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that red head on “Suits”. Pretend mom to all those lovely Walter boys. Real mom of glorious girls.
Thank you @allwomeninmedia for inviting me to present at the #gracieawards this week. Still giddy from seeing and meeting so many women I deeply admire from all generations, trailblazers and icons to the newest change makers among us. Was just what the doctor ordered. ❤️ 🙏🏻 @dicekayek @mateonewyork @beau_nelson @davestanwell
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Oh hey, just a regular day in LA, hanging with my besties. Rupert insists we coordinate ensembles for outings to Beverly Hills, Cookie favors a gown and lounging at home. @gennyofficial #Genny #SaraCavazza
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Thank you for making my Mother’s Day dreams come true @springfreetrampoline @gobaplay_us
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Hello friends, we are going to start at the very beginning and we’d love to hear from you! Please send us your Suits questions via the email above and feel free to put the specific episode number in the subject line. Also, feel free to send a voice memo if you are so inclined, cuz, like I said, we want to HEAR 👂 from you. ….so excited and thrilled to go on this (re) watch ride with you all. Lots of love and gratitude always! Xoxox
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Dear @people magazine, Thank you for putting my mug on a page with women I deeply admire. Talk about gobsmacked, I am beyond honored. I tried to go back in time and tell my younger self what you did, she wasn’t really having it. Swipe. 💕🤓🙏🏻
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This year’s Part the Cloud gala raised 17 million to fund cutting edge Alzheimer’s and Dementia research. Since inception of Part the Cloud, a total of over 82 million dollars has been raised to fund 68 groundbreaking and innovative clinical trials. Those grant recipients have gone on to receive over 1.4 billion in follow on funding. I am so grateful for @mikeyhoag for founding this movement, and just beyond honored to emcee this year’s Gala and share my family’s journey. Thank you Mikey, for your vision, tirelessness, example, and for bringing this community together. And thank you to everyone who shared their personal stories and strength and love with me. It was a beautiful night to hold the contrasting feelings of grief and hope together…to turn them into action and ultimately turn them into meaning. Because the cutting edge research can and will lead to the ultimate breakthrough, and that is a story worth celebrating. And also…ummm Jon Batiste…fan girl down. (Fbf last slide). #partthecloud #endalz @alzassociation
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Gathering my thoughts on how grateful I was to be a part of a very very special evening…more on that soon. Meantime…caption? #yawn @eliesaabworld @simongjewelry @claytonhawkins @beau_nelson
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You may have heard that this summer Suits, a show we began filming back in 2010 broke streaming records to the tune of billions of minutes. 57.7 billion minutes to be exact. I’ve never been strong at the maths, but I think that number is hard for anybody to wrap their brain around. I’m so insanely grateful that our show has been received in this way, but how do we really metabolize that? My hope is that it’s through connection….I’m thrilled to link arms with my intrepid ever loving brother @patrickjadams as we (re?) watch Suits episode by episode and chat with our extended Suits family from in front of and behind the camera, and of course, with the viewers who made it all possible. I hope you’ll join the conversation, the party, the walk down memory lane and together we can make some meaning out of all that fancy math. More to come soonish, meantime big thanks to Patrick for trusting me to join him on this deep dive, the amazing team @siriusxm for shepherding us, @kikishrader for jumping onboard, and the support and enthusiasm of #Suits creator and all around big daddy @akorsh9 .
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Goes surfing ONE single time (swipe) …turns into this person🤙…wishes she were that person 🏄‍♂️ Big Thanks to the beautiful @theseabird resort and @northcountysurfacademy
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Moments from the set of ✨Judge Beauty✨No one serves justice quite like we do in e.l.f. Court, right @rickehoffman & @iamginatorres ?! In e.l.f. (and good note taking) we trust💖#eyeslipsfacts .
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What would you do without me, @rickehoffman ? 😌And what would we do without Glow Reviver Lip Oil, @elfcosmetics ?? 💋 Thankfully, we’ll never have to go gloss-less again 😍 #eyeslipsfacts
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I was thrilled and honored to attend and fan girl at the Time Women of the Year Gala last week. Such an inspiring night celebrating the women leading the way in creating a more equal world. Thank you for having me @jessicasibley @time @eventsattime Thank you @maisonrabihkayrouz @beau_nelson @e_mendez @mateonewyork
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