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Lots of bad stuff, heartache and toxicity out there, but once you acknowledge it and respectfully look beyond it for just a moment — you’ll see that there’s a lot of good stuff out there too and a lot of good kids fighting the fight of a lifetime. My honor and privilege to work with @makeawishamerica to help make these kids’s dreams come true. Control the controllables, work your ass off and always give back. Mahalo my friends @jacobsoboroff @todayshow @UniStudios for illuminating these kids. And mahalo to my long time partners @makeawishamerica for doing God’s work. #bestdayever #makeawishday #dwanta 🎅🏾
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Wanted to a share a special moment with you guys, from my big @MakeAWishAmerica day - where I had the honor and privilege of granting the most wishes in one day (hollywood) and one of the biggest Make A Wish Days ever. I loved spending time and getting to know each and every special kid in this room — and needless to say by the time I got to my buddy Trenton here…. he literally had to walk away and duck behind a corner to let his emotions out 🥰 as his sister is crying happy tears 🥹 Happy tears are good - I’ll take ‘em all. I have so much to share with you guys of all the joy, love and positivity (and happy tears) from this day. More to come. For me, stuff like this will always be the best part of fame ❤️☝🏾 #makeawishday #bestdayever #dwanta🎅🏾
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Burnin’ that midnight oil baby 🕯️💪🏾 We decided to actually train after our @projectrock shoot in the Iron Paradise — with my long time buddy and training partner @mike_ryan_celebritytrainer Just two filthy Boston loving animals 😜😈💀 #projectrock ⛰️ #wereallaworkinprogress 🏗️
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Twas the night before Christmas and it’s a Santa ➕ Dwanta family tradition 🎅🏾💪🏾🎅🏼 Every year, Dwanta & Santa clang and bang, getting Santa swoll as f*ck for his big trip around the world 🛷 🌎 but this Christmas he’s rocking my brand new FIRE RED @ProjectRock ’s PR6s 👟 🔥 Big shout to my boy @mike_ryan_celebritytrainer aka Santa🎅🏼 who’s one of my best friends and greatest training partners. He’s a BEAST and just as filthy as I am - so our training sessions are intense, hard core and full of f*cked up laughs 😈😂💪🏾 Merry Christmas my friends and may you never get herpes from an Elf 🧝🏾😂 Love, Dwanta 🎅🏾 Enjoy the kicks! Link in my bio ☝🏾👟🔥
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Thank you to our U.S. Senators for the invite to DC and leading a very productive meeting. Both sides - looking forward to working with you on our task at hand. I appreciate your time and see you down the road. @lindseygrahamsc @senduckworth @senatordurbin @sensusancollins @senatorjontester @sentoddyoung @senatorwicker @senjackreed_ri @senschumer
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😂 🪨 ✂️ 😈
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Fire Red @projectrock PR6 LFG #DwantaEdition 🔥♦️👟💪🏾🎅🏾 🛷 link in bio 🛷 ☝🏾
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Productive meeting in the Pentagon 👍🏾🇺🇸 Appreciate everyone’s valuable time. And great to meet some of our military cadre - thank you for waiting. And to the guy who can be heard saying, “In a purely masculine way, I love you”…. I love you back 😂👊🏾
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Famed steps of our United States Capitol Building - took an important meeting here. Appreciate everyone’s valuable time. Very productive. You could feel the energy + mana as we walked through these iconic halls⚡️💪🏾 * humbling/motivating to think about the history of this incredible building, completed in 1800 🇺🇸
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Handshakes and eyes mean everything to me, as I know they do to this man as well. General Randy George, Chief of Staff of the Army. Pleasure to meet with you, General and thank you for welcoming us to DC to meet with you and your fellow Generals. General Deb Kotulich General Laura Potter Looking forward to working with you and your team on the task at hand. As always, thank you for your service and I’m sending you the bill for all the selfies I had to take in the Pentagon after our meeting. $7 bucks + tequila. See you soon, sir. Respectfully, Rock
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Big @MakeAWishAmerica dayyyy!!! 🥳 👏🏾👏🏾🎅🏾 Want to share this mana with all of you today as it’s been on my heart ❤️ for months now! Today, I have the privilege of granting wishes from beautiful kids from across our country!! (most wishes ever granted in one day by anyone in Hollywood) These kids are the real heroes and their families are the real superstars. Lots of crazy and hard stuff happening out there around the world. Headlines are noisy and comment sections can be toxic — but this is the reminder that there is still so much good in this world. Heart, soul, mana, smiles & JOY… And these make a wish kids and their families are proof of that! Here we gooooo!! I’ll keep y’all posted ❤️🎅🏾 #dwanta #makeawish
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I love the raw fucking emotion coming from this gigantic young man @iamlacolbytucker - who has overcome a lot of tragedies in his life only to become stronger. I’m an open book when it comes to my mental health struggles and I’m always there for anyone who needs guidance and support — especially our young men out there who might be struggling to find their own way as the world feels like it’s on their shoulders. By nature, us men don’t talk about our shit when we’re struggling. We’re supposed to be tough, strong and take care of everything and everyone. Truth is, asking for help and being vulnerable isn’t a weakness- it’s one of our superpowers. That’s controlling the controllables. That’s putting in the work with our two hands. I believe LaColby Tucker is destined for life’s greatness and I will always be rooting this young man on!!! 💪🏾 #XFL #LeagueOfOpportunity @danygarciaco
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