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Tiffany & Co.


Expertly crafting jewelry for the world’s greatest love stories since 1837.
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Each diamond in the Tiffany T collection, like all Tiffany diamonds, is cut to maximize brilliance over carat weight, resulting in maximum sparkle from every angle, year after year. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo
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At Tiffany, bringing design to reality is a House tradition unlike any other. Building on our 160-year legacy of creating magical dreamscapes, our holiday windows illuminate The Landmark, our reopened location in New York City. Plan your visit via the link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyAndCo
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A modern take on elegance for the holidays, now and forever. House ambassador @rosiehw exudes the bold energy of the Tiffany HardWear collection. Inspired by the powerful architecture of New York City, the Tiffany HardWear collection features signature gauge links that play with tension, proportion and balance. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyHardWear #TiffanyAndCo
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Round brilliant diamonds set in a honeycomb pattern for maximum shine illuminate the signature gauge links of the Tiffany HardWear collection. A timeless choice that will endure long after the holidays are over, these striking designs are as bold as they are beautiful. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyHardWear #TiffanyAndCo
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The link at the top of their list. House ambassador @rosiehw embodies the powerful spirit of Tiffany HardWear. Bold gauge links contrast with round brilliant diamonds in a nod to the dualities of New York City, the collection’s inspiration and our House’s birthplace. Link in bio. #TiffanyHardWear #TiffanyAndCo
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China brand ambassador @elaine_zhongchuxi prepares for the holidays in a suite of scintillating Tiffany T designs. An homage to our House name, the Tiffany T collection is a study in modern design with timeless appeal. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo
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Today, tomorrow and every day after. The Tiffany T collection captures the spirit of the holiday and the wonder of the season with designs that feature our iconic, beveled T motif, eye-catching details and sparkling hand-set diamonds. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo
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The Tiffany T1 collection is marked by a sleek T motif—a signature House code inspired by our name. Worn by China Brand Ambassador @elaine_zhongchuxi , these designs embody timeless minimalism at its best, with clean lines marked by precisely crafted gold and hand-set diamonds. Link in bio. #ATiffanyHoliday #TiffanyT #TiffanyAndCo
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"The Amalgamated Bust of Venus of Arles brings together multiple Tiffany elements to tell a cohesive story about heritage, craftsmanship and savoir faire—all of which are very much part of Tiffany's identity," says artist @danielarsham of our latest Tiffany T1 x Arsham collaboration. Link in bio. #DanielArsham #TiffanyAndCo
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T1 of 186. A talisman of strength, Tiffany T1 represents individual courage and power, worn outwardly to express what lies within. In our new collaboration, Tiffany and @danielarsham created an exclusive edition of 186 bracelets as a tribute to the 186 years since our founding in New York City. Link in bio. #DanielArsham #TiffanyAndCo
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A Future Classic. Our new collaboration with @danielarsham unites past and posterity. Reimagining the artist’s eroded Venus of Arles sculpture, currently on display at The Landmark in New York City, we created an exclusive bust of the work that houses a limited-edition tsavorite Tiffany T1 bracelet. Link in bio. #DanielArsham #TiffanyAndCo
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Handcrafted by Tiffany artisans, the new Tiffany Crest collection is comprised of bone china plates adorned with gold details, table linens, as well as sterling silver chargers and bread-and-butter plates. A five-piece sterling silverware set completes the collection. Link in bio. #TiffanyAndCo
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