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3rd day hip open🍑                これ、初めてやったー 180度以上反りたい女 キープきつい笑 ‼️NEW CHALLENGE ANNOUNCEMENT ‼️ #Wheelyourposes (20 - 24th September 2021) Most of us have at least one yoga wheel at home but don’t use it as often as we should. Incorporating a yoga wheel into your yoga routine will give you the confidence to stretch further than normal, eventually allowing you to move your body in ways you never could before. When you're in pain, the last thing you want to do is work out . Practicing gentle poses with a yoga wheel has the clever ability to soothe away soreness and discomfort. So, please join us for 5 days in this #Wheelyourposes challenge where we will show you how to stretch safely and achieve a deeper pose using your wheel. Pose List: 1. Heart Opener 2. Shoulder Opener 3. Hip Opener 4. Inversion 5. Yogis Choice Hosts: 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ @yoganyclife @ultimatecoolness @lijoy.yoga @yogi_debi Sponsors : 🎁 @bouton_button @chez_vita @loveprayjewelry @daily_wellness_oils @lunn_salt @ekalosangeles @songsofeden @adoratherapy @yogapaws @realign_back_wheel Rules to Follow: 👉Have your account in public so we can see you . 👉Follow all hosts and sponsors.⁣⁣⁣⁣ 👉Tag all hosts and sponsors in each of your posts, and use the hashtag #Wheelyourposes 👉Show your fellow participants some love by liking and commenting on each others posts.⁣⁣⁣⁣ 👉Be kind, have fun and be safe! #yogaposes #yogapractice #yogainspiration #yogalife #yogalove #yogafitlife # #yogaposes #yogafun # #fallinlove #yogaeveryday #motivation #yogalifestyle #yogamotivation #yogachallenges #worldwideyoga #yogainspiration #yogajourney #yogainspiration #yogapants ##flexibility
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Half lotus tree pose. 🌳 😀 #aloboutvariations ⚠️Be mindful of your knee when doing this one. You shouldn’t feel any twinges or sharp sensations there. 😳 And remember to practice whichever pose you decide to do on both sides. ☺️ Are you playing along??? Here’s the pose list: Day 1: Any Lunge ✅ Day 2: Any Standing Balance ✅ Day 3: Any Warrior Day 4: Any Inversion Day 5: Any Handstand Day 6: Any Split Day 7: Any Arm balance Day 8: Any Thigh stretch (✅) Day 9: Any Backbend Day 10: Any Restorative pose Hosts: @iellenah @laraadrienne_ @zeynaum @esincapa @daretomove @sonertnp Sponsors: @alomoves @aloyoga • • • #yogachallenges #asanapractice #aloyoga @aloyoga #yogaathome #yogaforbeginners #yogaforeverybody #yogaforeveryone
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Welcome to Friday and to day 8 of #ALOngComesLightInYoga ! We practice Padmasana, or Lotus Pose, or a variant of our ability, to visualize that our radiant light throne absorbs into the lotus. Now we can spread the love and the light that shines within us. No matter your capabilities, lotus is a state of mind. We have traveled from within. Now we burst forth! Please dance today, ok? At least a little. Movement matters. Your movement means a LOT. So, please keep moving…. I thank each and every one of you for joining us. This group exuded enthusiasm and energy. May each of us use that energy for the good today. I hope we can join together again soon. I thank my excellent co-hosts Shey, Yuko, Tyana, and Michaela. I also thank our sponsor Alo! It’s a rare day that I don’t follow a workout on Alo’s site. Their workout clothing is excellent too! I’ve been wearing Alo clothing each day of this challenge. They look good, don’t they? 😊 Wearing Alo 5” Adapt Running shorts and Alo Triumph tank. My incredible mat is an Alo Long Warrior. It’s extra long and a bit wider than traditional mats. Hosts’ notes: Darkness to the Light. September 17 – 24. If we want to live in lightness, we have to willingly cast ourselves into the great unknown of our own inner darkness. This darkness takes the form of depression, fear, anxiety, stress, feelings of inadequacy, and more. With time, and with the practice of meditation, Pranayama (breath work), and Asana (the physical practice), we learn to greet this darkness like an old friend and allow our awareness to seep into these places and fill them with light in the form of our breath, our softening, and acknowledgment. Join us as we support each other in our journeys to our inner darkness and seek to become our most true and authentic selves. ☀️Hosts: @hippie_healthnut @yuko_yoga @xpmoves @michalovesyoga @david.bruce .yogi ☀️Sponsors: @aloyoga @alomoves #aloyogachallenge #aloyoga #alomoves #alo #yogachallenge #yogachallenge2021 #yogachallenges #yogainspiration #yogapractice #igyogacommunity #yogalife #yogapractice
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Namaste 🙏 Today we're focusing on connecting our body with the earth - grounding into the earth so we can feel abit balanced and emotionally stabled. Day 4 #FallStormYogaChallenge in #TreePose or #Vrksasana 🌳 Please kindly check out with my cohosts and fellow participants for other inspirations 😊 Can't wait to see yours 🤩 Remember to click FOLLOW button and TAG/MENTION all the hosts and SPONSORS 🥰 My leggings : @ygoodmyoga My super grip white mat : @stormyogamat @stormtaiwan 🍂Hosts: @livia0907 @boho_juliana @fernbergmans_yoga @yuka_yoga.beauty . . ⚜️Generous Sponsors: @Stormyogamat @Stormtaiwan - USD 50 gift card *3 winners @ygoodmyoga @meddyteddy @madhippieskinproducts @loveprayjewelry @yogamasti 🍁Line-Up: 🍂Day 1: Dancer pose 🍂Day 2: Boat pose 🍂Day 3: Mermaid pose 🍂Day 4: Tree pose Day 5: Yogi's Choice #YogaChallenge #YogaChallenges #IGYogaCommunity #IGYoga #IGYogaFam #IGYogaChallenge #Yogalnspiration #YogaEveryDamnDay #YogaJourney #PracticeNotPerfection #YogaGram #YogaDaily #YogaEveryDay #MovingMeditation #InstaYoga #PracticeAndAlllsComing #Progress
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Day two of #alopeacelovingyogis September 23-30 Come celebrate International Peace Day with us “Peace is not the highest goal in life, it is the most fundamental requirement.” Sadhguru Peace in our hearts, peace in our soul. Peace is a language. It is a way of living. To be kind to yourself is also a way of being at peace💕 And aren’t we all craving for peace ? Isn’t the world grappling to find peace amidst all the chaos? Guess what ? The easiest way to find peace is through imbibing yogic principles and disciplined practice of asanas. Because it’s only when we can sync our heart with our mind that we find true happiness and that’s when we are at complete peace. And yoga makes this happen. So let's celebrate together with love & peace by expressing ourselves throughout this journey! Come join us this 8 days of #alopeacelovingyogis Alo Hosts @thefityogamom @chandini.the .yogini @ditikyoga @jean_music_yoga @seema_prab @yogigonegreen Generous Sponsors @aloyoga @alomoves Rules To Follow 👉Follow all hosts and sponsors to qualify the prices 👉 Show your profile in public and country so we can see you on our hashtag 👉Show some love by commenting each others post 👉Remember to honor your body have fun & be safe All levels and modifications are welcome. #Alochallenge #yogachallenges #alochallenges #yoga #meditation #namaste #supinepose #yogawheel #poseonwheel #yogaposeonwheel #supineposeonwheel
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🎉🅽🅴🆆 🅲🅷🅰🅻🅻🅴🅽🅶🅴 🅰🅽🅽🅾🆄🅽🅲🅼🅴🅽🆃🎉 #yogischoosetoliveinbliss 🤘 18 September to 22 September Unhealthy relationships are just like unhealthy habits. They don't do you any good rather they inflict more harm. When you love yourself enough, you will be able to come out of these circles and be one with yourself Our lovely hosts @rajeshchauhan715 @yog.aanya @_shiyogi @yoga_with_chirpiesharma @su_is_a_yogi @thatpahadiyogini @yoga_priyanka08 Kind sponsors ❤❤ @coreasana.yoga @sobek_naturals @tripstar_crafts @bubblegumhandmade_soapsncandle @sixwellbeing @thenoxcollection @yoga_withkitty @yogkalpvriksh @yogawithmotivation Poses lined up Day 1 - connect your self closer to your inner self - any standing pose ✅ Day 2- decide to put love in everything you do from this day forward -any forward bend ✅ Day 3- love your self first and everything else fall into line - self hug pose ✅ Day 4- doing good to someone fills the heart with happiness -any heart opening pose Day 5- our body is our life partner - any restorative pose Mandatory Rules:⁣⁣⁣ ☀️Follow all hosts and sponsors ☀️Post a picture each day using the hashtag #yogischoosetoliveinbliss and tag all hosts and sponsors. ☀️Help us spread the word by reposting this challenge flyer and tagging some of your friends to join. ☀️Set profile to public. ☀️Spread some love to your fellow hosts and the participants. ☀️Please listen to your body Request : Don't unfollow any host after the challenge is over 🙏🙌🏻 #yogachallenges #yogasessions #yogamotivations #yogachallenge #yogaanywhere #yogaeveryday #fitnesschallenge
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👀 GIVEAWAY 👀 Let's do a @santinyvoice giveaway!! Here's how to enter: 🐬 Like this post and save 🐬 Make sure you're following us @deeongs and @yoga_in_the_oaks + @santinyvoice (No entry if you don’t follow all!) 🐬 Tag a friend in the comments 🐬 Only US Unlimited entries! 🎉 Each tag is another entry tag. Contest ends 11:59 PM on September 27th! 🏆Good luck to everyone! You will LOVE these comfy, cute skirts!! Swipe for more pictures 💖
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Pose of the day for #Aloboutvariations is handstand. Mine needs work. 😅 Can’t offer any pointers on this one, but I am accepting them!!! 😀 • Playing along? Here’s the pose list: Day 1: Any Lunge ✅ Day 2: Any Standing Balance ✅ Day 3: Any Warrior ✅ Day 4: Any Inversion ✅ Day 5: Any Handstand ✅ Day 6: Any Split Day 7: Any Arm balance Day 8: Any Thigh stretch (✅) Day 9: Any Backbend Day 10: Any Restorative pose Hosts: @iellenah @laraadrienne_ @zeynaum @esincapa @daretomove @sonertnp Sponsors: @alomoves @aloyoga • • • #yogachallenges #asanapractice #aloyoga @aloyoga #yogaathome #yogaforbeginners #yogaforeverybody #yogaforeveryone #handstanding #losangelescalifornia #cacheadas #naturalistas #legz
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#StandingTallForFall 📌September 22-26 Today is our last day, day 5. I will leave you all with this poem. Believe in yourself And in your dream Though impossible things may seem Someday, somehow you’ll get though to the goal you have in view Mountains fall and seas divide Before the one who in his stride, takes a hard road day by day sweeping obstacles away. Believe in yourself and in your plan Say not - I cannot - but, I can. The prizes of life we fail to win when we doubt the power within. 🧘‍♀️Hosts🧘‍♀️ @zuzkayoga @karmabhaktiyoga @ms_sun_seeker @jay_yogini Sponsors @baiiadyoga 🌎 @Rollgahealth 🇺🇸 @drinkbela 🇺🇸 @sashka.co .bracelets 🇺🇸 @shashi_europa   🇪🇺 @facesoft_towels 🇺🇸 Poses: Day 1: Warrior ❤️ Day 2: Triangle ❤️ Day 3: Tree❤️ Day 4: Crescent ❤️ Day 5: Choice of standing pose ❤️ Wearing @baiiadyoga use Stacey15 for 15%off ❗️How to play: • Follow all hosts and sponsors. • Repost flyer and invite 3 friends to join. • Post a video/photo daily using the hashtag #StandingTallforFall • Make sure your account is public and mention your country of residence. • Support and show some love to your fellow yogi friends in the gallery. • Play safe and have fun! See you on the mat! #YogaChallengesDirectory #Yoga #YogaChallenge #YogaChallenges #IGYogaCommunity #IGYoga #IGYogaFam #asana #Yogaddict #IGYogaChallenge #Yogalnspiration #YogaEveryDamnDay #YogaJourney #PracticeNotPerfection #YogaGram #YogaCommunity #YogaDaily #YogaEveryDay #Yogapractice #MovingMeditation #Canadianyogi #InstaYoga #PracticeAndAlllsComing #Progress #YogaEverywhere
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+++ #AloBout Variations +++++ There is love only as love is. These senses recreate their definition-a hand holds within itself all reason. The eyes have seen such beauty they close. But continue. So the voice again, these senses recreate their singular condition felt, and felt again. I hear. I hear the mind close, the voice go on beyond it, the hands open. Hard, they hold so closely themselves, only, empty grasping of such sensation. Hear, there where the echoes are louder, clearer, senses of sound opening and closing, no longer love's Hosts: @iellenah @sonertnp @laraadrienne_ @zeynaum @esincapa @daretomove Sponsors:; @alomoves @aloyoga Wearing @aloyoga Mat @matify use STACEYCABRERA15 for 15% Board and Wood Parallettes from Beyond Balance Pose lineup: Day 1: Any Lunge🌟 Day 2: Any Standing Balance🌟 Day 3: Any Warrior🌟 Day 4: Any Inversion🌟 Day 5: Any Handstand 🌟 Day 6: Any Split Day 7: Any Arm balance Day 8: Any Thigh stretch Day 9: Any Backbend Day 10: Any Restorative How to participate: 1. Follow all hosts and sponsors. 2. Repost this flier and tag some friends to play along 3. Post daily using the hashtag and tagging all hosts and sponsors. 4. Have your profile public so we can see you! 5. Show love to others by sharing likes and comments. 6. Have fun! #YogaChallenges Directory #Yoga #YogaChallenge #YogaChallenges #IGYogaCommunity #IGYoga #IGYogaFam #IGYogaChallenge #Yogalnspiration #YogaEveryDamn #YogaJourney #yogagram #PracticeNotPerfection #YogaCommunity #YogaDaily #YogaEveryDay #yogapractice #MovingMeditation #InstaYoga #PracticeAndAlllsComing #Progress #Yoga EveryWhere
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So true ! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ it's always the little things that make the biggest difference 💜
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