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power to the people weclome power revolution world peace I love Asian girl black while Asian Latin together fight🙏✌✊💕💖💖💖💕💕❤💓💓💝🇺🇸🌎 i m
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Tila tequila lost her mind she's q not prophet she's crazy #tilatequila #thorwbackthursday
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21 giờ trước
I don't watch claim to fame it like so boring Kevin and Frankie jonas motown songwriter Lamont dozier dies at 81 japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake died at 84 girls generation cancel music show performances after @seojuhyun_s covid diagnosis after school club cancel 😞 due to system problem cause by heavy rain I don't care about Anne Heche ezara Miller and Fred savage and you you yall are nothing but overrated bad people bully fbi search makes clear Trump is target of probe judge orders giulian to testify Fulton County that's not my fault it's yours fault but yall loser I do it by myself #waybackwednesday #wednesdaywisdom #wednesdaymotivation
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Breaking news Olivia Newton John singer and actress dead at 73 gabby petito 's family sues police clame officers failed her congratulations to Teresa gidice and Luis relax in glamorous wedding but who care rhonj remember she throws drink at Margaret? Because she nasty #tuesdayvibes #tuesday
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Well well it's former fbi most wanted suspect yaser said honor killings they found your a** fbi captured youv we waited for you 10 years ago you killng daughters you Muslims #mondaymotivation #mondaymood
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Firday it's a night of heart racing shockingly unexpected out of this world feeling your feeling its the zombie 3 lost song premiere ever just do girls generaton premiere mv with the Disney channel premiere of zombie 3 in the world premiere for the never before seen music video "what is this feeling " to forever 1 girls generaton the premiere of the new series hamster and gratel all starts Firday at 8 alchemy of souls take week hiatus will be not aired next week next weekend it's zombie movies girls generaton toonami marathon #sundaymood☀️
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4 ngày trước
I don't know reacts $49 million judgment in sandy hook trial sentencing trial of parkland school shooter why don't ask let it go #saturdayvibes
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5 ngày trước
Today August 5 its 15th anniversary of girls generaton alchemy of souls to take 1 week hiatus can be done maker a Crete tv series binge watching marathon TV @darriusmorris get help in this video he hitting his girlfriend @kritsdreamy it's God country a lot of people hate it Darius Morris beats ex girlfriend @krisdreamz he is bullying I'm sick of this #snsd #girlsgeneration15thanniversary #girlsgeneration #flashbackfriday #fridayvibes #domesticviolence
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6 ngày trước
Today weekend alchemy of souls is will not air next week episode waiting somewhere else it's girls generaton 15th anniversary celebration weekend #girlsgeneration #girlsgeneration15thanniversary #Thursday #taeyeon #sunny #tiffanyyoung #imyoonah #hyoyeon #seohyun #sooyoungchoi #jessicajung
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7 ngày trước
Watch the big bang theory #bigbangtheory #tuesdayvibes
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7 ngày trước
It you were looking forward to the new Batgirl forget about it Batgirl is canceled there was a new shama yall won't see it warner bros is bully so messed up here Christy tiger is pregnant Chrissy teigen is bully #throwbackthursday #thursdaymotivation
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7 ngày trước
Sandy hook parents address alex Jones in defamation case alex Jones is a bullying 2012 I remember news about sandy hook elementary 27 people dead shot everyone was in what happened news right after that #waybackwednesday #wednesdaymotivation #wednesdaywisdom
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8 ngày trước
Beyonce response to criticism over "heated " lyric eww way to describe people with disabilities especially cerebral palsy she's storytelling musically and visually is unparalleled but that doesn't excuse her i Use of abreast language they turned toward dishonest gain ,took bribes,and perverted justice when they said "give us a king to judge "do you see the one tge lord has chosen? And all the people shouted "long live the king" may the lord bless you I have carried out the lord 's instructions does the lord take pleasure in burnt offerings and sacrifices #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayvibes #tuesday #tuesdays
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