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Welcome to the Dior family @Rosalia.vt ! I am so thrilled to have Rosalia as the latest @dior global ambassador. I have always been a huge fan of her music and her ability to combine her Spanish musical roots with a modern contemporary spirit. I am so happy for Rosalia to be the new lady dior woman and share this journey together 🌹 ©️@collierschorrstudio Styled by @elinesvahn_
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Congratulations to the wonderful Meryl Streep on her honorary Palme D’Or for her incredible career given out by the wonderful @juliettebinoche . It is such an honour to see the opening the 77th edition of @festivaldecannes with three incredible actresses on stage Meryl Streep @juliettebinoche and @camillecottin all in @dior
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Happy birthday polaroid queen @maripolarama I am so lucky to be your friend ❤️❤️
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Grazie a @chiaratagliaferri e @lafrisa per aver invitato la meravigliosa @levanteofficial ed io a questa puntata live di Sailor sul rapporto tra moda e musica al @salonelibro di Torino è stato un vero piacere! L’episodio sarà disponibile su @storielibere.fm
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Incredibly fun conversation with the ultimate mega talented star and muse @rosalia.vt for @interviewmag where we discussed everything from the latest @dior show held at the @brooklynmuseum to family, food and fashion. Thank you to @interviewmag and @rosalia.vt for such a fun conversation, out now. Portrait by @collierschorrstudio
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Eva Jospin’s exhibition Selva in the wonderful setting of the @palazzofortuny_venezia is an incredible site-specific installation where she continues her research into the natural world. The exhibition includes part of the installation created for the @dior 2021 Autumn-Winter haute couture show crafted by the @chanakya.school atelier, don’t miss it! ©️ph. @laurasciacovelli
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@Dior and @venetianheritage celebrate the precious founding link between Venice and water with a ball entitled Naumachia, which will feature spectacular aquatic re-enactments of naval battles dating back to the Roman Empire and in vogue at European royal courts in the 17th and 18th centuries. I was very happy to in Venice with the incredible artists @carriemaeweems and @foreignerseverywhere as well as my dear friend @karishmaswali77 and the beautiful @astreafilms to celebrate this partnership.
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I’m happy to have been in Venice to support and celebrate the release of “A user’s manual to Claire Fontaine” by Anita Chari. I was very inspired by the talk and conversation between the artists and Anita Chari. It took place in Palazzo Tiepolo was moderated by Tom McDonough. @anita.chari.embody @lenz.press @edoardo_bonaspetti #tommcdonough @lorenzomasonstudio @galeriemennour
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I have been following @pietroruffoartist ’s work for years and have had the pleasure of crossing paths with him both professionally and personally.
Today he is also participating in the 60th International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia - at the Venice Pavilion, displaying a project that represents a place of observation, a reflection on the relationship between human beings and knowledge. Don’t miss it.
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Among the side events of the 60th Biennale d’Arte, I’m happy to see Cosmic Garden - an exhibition that is very dear to me, a collaboration between Indian artists Madhvi Parekh, Manu Parekh and @karishmaswali77 , promoted by the Chanakya Foundation and curated by @maria_alicata and @ugolinip . Cosmic Garden celebrates the pluralistic beauty of Indian craftsmanship and indigenous artistic traditions. I hope you get a chance to see it!
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Suzanne Santoro’s series Black Mirrors stems from her interest in ancient art and archaeological treasures - being particularly influenced by Etruscan and Roman-era painting and sculpture - as well as her experience of self-awareness practiced in the Rivolta Femminile group. An initial inspiration for these works also came from the mirrors in the Doria Pamphilji Gallery and the Palazzo Colonna in Rome, which displayed characteristically darkened surfaces, weathered over time. The photographs in her series are therefore portraits of statues and artefacts, characterised by a melancholic haze and mysterious darkness which result from her intervention in the photographic process. These have been glued onto wooden panels and covered with polished transparent polyester resin, giving the photographs a finish which exempts them from the use of glass or frames, thus transcending the stereotypes and standards of the art world. Slide 1: Suzanne Santoro with a Black Mirrors Series. Courtesy Suzanne Santoro Slide 2: Hermaphrodite, 1976, photography on wood, polished polyester resin, 2 elements, 40X30 cm each. Courtesy Suzanne Santoro.
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This collection was inspired by Marlene Dietrich and her unique way of combining and playing with the feminine and masculine aspects of her personality. From 1947 on, Dietrich will find in the various expressions of this New Look the balance between masculine tailoring, day ensembles and sophisticated evening wear, leading her to pronounce the famous sentence: « No Dior, No Dietrich ». I couldn’t be happier to have brought this collection to NY. Thank you to everyone who made it possible.
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