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3 months ago
It’s the matching shoes for me ❣️
3 months ago
What I wish people knew about being a MoM (mother of multiples): -From the start, the excitement of my pregnancy was intertwined with fear as multiples pregnancies are considered high risk. -Each ultrasound was billed as 2 separate procedures. -I was relieved when I learned that my girls are not identical. I didn’t want to deal with the confusion of telling them apart while being sleep deprived. -I feel deep shame that I fear the moments when I’m alone with the girls. -It’s lonely and often isolating. Twins represent 3% of the population, so it’s rare to have other MoMs already in your friend group. -The twin mom community is a absolute gift and I couldn’t do this without them. -It hurts when you’re told your experience is just like that of all other moms. All babies are hard in their own way, but twin moms really need validation and reminders that multiples are a different kind of tough. -Fighting against comparison is a battle every minute of every day. Though they are twins, my girls are unique individuals who grow and develop at a different pace. -There are no breaks. There are just as many babies as there are adults in the house, so @shanebearrow and I don’t get to take turns parenting. -There are beautiful milestones that you only get with twins. Watching them cuddle, laugh at each other, hold hands… their relationship develops as they do. -Deciding who to pick up always breaks my heart. Snuggling with one means the other is left to soothe herself or watch me hold her sister. -Carrying 2 healthy girls to 37 weeks gave me the ability to love my body for the first time in my life. -I am beyond blessed to have @shanebearrow as a partner in this adventure. He is nothing short of a super dad! And we’re both so grateful for the family and friends who continue to support us. I share all this not to disqualify the challenges other parents face or claim that we have it harder. I share because I want to be the kind of mother who models honesty and openness about the messy parts of life. I share because I want those around me to understand how I feel and how to best care for our family. I share because the only way to beat the mom guilt is to speak up.
2 months ago
Your dentist here is a proud mother of twin boys. When we done with creating beautiful smiles, this is what we come home to❤️❤️❤️. #twinmoms #twins #twinsandmutiples #twinmommy #twinboys #twinpregnancy #drraphela #dentistmom
1 day ago
So much cuteness in one pic 😍😍 Our beautiful TM Family rocks @alondra.leneisha Just over here raising our girls! I love my little family that God has blessed me with.🤍 • • • • #TwinsAndMultiples #familypics #twins #identicaltwins #raisinggirls #raisingtwins #family #bluejean #turtleneckseason #mixedfamiliesig #mixedfamilies #curls #curlyhair #fallfasion #sweaters #parenthood #precious #twinmomma #twinmom #parentlife #momanddad #twindad #twinmommy #twindaddy
3 months ago

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Mornings be like… 🥰🥰🥰 Maar ook… Waar is die sok? wanneer we moeten vertrekken. Wie van de 2 heeft er kaka gedaan? wanneer de jasjes aan worden gedaan. PS sok niet meer gevonden 🤷🏻‍♀️🌈🌈 #twinstagram #twinlife #twinningiswinning #twinsisters #rainbowbabies #twinmommy #twinmom #twinlove #doubletrouble #instatwins #twinmomlife #lily #roos
2 hours ago
Since Day1 I BEEN DOING THIS SHIT BY MYSELF & it ain’t easy but i salute myself ‼️ learn how to care for two lil babies at once by my lonely every step of the way from hospital to now i have my days were i cry but i got them to the FULLEST ALL 4 of my kids !!!!!! my lil twinkles will be 7months at 12 🥳🥳 #TwinMommy #SuperMOM 💪🏼❣️
6 hours ago
Opted for the treadmill tonight, with feels like in the teens and dropping and not being able to shake a chill I decided I'd stay warm! It just feels so much harder on the treadmill vs outside somedays and lately that's been the case 🥵 #motherrunner #mommyof3 #momoflittles #twinmommy #marathoner #marathontraining #halfmarathontraining #marathonmom #goals #runner #runnermom #instarunners #runningcommunity #runnerstrong #strongasamother #inspiringwomenrunners #inspiringmommyrunners #millennialrunnermoms #instarunnersofinstagram #womensupportingwomen #newyearnewgoals #runswithdogs #dogmomma #womenrunners #momswhorun #treadmillrunning #treadmill
7 hours ago
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9 hours ago
If you’re having a tough day, it’s okay! You are strong. You’ve got this mama!
9 hours ago