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Derek Chisora on Oleksandr Usyk vs Anthony Joshua II: 🗣 "I think AJ wins second time round. I asked him if he watched the fight back, he said he only watched four rounds because he didn't like the way he boxed. I asked him what he's going to do, he said, 'You'll see.'" [@talkSPORT ]
5 days ago
Бой Александра Усика против Тайсона Фьюри многие называют самым ожидаемым поединком 2022года. . Друзья, а какой бой ждёте вы? . . ____________________________________ ✔@vitalik.tbu - Oснователь проекта Виталий Олейник ____________________________________ #boxingtime #времябокса #boxing #бокс #усик #usyk #usykfury #usykjoshua2
9 days ago
🗣 “My life has changed, but my rules definitely did not. I still live by my own principles and standards. In terms of recognition, yes. I’ve been in a couple of European countries after the win, and it’s been a lot more people coming up to me” - Oleksandr Usyk said during an interview with Forbes.com 🧠 “My mental state was fine before the fight with Joshua as it was after. I always knew what I was working toward. I was going straight up to my goals. Of course, it can change. That’s how things are. The victory happens and people are changing their [ideas about me], and it’s their right” 🏋️ “However, I felt before Joshua that I would just keep working on my state of being prepared. I might want to fight Fury or Wilder, but for now, I’m concentrating on the rematch with Joshua” 🧘‍♂️ “I’m not worried if Joshua is ready to fight. Oleksandr is ready for any kind of fight..... Of course, he’s going to change everything. Everything will be new” 🇺🇦 @usykaa vs @anthonyjoshua 🇬🇧 🗓 Rematch is expected to take place in April/May 2022 and on the line will be the WBA, IBF & WBO heavyweight world titles. The winner will hopefully fight WBC champion Tyson Fury thereafter, for the title of being called the undisputed heavyweight champion 💪 There has been huge difference between Andy Ruiz Jr and Oleksandr Usyk in their mindsets following victory over Anthony Joshua. 🧾 The rematch will be fascinating, ie how, will and can Anthony Joshua adjust to reclaim his heavyweight crowns 👑 He was able to do so against Andy Ruiz Jr but Usyk is a much tougher assignment & test. 🚨 @boxingreport247com 🥊 🚫No Copyright Intention - FairUse💯 #AnthonyJoshua #OleksandrUsyk #Usyk #BoxingNews #Boxing #Boxeo #Boksi #BoxingReport247
22 days ago
🥊Boxing Time News 🥊 📌Александр Усик встретился с Евгением Хитровым. 📌Владислав Сиренко улетел в США и встретился с Иваном Редкачем. 📌 Карен Чухаджян и Андрей Великовский проводят спарринги в рамках подготовки к следующим поединкам 📌Любомир Пинчук и его соперник Хосе Флорес прошли процедуру взвешивания накануне боя. 📌Богдан Штонда , с днём рождения 🎉 . . ____________________________________ ✔@vitalik.tbu - Oснователь проекта Виталий Олейник ____________________________________ #boxingtime #времябокса #boxing #бокс #усик #usyk #news
4 days ago
Абсолютная чемпионка мира в среднем весе Кларесса Шилдс (11-0, 2 KO) не верит, что Александр Усик (19-0, 13 KO) сумеет одержать победу над Тайсоном Фьюри (31-0-1, 22 KO). «Хм, мне нравится Александр Усик как чемпион. Он отличный боец! Но несмотря на сказанное, он не победит Тайсона Фьюри. Фьюри обладает не только навыками, у этого парня также есть дух! Нельзя купить это дерьмо». . . ____________________________________ ✔@vitalik.tbu - Oснователь проекта Виталий Олейник ____________________________________ #boxingtime #времябокса #boxing #бокс #усик #usyk #usykfury #usykjoshua2
6 days ago

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