - my body loves this approach and training strategy 😉💪🏾 30 degree squat wedge 4 sets. 15 reps. Controlled with slight pause at the bottom. Have a great weekend and a kick ass productive week. 💪🏾 ps - crush your cheat meals this weekend 😈💀
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Your @PapaTui_ #ComeCleanWithPapa CONFESSIONALS ARE WILD 🤣🫵🏾 These are GOLD and so much fun to watch!! Keep them coming - Be sure to tag @Papatui_ and use #ComeCleanWithPAPA 👏🏾 I’ll be re-posting my favorites. Happy Papa’s Day to all my fellow bad ass papa’s out there. #PapaTui #ComeCleanWithPAPA #FathersDay #PapasDay
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Tappin’ in to say how grateful I am to all of you for supporting our inaugural @UFL SEASON 🏈 As a UFL owner, our spring football league represents the irony of my life coming full circle ⭕️ my dream of playing in the @NFL never came true, but years later I can help build something much bigger and more influential ⭕️ and it also represents the power of giving back — by creating opportunities for players to live their dreams, make money, take care of their families, ball out and get their shot at the @NFL . We enjoyed some solid success this season, and invaluable key takeaways that we will build upon for our future. Create opportunities for players + coaches. Entertain the fans. Grow the game of football. Enjoy our conference championship games this weekend and tune in next week for our historic, first ever UFL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! 🏟️ 🏈 🏆 Again, THANK YOU FAM 🩵 ~ dj #ownership #ufl
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Friday night therapy. Getting late and time to wrap this sucker up. Shoulder finisher with 1-3 tempo. 1 second pause at peak 3 second controlled negative I’ll throw in 20-25min of steady state cardio after this bringing my daily total for cardiovascular work to roughly 60 min. #IronTherapy #CheaperThanAShrink #FridayNightShinanigans
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Friday night and partying hard 🤪 * training tip * work hard to control your weight, be laser focused with intensity with every rep. Don’t get sloppy with your movements. Keep it clean, strict and disciplined. Mind muscle connection is a real psychological anchor 🧠 ⚓️ * my tempo here is 12-15 reps with a 2 second pause at peak position and a 5 second hold on my final set. Burns like a MF and kicks my ass. Keeps my body in the zone for my current production (the smashing machine) shout @daverienzi for the strategy 💪🏾
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Cheat meals are sacred, because they’re earned so you know I’m savoring every dame bite 😈 Check it/ Lemon blueberry pancakes 🍋🫐 🥞 Made a “frosting” with my favorite chocolate protein powder, nonfat Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, cinnamon + melted peanut butter. * kept in the fridge all night so it had the consistency of cold frosting 🧁 * put the final touches on the pancakes by throwing them in the air fryer for a few minutes on high 🔥 so they had a little crunch to them. * spread the chocolate peanut butter frosting on top of every pancake. Stacked em Jacked em Whacked em ☝🏾 which is “Rock speak” for they were delicious and I thoroughly enjoyed these delicious and decadent pancakes 😂💀 Enjoy and go crush your cheat meals this weekend, my friends. You earned it 🫵🏾 Chef Rock👨🏽‍🍳🪨 @chefputtie 🧑🏾‍🍳🥞
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And then I met @loic_thor ⚡️🪓 aka “French Thor” who said “I can die now” after meeting me 💪🏾🇫🇷 Don’t die brother. Keep kicking ass. Fuck @chrishemsworth . Kiddin - love you Chris 🥰🤣 Good to meet you, my friend, thank you for all the kind words and thank you and the gym members for being so patient and cool. I know it sounds corny AF, but being kind and good to people is truly the easiest (and best) part of my job. Plus being an asshole to people takes too much effort, and I ain’t got time for that 🤣 See you in the states big man when you earn your Pro Card!🥇 au revoir 👊🏾 * big shout to ON AIR FITNESS in Paris for the great training session 🏋🏽‍♂️🇫🇷
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