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Landscape architect, experimental saxophonist, high end audio and vinyl enthusiast.
Orangetheory class number 999 is in the books. Been a challenging year for me as I’m dealing with the loss of a second parent in just over three years, and most ready to take and celebrate the milestone of 1000 classes. I’ve been a member for almost 8 years now, and is one of the two longest tenured things I’ve been a part of, along with 8 years at my current position at Ripley Design Group as a landscape architect. (Just hit 8 years last week). Thank you to all the coaches and staff present and past over the last several years…. Which coach shall I choose for the 1000th class?
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Caught the walk off homer tonight on my phone. Great game! Shoutout to @blakesabol @sfgiants @sfgate #sfgiants #walkoffhomerun #sfgiantsfan
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About last night.
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Obituary for my Father, who passed away earlier this month.
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Having fun making succulent planters for a charity event. Ripley Design Group. @ripleydesigngroup #landscapearchitecture #planting #succulents #asla #landscapedesign @will_green_landscape_architect
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Back to work today after a little over a week off. Enjoyed time with all my siblings, soaking in the desert, the forest, a national park, playing some music, and purchasing a new saxophone!
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Been busy this morning cutting down the invasive Eucalyptus globulus in my backyard. This tree was no good. It’s also listed as invasive. The tree was 4 suckers that had grown from the stump, after the tree had been cut down some years ago, well before my time here. There is oil in the leaves that make it hard for many plants to grow underneath. So in theory, I should be able to build up better soil for growing vegetables. One goal is to find a use for some of the wood trunks in this space… stay tuned. #willgreenlandscapearchitect #landscapearchitecture #garden #invasivespecies #workinprogress #backyardoasis #bayarea
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Garden update: not too much to report. The starts are taking well, and showing some new growth. The potatoes are growing quite nicely, along with the leeks, onions, and tomatoes. Planted a pepper, and some bee friendly annuals, cilantro, and seeded some carrots between the tomatoes. Nice partly cloudy day out in the coast. @halfmoonbaycalifornia #landscapephotography #garden #california #organicgardening #willgreenlandscapearchitect follow me at @will_green_landscape_architect
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Been a couple of weeks since the last post. Intensely busy times. New digs. Recently moved to Walnut Creek into an apartment. Luckily, I found one with a yard space! And I can do whatever I want with the space. While I don’t own the land, I will own this outdoor space for the time that I’m here. I intend to make it my own little oasis. There are many things you can do to make a yard like this better and I hope to inspire others to do the same! In the next few months, I will post some pictures of how this space progresses. Elements will be food production, seating, dining and entertainment , and an environment to relax after a long day. Materials will be reused, acquired for cheap, and nothing permanent will be installed. I.e no concrete. Stay tuned. #landscapedesign #landscapearchitecture #garden #urbanoasis #bayarea #eastbaygardening #organicgardening #willgreenlandscapearchitect . Follow my professional page: @will_green_landscape_architect
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Exploring Mountain View Cemetery in Oakland on a gorgeous day. One of Olmsteads many spectacular projects.
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