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"Women, with their intuitive instinct, understood that I dreamed not only of making them more beautiful, but happier too." Christian Dior
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Find the perfect fragrance for him among the masculine icons of the House: Dior Homme, Eau Sauvage and Fahrenheit. For a memorable day. #DiorBeauty #DiorParfum #DiorHomme
10.9k 50
11 giờ trước
This Father’s Day show your love with Sauvage Mencare, the new essential ritual, and Sauvage Eau de Toilette, an overdose of freshness. #DiorBeauty #DiorParfum #DiorSauvage
16.3k 67
14 giờ trước
Just like @JohnnyDepp , bring out his wild side this Father’s Day with the rare and intoxicating Sauvage Elixir. #DiorBeauty #DiorParfum #DiorSauvage
41.7k 598
17 giờ trước
Friends of the House @Tomo.y9 , @Yuuuuukko_ , @cocomi_553_official , @Ryoyoshizawa_staff , @rikakoyagi_official and guests were spotted at the captivating Miss Dior Exhibition in Tokyo. Join them in experiencing the perfect blend of heritage, art, and love.   © @Suguru_tanaka   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
17.7k 75
20 giờ trước
Dior Ambassador @Sooyaaa__ brought her poignant charm to the captivating setting of the Miss Dior Exhibition in Tokyo.   © @Suguru_tanaka   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
157k 3,174
21 giờ trước
Dior Ambassador @Natalieportman graces Tokyo with the enchanting Miss Dior Exhibition. Join us as we celebrate her timeless elegance and the allure of Dior.   © @Suguru_tanaka   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
19.4k 91
1 ngày trước
Get ready to #LoveOutLoud at the “Miss Dior Exhibition: Stories of a Miss.”in Tokyo.   A sensory journey open to public from June 16th till July 15th at the Roppongi Museum, Tokyo.   © @dnl.darmon & Suten Hiramoto   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
17.6k 106
1 ngày trước
Step into the captivating world of Dior at the “Miss Dior Exhibition: Stories of a Miss.”   Explore Dior’s exquisite couture works, archival collections, and special art pieces in our meticulously designed spaces, created by @omanewyork & @shohei_shigematsu .   Open to public from June 16thtill July 15that the Roppongi Museum, Tokyo.   ©Daici Ano   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #MissDior #LoveOutLoud
46.8k 125
1 ngày trước
To celebrate the birth of the new #MissDior Parfum, we invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey as the ”Miss Dior Exhibition: Stories of a Miss“ begins its new chapter in Tokyo.   Stay tuned!   © @Dnl.darmon & Suten Hiramoto   #DiorBeauty #DiorParfums #LoveOutLoud
40.4k 180
1 ngày trước
Find the perfect gift for Father’s Day with Sauvage Elixir. An extraordinarily concentrated fragrance like a fine liqueur made of exceptional ingredients. #DiorBeauty #DiorParfum #DiorSauvage
16.7k 100
1 ngày trước
Celebrate Father’s Day with Sauvage, the fragrance inspired by wide open spaces. #DiorBeauty #DiorParfum #DiorSauvage
97.0k 586
2 ngày trước
In the dark blue night, follow the olfactive path through the wilderness to hunt the most precious treasures for your dad. #DiorBeauty #DiorParfum #DiorSauvage
19.5k 147
2 ngày trước