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Season 2 of #Barmageddon was bigger and better than ever!!! And now it’s streaming on @peacock !! 🍻🤠🎯 Rewatch all of your favorite moments NOW!!! 🙌🏼💋🧲
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Love on the double 👯Twin Love, a new dating experiment from the producers of Love Island, arrives November 17.
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New episodes every Monday & Wednesday! And exciting news coming for @thenikkiandbrieshow this summer!!! 😎👙🥂🏝️ 🎤👯‍♀️🤩 STAY TUNED!!
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Sisters on the pod! Tomorrow on an all new episode of the @officialbrotherlylovepod it’s our pleasure to welcome @brie and @nikkigarcia 🫶🙌🎙️
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Live with Kelly + Mark 🔥 Hells Kitchen 🔥 N+B Tour Swipe for a surprise… SiriusXM @thenikkiandbrieshow is going on tour! NYC ✨ San Fran ✨ LA tickets have all gone on sale! 🎟️🎟️🎟️ head to 👯‍♀️🥂🎧 #momsgonewildtour
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Such a FUN episode with @carmellawwe 🥹✨🤍🥂 Listen to it now wherever you listen to your podcasts. We talk babies, mom life, our history in the ring and life outside of it. And of course we talk about the new SNATCH.CO 💋🦋👶🏻💕 So proud of Leah for opening up about her experiences and traumas before her baby boy and everything she has gone through after. I love how she has used her platform to create a safe and informative place for soon to be moms, new moms, any kind of moms. Love you Leah! You are such an inspiration. Keep kicking ass outside that ring and I’ll be front row in TV land the day you debut back Mama. Bonita Army make sure to head to and sign up for their newsletters now! 🤗
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Happy Monday Bonita Army! The latest episode of @thenikkiandbrieshow is up and ready to be listened to wherever you get your podcasts 💋 Also make sure to subscribe because we have a great interview this Wednesday with @carmellawwe !!! 😍❤️‍🔥✨🥂👶🏻
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Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 🥹❤️🥰 You are SUPERWOMAN… YES SHE IS! My mother’s journey since 18, the moment she found out she was pregnant with Brie and me, has been nothing less than a superwoman journey. I have moments of tears now that I am a mother and a wife when I think of my mom’s journey since Brie and I have come into this world. Everything she has had to overcome, fight for, figure out such as life with not just one baby as a teenager but two and having to learn and grow up so much more quicker than she was every expecting to. Every time I have heard “Keep striving, for God gives His hardest battles to His strongest soldiers.” I always think of my Mom. What a strong soldier of God she is. She is where I get my strength, my survivor mode, my ability to conquer whatever is given to me, bc I have always had her to look up to. Thank you God for that! Thank you God for her! ❤️‍🔥✨🙏🏼 I’m just in constant awe of her ability to overcome whatever comes her way, even when when it hurts so bad and can be so scary. Mom I love you SO much! You are such an inspiration! You are a true WARRIOR! You deserve the world! And I am just so THANKFUL to God that he kept you in ours! The world is such a better place with you in it GG! 🤍✨
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I forgot to post this for my little Bird. 😭✨🥹🎈🥳 Happy Belated Birthday my little Birdie Girl. You will forever be my girl! You were the first that I felt such unconditional love for. 💕 You have left such footprints on Coco’s… well I mean Doe Doe’s Heart… Birdie told me that I have been spelling my name like 💩 this whole time (Dodo) lol! She’s sooo smart! Sooo creative! Such a special, beautiful, sweet little girl! I love you SO much! Beyond words my little Bird! I just love seeing you grow into the little girl you have become. 🤍🤍🤍🤍
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✨ It’s been busy 🙃
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And if you missed Monday we finally aired 5 questions with @theartemc and had a little Matteo takeover for a bit! It was soooo cute! Great conversation in all! And realized Matteo did mean burgers and not boogers lol poor kid!! 🍔🤷🏻‍♀️🍫 Make sure to subscribe and like at @thenikkiandbrieshow wherever you get your podcasts!
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🤯🤷🏻‍♀️🫠🥂🤔👯‍♀️😕 Today on @thenikkiandbrieshow lol! Hope this caption doesn’t make your brain hurt!
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