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Louis Fratino Morning 2020,oil on canvas. ©Louis Fratino Louis Fratino (1993, Annapolis, MD) is an American visual artist. Fratino collects illustrated children's books. Some of his paintings are based on the photographs of Vince Aletti in Male. Art critic Holland Carter writes of Fratino's paintings, "Seemingly painted mostly in the same interior, they are also hot with the pleasure of lying-around-the-house domesticity, of shared privacy. And they are hot too with painterly attention and erudition — inviting a similar scrutiny from the viewer. Nearly every brush stroke and mark, every detail of furnishings and body hair, has a life of its own."Similarly, Antwaun Sargent writes in The New York Times, "Fratino and these other contemporary gay figure artists share a philosophy, despite their different aesthetics: They’re all committed to reflecting the mostly unseen interior lives of the men they admire, and to celebrating a diverse set of subjects who, taken together, stand in opposition to a canonical history of art that has long ignored an openly gay view of the male body." #art #painting #painter #visualartist #louisfratino #ilovehim #gayart #morning #2020s #2020 #photoeditor
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As I think about the reality of the Savior, Messiah Jesus/Yeshua, a few things come to mind. First, I often think of Christ as the conquering lion of Judah. The one who defeated Death by rising from the grave. And to whom would be the obedience of the nations as He ruled them in righteousness. Secondly, as the atoning lamb. Think Passover, where we were all under judgment but the Angel of death “passed over” the people of God who obeyed the command to put blood on the doorpost of their homes. That blood, a shadow of a more precious blood, would be spilt by Messiah Jesus, the lamb of God to give us deliverance from judgment and reconcile us to our Creator. Thirdly, the one who baptized with the Holy Spirit and Fire. It is in the Messiah, that we receive new life. That life that transforms us to live as we were meant to; a life empowered to live radically different than the course of this world and to know the one true God in true fellowship. I’ve painted the Lion, which represents the lion of Judah using a variety of colors representing his glory and might. The lamb with its red sash to point to His blood that he shed to bring new life and forgiveness of sin as he looks ahead with confidence to the joy and glory that awaits for his obedience to the Father. And the Spirit of God represented in the dove descending with flaming wings coming to baptize and fill and empower all who trust in Messiah. I really hope you guys enjoy this piece! : 🚩Support Us Visit our shop at ogloriaart.com or hit link in bio! 🚩Join our Patreon before May 31st to receive a print of one of our distillation studies! Join at Patreon.com/deogloriaart If you love the content, share it to get the word out and bless others with the art I create here! Blessings! : #artreel #reelart #artreels #christianartist #christianart #christianillustration #christiancreative #illustration #illustrationartist #illustrator #digitalpaint #chrsitiangraphics #churchcreative #crtvchurch
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A cautionary tale. 15k followers lost. This is the work of Pippa Young @pippayoungartist 👀Pippa is my wife and a truly gifted contemporary artist. Her Instagram account pippayoungart has been hacked and she no longer has access. To be honest it has been a pretty stressful week in the wilds of Cornwall …..support requests to @instagramforbusiness @instagram have received no response, the Instagram online guidance doesn’t work and you can’t get through to a human being to ‘simply’ fix it. It just feels like mission impossible. Please change this @mosseri @pippayoungartist 👀is her NEW account so if know Pippa or appreciate her work please follow her here. 🙏🙏🙏 🙏 We are still hopeful the original account of 15k followers may be retrieved but there is no certainty. The loss of her account couldn’t have come at a worse time. In under 3 weeks Pippa has a major solo exhibition representing two years of work and the launch of the first monograph about her work and practice. ‘Dancing on the brim of chaos’ opens on 10th June and runs until the 20th with Arusha Gallery, London. @arushagallery Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Instagram is important to many of us who are building careers, businesses, hopes and dreams. Beware your Instagram may not be there one day. 👀 Be forever cautious. Time for ☕️😊
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“I am Black/African, solid and yet soft, masculine yet feminine, simple yet very dramatic, real and deep. Those are, I think, the primary layers you can pick up when observing my work. Somehow a bunch of those qualities are still not acceptable by some standards, mainly when it comes to black men, and I love showing that all our layers are normal and beautiful.” - @jordevity Jordan Diomandé, a 23-year-old photographer and director who is originally from Ivory Coast but living in Los Angeles shares his perspective of what it means to be oneself through art forms. Available from May 28th on prazzlemagazine.com
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Stadszichten / city vues⁠ ⁠ on image: BRXL 02, 2017⁠ archival inkjet print on pearl paper | 110 x 155 cm⁠ 112 x 161 framed⁠ edition of 6 and 1 AP⁠ ⁠ more info: gallery@valerietraan.be ⁠ ⁠ #cityvues #filipdujardin #filipdujardinphotography #filipdujardinfotografie #photography #belgianphotographer #visualartist #fictions #valerietraangallery @valerie_traan_gallery
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Photo manipulation in process by Soban Tariq of @soban_tariq . Soban: “Being a fan of the Naruto series, I always wanted to make something related to it. And of course why not start with everyone's favorite shinobi, Itachi Uchiha, the Genjutsu King. So I ended up creating this in photoshop using photo manipulation techniques.” Go follow Soban at @soban_tariq for more such cool process videos. His work is incredible. ----- #thetinkerscollective #tinkerscollective #photoshop #adobeillustrator #adobephotoshop #adobe #creative #inspiration #inspirational #collage #picoftheday #picturecollage #digitalcollage #process #processvideo #visualart #visualartist #timelapse #workflow #arttimelapse #madewithadobe #photoshoptimelapse
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Photographing the Black winged Stilt in the golden winter sun is something; painting it is another thrill altogether! Learning to look closer and deeper with every attempt. And enjoying both failures and tiny bits of realization! 🙏🏽 . . . #drawings #drawn #illustration #natureillustration #drawingoftheday #artdiscover #illustrationartist #illustrated #illustracion #moreillustrations #illustrationnow #theillustrationroom #illustrationhowl #illustrators #illustratrice #illustrationoftheday #illustration #draw #illustratorsoninstagram #instaart #visualartist #creativeart #art _spotlight
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Жить в этом новом мире сложно. Болевой импульс прошёл по человеческому организму: некоторые старые связи не выдержали, некоторые только укрепились, а некоторые новые оказались крепче, чем мы о них думали. В этом новом мире горизонт планирования схлопнулся до одной недели. Неопределённость пугает, но в ней приходится жить. . Я не знаю, как выйти из этого периода с наименьшими потерями. Я просто мыслями иногда возвращаюсь в то счастливое время, когда моей главной проблемой был тайминг. Возвращаюсь и надеюсь, что такие простые времена снова настанут. А пока не настали, надо продолжать делать, то что можем и изо всех сил сохранять то, что не хочется терять. На фото бэк со съёмок моего фильма и @foxyginger в кадре. Костюм моих рук дело. #чужоеместо #короткийметр #режиссерпостановщик #visualartist #visualart #videoart #художникпостановщик #newage
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Άμα η γη δροσίσει | 2021 Η πρόταση κατέλαβε την Β Θέση στο διαγωνισμό με θέμα «εμπλουτισμός Δημοσίου Νηπιαγωγείου Πάνθεας Λεμεσού, Μέσα Γειτονίας» Η εικόνα παρουσιάζει την περιοχή στην οποία βρίσκεται το Δημοτικό Σχολείο και Νηπιαγωγείου Πάνθεα Λεμεσού από μια εναέρια προβολή. Είναι με αλλά λογία μια ζωγραφική ερμηνεία του χάρτη της περιοχής στην οποία έχουν τοποθετηθεί φανταστικές αναδασωμένες περιοχές. Πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο στην εικόνα έχουν τα δυο κορίτσια που απεικονίζονται στο κέντρο της σύνθεσης μας. Με την απεικόνιση του κοριτσιού που ζωγραφίζει με τον μαρκαδόρο του δασικές περιοχές πάνω στον χάρτη, θέλουμε να εκφράσουμε την ανάγκη για ένα μέλλον πιο υγιές για την κυπριακή πραγματικότητα. Αν και ίσως τα τελευταία χρονιά έχουν γινεί κάποια θετικά βήματα θεωρούμε ότι η κυπριακή κοινωνία δεν έχει ανάπτυξη ακόμα την οικολογική συνείδηση που χρειάζεται. Η Δεύτερη φιγούρα απεικονίζει έναν άλλο κορίτσι που στέκεται σε μια στάση αμυντική, εγρήγορσης, και παρατήρησης. Με αυτό θέλουμε να εκφράσουμε τη νέα γενιά που καλείται να αντιμετώπισει με σθένος την καταστροφή του περιβάλλοντος. Για να το πετύχουμε αυτό χρειάζεται μια συλλογική προσπάθεια μέσα από την παιδία, τον αθλητισμό, τις τέχνες ούτος ώστε να μπορέσουν τα παιδιά του σήμερα να αναπτύξουν κριτική σκέψη, αλληλεγγύη, ευαισθησία, και αισθητική. #art #artist #visualart #visualartist #mural #stencilart #spraypaint #stencil #painting #wall #artistoninstagram #artwork #nature #explore #travel #cyprus #naturephotography #naturelovers #nature #environment #plant #trees
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