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友達10周年記念という事で @littlesunnybiteyoppy と洋服作りました😘 ブランド名は 10 (TEN)です✨ お互いのYouTube対談の中のノリでブランドが出来ました🤣  それぞれがやってるブランドとはまた違う素敵なお洋服ができました!  みんなも大切な友達とペアで着れるようにサイズ展開も豊富にしてます🥰  そして、何十年も着れるようにしっかりした生地で大事に作りました!デニムは日本で、一本一本職人さんが手作業で作ってくれます!洋服にそれぞれのストーリをぶちこんでください!私は絶対デニムにソース垂らすから😂 それも物語として洋服を長年楽しみたいと思います😇(シミは取れw)  全て受注生産で予約開始は 2/5から2/11までです! HPに商品写真載ってます🙏 ストーリーズにリンク貼ってます!  さらに詳しい事は2/7 19:00からYouTube生配信でみんなとお話したいと思います!そちらのチャンネル登録もお願いします✨ For our 10th friendaversary my friend @littlesunnybiteyoppy and I started making clothes together😘The name is 10 (TEN)✨We were talking on YouTube and was joking about it - then made it happen🤣It's different from the brands we do individually and we were able to make some beautiful clothes! It's in all different sizes so that you can wear it together with your special friend🥰 It's also made of durable material so you can wear it for many years! The denim is made in Japan and each is handmade! Add your story to our clothes - you know I spill a lot of sauce onto my denim😂I want to enjoy that as part of my story and wear the pieces for a long time😇(I guess I should be trying to remove the stains though)) It's all made-to-order only and orders will be taken from February 5th to February 11th! The link is in my stories! We will stream live on YouTube on February 7th from 7PM (Japan time) so I look forward to talking to you then! Make sure you subscribe to my channel✨ #10bestfriend
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