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Saturday though....🍷🎀🌺
6 months ago
Our first wine to taste at Domaines Mousset was Château de Fines Roches Châteauneuf-du-Pape Blanc 2020. I was familiar with this particular producer before our trip, and had enjoyed their red Châteauneuf-du-Pape before. I was excited to dive deeper into their portfolio and learn more about their style. This particular wine felt like a bit of a chameleon to me, as somehow felt both light and refreshing while also being serious and substantial. It has 14% ABV, but I never would have guessed that on taste alone! The winemaker chose to forego using any oak for this wine, so that keeps it a bit more fresh while still showcasing the fullness of the Grenache Blanc, Clairette, Bourboulenc, and Roussanne grapes. It was very aromatic with notes of apricot, peach, and lemon. @domainesmousset @chateaufinesroches #wine #winelover #winesnob #winetasting #winelovers #winetime #instawine #winestagram #wineporn #chateauneufdupape #winery #winereviews #wineoclock #sommelier #wine101 #winetravel #winelife #wineeducation #france #wineloversunite #wineexplorer #winelady #frenchwine #wineblogger #whitewine #redwine #wines #winetourism #youcansipwithus #winegeek
19 hours ago
I am so ready for the weekend! I am headed to Woodinville, to sip wine with some lovely ladies tomorrow. Then its off to do some wine shopping at Jeff's. What are your weekebd plans? Cheers and happy sipping!
1 month ago
I’ve recently taken to walking my cat around my little apartment community. There are lots of trees and jasmine bushes and patches of grass, with plenty of room for lizards to scurry about and for bunnies to nibble. It’s really quite charming. And my kitty, recently rescued (by me) from the coyote-ridden avenues of this humble complex, now spends his days fully indoors except for occasional hours during which he peruses the grounds by leash. Which sets the scene for today’s non-event. I am minding my own business, cat next to me on leash, engrossed in a 15th century historical fiction, when I hear a man emerge from his apartment and call down to me,: “how’s he doing with the leash?” This is an outgoing, if not altogether appealing man. We had previously discussed our shared interest in cats. I pick up little Atticus as he’s known to dart away from abrasive individuals. I am ready to respond when I am interrupted by the call of another voice from inside the apartment. Presumably, his wife. “Who are you talking to….?!” Rather petulantly. He responds, one-upping her irritability, “the lady with the cat!” Excepting his rather feeble attempt at reworked verbiage to avoid that exact infamous phrase- there you have it. I am known, to total strangers, without a drop of irony, as “the cat lady”. I announce it here proudly, with this picture. And like me, little Atticus has a big soft spot for white Burgundy. Burgundy can be a bit unapproachable owing to the complexity of the vinicultural landscape and the usual price tag. My gateway past these obstacles were the white wines of the Maconnais region, which typically don’t carry the same prestige as their Cote d’Or cousins. At least to my palate, I can’t fathom why. The Maconnais is quite southerly relative to the rest of Burgundy (especially Chablis) meaning that producers can ripen their fruit much more easily, and they can consistently deliver wines of succulent fruit and rich, satisfying body. At least for me, I’m happy to I think this wine could be very age-worthy, but unfortunately I only bought two, and Atticus is an impatient and heavy drinker. . . . #catlady #winelady #catANDwinelady
1 month ago
Corks vs Screw Caps: Which is the superior wine closure? 🍷 The truth is, no closure is 100% perfect as they each come with their own pros and cons. 🍷 Cork Pros: . Great for long term aging: Because corks are elastic, they expand inside the bottleneck to keep liquid in and oxygen out. However, tiny amounts of air do pass through the cork pores to interact with the wine and develop with complexity over time. . A renewable resource: Corks are created from the bark of the cork oak tree, grown mainly in Portugal and Spain. An average tree has a lifespan of up to 200 years and can be harvested once every decade, providing corks for thousands of bottles. 🍷 Cork Cons: . Cork Taint: In a small amount of cases, your cork can become tainted with TCA, given it mostly affects wood products. This causes your wine to smell like wet dog or wet cardboard. Yum! However, there are some composite corks like DIAM that have a special seal that guarantees their corks to be TCA free for many years. . Variability between corks: Since cork is a natural product, each cork is slightly different. Thus their porousness can range, allowing different amounts of oxygen into each bottle. . Cost: Corks are definitely more expensive than screw caps, sometimes 3X more expensive. 🍷 Screw Cap Pros: . Easy to open: You don’t have to worry about wine openers or any other equipment, just twist. . Affordable: as mentioned above, sometimes 1/3 of the cost compared to corks . Limited TCA concerns: Since there’s no wood involved, that pretty much eliminates TCA issues in the bottling process. . 🍷 Screw Cap Cons: . Reductive Wine: In some cases, there might be too little contact with oxygen in the bottling process causing wine to be reductive. This is typically characterized by a rotten egg smell. Again, yum! . Variable Manufacturing Quality: There’s often quality concerns with the seal, resulting in cases of damaged or leaking wine. . Not eco friendly: Processing aluminum produces tons of waste and the material itself is non-biodegradable. . There’s more pros and cons that I could list but I’ve hit the max word count. What’s your preference for wine closures?
6 days ago

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Extraordinary Greek wines from the 50GGW list. 50 Great Greek Wines is on its way once again. We don’t keep things bottled up! Are you ready? _______ Download the digital book of the #50GGW - The Greek Reference Wine List here/ Κατεβάστε το ηλεκτρονικό βιβλίο εδώ: https://bit.ly/3lungUy __ #50GreatGreekWines  #KarakasisMW  #GreekWineExplained
21 minutes ago
#BuenasTardes #SabiasQue En México el 30% de la población consume vino y según datos del CMV se aspira alcanzar el 50%, en los próximos años. Esto significa que un restaurante, debe conocer el servicio y protocolo del vino, es decir, debe ser cuidadoso con: la temperatura, el descorche o las copas. En orden de brindar un buen servicio. . . . #protocolodelvino #Lunes #mondayvibes #winemood #winemonday #winemom #winewoman #winelover #winery #winetips #winetour #winetourism #winetimeanytime #wineandfood #WineFromHome #winefriends #winefair #winelady #winelife #restaurante #wineculture #winecourse #cursosonline #CursoVirtual #CursosVirtuales
8 hours ago
Today is a perfect occasion to open up an outstanding pet-nat from my personal collection. As today is the birthday of my love and we are having a nice holiday abroad. @benczebirtok - Petillant Blanc 2020 Recently I have fallen in love with natural wines, so when we were at Lake Balaton I insisted to visit @benczebirtok . They are producing rose and white petillant natural also, to be honest I preferred the white. Colour is unfiltered bright yellow, yeast and citrus on the nose. Intense bubbles, but perfect with the taste, acidity is a bit too high. Pear, apple, peach, citrus among the top notes. Finish is more yeasty and creamy. All in all this is by far one of the best white Pet-Nat I have tasted before. . . #petnat #petillant #naturel #organic #nature #white #sparkling #sparklingattitude #balaton #szentgyörgyhegy #wineregion #bencze #tasting #tastingexperience #wine #winelover #winetravelling #winelady #winetasting #winesoftheworld #winestyle #vin #vino #magyarbor
11 hours ago
Questa settimana la vittoria è stata schiacciante! Non l'abbiamo mai visto prima sulla nostra rubrica dei best seller, ma evidentemente... qualcosa deve avervi stuzzicato le papille gustative 😜 🥇A vincere è... Lapilli Merlot Veneto IGT @parcodelvendavini 🏆 Vero è che sta arrivando il freddo e... 15,5% di alcol aiutano a scaldarsi 😂🔥 #justitalianwine .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #bestseller #bestsellerweekly #piùvenduto #trecimedilavaredo #auronzodicadore #trecimedilavaredo #italianwine #italianwines #italianwinelovers #italianwinemakers #vigneto #docg #vinoitaliano #sommelierlife #sommelier #winelady #winery #italianwineries #kmzero #biologico #abbinamentocibovino #grappa #grappalovers #dolomiti #dolomitiamo #lagodimisurina #italianwinelover #winelover
15 hours ago
My birthstone is a wine cork. 🍾🥂 Happy Monday to all the wine lovers in my feed. Wishing you a productive and creative week ahead. I love Mondays because they help put things in perspective. Seeing what has passed, holding space for the present and looking ahead to the future. And lucky for me, the future has a lot of tastings in store! This week I am prepping for my Pizza & Pinot event Sunday, which will be all about pairing and pouring. RSVP and save the date if you live in the North Bay. Swipe for all the details! #mondaymood #winepro #its5oclocksomewhere #tiger #boissetcollection #pizzaandpinot #winelife #wineclub #winelady
17 hours ago