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Alhumdulilah! Doing what’s best in the world.
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I’m looking straight but my reflection isn’t? #idontunderstand
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Winning is not everything but willing to win is.
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Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! ❤️ #eidmubarak
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Realised I didn’t post anything during Ramadan and now you know why. #uni
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Nothing new.
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Birth Anniversary of our 12th Imam, Hujat-ul-qaim, Imam Mehdi (ajtf) Mubarak to everyone. 🌹 A memorable photo from the time when I was at Masjid-E-Jamkaran (Imam Mehdi’s (ajtf) Mosque). It is said that Imam (ajtf) himself instructed/ordered the building of the mosque for his Zahoor. Subhannallah! ❤️ May all of your prayers come true today! ❤️ #imammehdi #alajal
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Shrine of Lady Masooma ع of Qom. Daughter of Imam Musa Al-Kazim ع and the beloved sister of Imam Ali Reza ع Imam Ali Sadiq ع said years prior to Lady’s birth “Whoever will visit the shrine of my granddaughter, Fatima ع in Qom will certainly be admitted to heaven” Subhanallah❤️ #qom #iran
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Salaam Ullah Ala Maula Imam E Raza ع #mashhad
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Only failure can make you a wiser person. Cherish it.
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On the radar again.
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