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What’s meant for you will be for you. And what’s meant to miss you…let it. 🛼
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A Night in Jodhpur - a @papierundstift.de exclusive ink 💙 a beautiful blue with deep teal undertones that are best seen with lighter application! Just right for nibs that don’t dump ink on the page! Heavy splatting gives some sheen but it’s quite decent for regular writing - not smudgy or sticky. A big thank you to @papierundstift.de for providing a bottle for me to play with!
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I’m so thrilled to announce that @alyssajennette of @stonesongnyc will be representing me as my literary agent! Please direct any literary inquiries to alyssajennette@stonesong.com . Please feel free to keep contacting me directly for your non-literary illustration needs. I am so excited about this partnership! I’ve been admiring Alyssa and the work she does with Stonesong for years. It is such an honor to now be included on her impressive client list! I’m so excited to start writing and illustrating stories to share with the world ❤️. I just wish Mom were around to hear the news. She was always the biggest believer in my abilities not just as an artist, but also as a storyteller. She always said that one day I would write and illustrate my own books. She still proclaimed it even when I was an annoying teenager rolling my eyes at her. It’s too bad she doesn’t have the opportunity to yell “I told you so!” to my face, but I can feel her smugness from beyond the grave. I know Dad would be pretty jazzed too.
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calm & chaos 🕊️⠀⠀ (cr: @z.hpoetry )
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Imagine the ocean. Imagine the ocean, and all the things it hides. And the only way to reach its deepth (as human without accessories is by holding our breath. Is that super fun? Nope. Can that be super painful? Yes. Is it worthed? YES. Because what do we get - a lot. Let limit ourselves on two most important things - the view (beautiful scenes of see life, the light playing on the sandy floor, the fish finding their way around corals) and the treasure (pearls, see shells ...). And in life, it's actually quite similar. If we want to reach the deepth of life - the deepth of success, the deepth of love, the deepth of secret of life and death, there will for sure be pain. We cannot escape it. But what is life without knowledge? What is life without discovery? There are sceneries waiting for us, there are treasures that are ment to be discovered, and yet for all of that - we have to be ready to hold our breath. We have to be ready to make a sacrifice. . . . Follow me on @eldoris.fiore for more :) .Follow me on @eldoris.fiore for more :) .Follow me on @eldoris.fiore for more :) . . . Ou, and thank you for reading. You are literally the best😉♥️ . . . . . . . . . #quotes #poetry #sayings
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कभी देखो तस्वीरों को तो उस लम्हे की सारी आवाज़ें सुनाई देती है। इस लिये तस्वीरे बड़े काम की होती है। . . . . . .#hindipoetry #shayrilover #peotrycommunity #tasveere #hindiquotescollection # hindikavita #writing .
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