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If you don’t have to nap after thanksgiving dinner - you’re doing it wrong 🦃🍁🍂 #turkeyday
19 hours ago
After simmering for a couple of days outside on a propane burner, the Turkey stock was ready to package up for the freezer. This was a 33 pound bird, so it was a big batch! We ended up with 16 thirty-two ounce containers and a few 16 ouncers. We often toss in celery, onion, carrot, leeks, herbs etc. into the pot for additional flavor. You could always pressure can this, but I prefer the ease of freezing it, since we have the space and I usually have a lot of irons in the fire this time of year. It turned out beautifully. This stock will be a solid base for many delicious meals to come. #bonebroth #homemadestock #turkeystock #mealplanning #foodpreservation #holidaytips #soulfood #homesteadkitchen #turkeyday
1 day ago
Double tap if you’re going to be eating leftovers for days 🦃😅❤️ I’m so grateful to have my family just a short 40 minute drive away in Fort Worth! Usually my brother and sister-in-law come up from the Austin area and my brother does most of the cooking, but since they couldn’t make it this year my mom and I had to step up our game! Spent most of the morning cooking and laughing with my mom, watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the Purina Dog Show, and then recovering after a huge lunch 😅 Ended the day with two Christmas movies—HIGHLY RECOMMEND 8-Bit Christmas on HBO Max—and pie, of course 🥧❤️ I’m hopeful that each and every one of you had your own special Thanksgiving and here’s to an incredible 2021 holiday season!
2 days ago
Another thanksgiving in the books 🍗 💤
17 hours ago

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Little late...but what a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! Thankful for family, friends and my Instagram family! #thanksgiving #thankful #thanksgivingdinner #turkey #turkeyday #stuffing #treagergrills
14 minutes ago
Well, did you do it!? Did you dare to get on the scale after a holiday weekend? If you did, you probably saw a number that you weren't too excited about. Something 2, 3, 5+ pounds more than your baseline? Thought so. 🤯 But, before you freak out, let's break it down... We can't count these as "real" pounds, and here's why: There are SO many aspects of metabolism we could discuss here, but let's start with this--Even if you stuck to your plan completely, you likely ate more carbohydrates, salt and more rich foods than normal. All these things will lead to water retention and inflammation (read: increased number on the scale). It's also nearly impossible for you to have done this much damage in one day. Let's say--for sake of argument--that the scale is up 5 lbs. That would be an additional 17,500 calories (3500 cal/lb x 5 lbs) OVER your normal amount that you would have had to consume and absorb this holiday weekend. Which is 6-8x what is normal in one day for most of you. Even if you spread those calories out over an entire weekend, that is a pretty big undertaking. It will take a few days for your body to fully work through these large meals, but it will. Your body is very smart and contrary to popular belief, it can be trusted to do its job! One other thing we have on our side in the digestion process is the thermic effect of food (the calories you burn digesting the very food you're eating). It typically accounts for about 10% of calories, but after a large meal (or a large couple of meals), that percentage can be as high as 20%. The best thing you can do now is...you guessed it.....BE CONSISTENT! Jump right back into your routine. Don't get crazy--don't restrict, try to overcompensate with exercise or cut out entire food groups to make up for the past few days. A few holiday meals is not what defines your nutrition--as long as this eating pattern does not become a habit, you'll be just fine! 💕 #Thanksgiving #thanksgiving2021 #TurkeyDay #turkeyday2021 #progressoverperfection #movebetterlivebetter #itdepends #nuance #registereddietitian #youdoyou #consistencymatters #rd #nutrition #moverecoverfuel #eatwelltrainhard
22 minutes ago
Rotisserie Turkey Breast for the win in Thanksgiving eve #happythanksgiving #rotisserieturkey #turkeyday
25 minutes ago