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Good morning! I was hoping to get some good pictures from Strand on the Green this morning to go along with telling you about the Platinum Jubilee celebrations happening on the 5th of June (at SOTG), however the lighting wasn’t the best when I was there earlier. This is a picture taken earlier this week when I was walking to Kew; can you spot the paddle boarders? I’ve also included a video taken from Chiswick Bridge this morning and I’m hoping it plays smoothly and not all jittery; I still can’t work out why some videos playback like that on IG. If you have any suggestions then please let me know? And if you continue to swipe left you’ll see two flyers for the Platinum Jubilee Street Party which will have a feast of entertainment including live music, food stalls and even a family treasure hunt. And! There’s a number of different competitions running including a photography one that “captures the spirit of Strand on the Green” and yours truly is one of the judges 😄 I’ve read the rules and it doesn’t say that judges can’t enter so I’ll be submitting my entry before the 27th of May deadline 😉 Happy Sunday! It’s a beautiful day 😍
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Source of the Thames ✅ Today’s 17miles was all about ticking off arguably the most uneventful natural wonder ever; the source of the River Thames. Jess and I spend most of our long runs we do together along the Thames Path but neither of us had ever been to the start of it, now we can see why 🤣🤣 The collection of tiny stones (the second pic) and a sign were all that marked it but as we ticked off the miles the Thames became the river I’ve walked and run along most of my life just far far cleaner! Today was the longest training run I’ve done for months and it feels like another slow and steady milestone on the way back to ultra fitness! Now I’ve ticked off from Reading to the Source, perhaps it’s time to think about running the entire of it… #trailrunning #sundayrunday #thamespath #travelgram #uktrails #ultramarathontraining #instarunners #longrun #trailrunner #trailrunninglife
3 months ago
The church at Boveney has hugged the banks of the Thames since the 12th century. Inside, it has a romantic vernacular interior with 18th and 19th century fittings, but several pews are earlier – from the 15th century – and have long, deep scratches in the timber. Originally, we thought these were the merchant’s marks - a trader’s way of branding their goods, so they could be identified as coming from their warehouse or workshop. However, upon closer inspection - and with guidance from the medieval graffiti expert, Matthew Chamption - it turns out that these are the carpenter’s numbering system. The scratches are a distinctive set of Roman numerals cut into the surface of the timber to identify different elements of the structure. The elements would have been carved in the carpenters’ workshop and assembled at the church according to the numbering system. A sort of medieval flat pack. This Buckinghamshire church has long been known as the bargees’ church – believed to have served the tradesmen who used the (long lost) adjacent wharf to ship goods up and down the Thames. I wonder if the timbers for these pews arrived by boat in the 1400s… reinforcing the relationship between the river and the church. #boveney #pew #medieval #timber #oak #woodwork #wood #trees #carpenter #joiner #trade #flatpack #windsorandeton #buckinghamshire #church #church #eglwys #churchinterior #oldchurch #kirk #kirche #церковь #chiesa #thamespath #eglise #iglesia #chiesa #heritage #friendsoffriendlesschurches #savingchurches
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Circles and squares. All I could see today. Tesserae, musket balls, a bead, modern coins… and a seal that swam so close to the shore that I thought s/he was going to be washed up on a wave (swipe). We must have startled her as when this video was taken she had submerged an resurfaced about 20 feet out - bewilderingly swimming against the Thames’ mighty tide towards central London. #thames #riverthames #thethames #thamesfinds #circlesandsquares #moderncoins #handful #larking #seal #londonwildlife #thamespath #thamesseals #mudlark #mudlarking #mudlarkingfinds #coins
3 months ago
The tide was low yesterday morning, revealing the bones of a favourite local willow. This limb spends at least half of its life submerged by the tidal Thames. When I looked at the image later on I was pleased by the sepia tones resulting purely from the morning’s light
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A few stolen photos, a few stolen moments, a few miles (100 miles in under 24 hours to be exact) earned by the .05% elite athletes of the world, and a heart and soul overflowing with gratitude and appreciation. @stinaaface I can’t wait to crew your 100! (I’m not driving..) Thank you for making your home mine & for sharing your beautiful country with me. And for teaching me the proper way to say “water”. I think I nailed it (In my British voice) @domhalbert you crushed it! I think it was all the sweets! @smooremiles & @andmooremiles thank you for including me in another Moore epic journey and the whirlwind tour of London! I saw it all! #england #tp100 #thamespath #londonfog #myheartisfull #isawitall
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This stretch of the river is one of the best walk around in Richmond. With this small boats and the picturesque view of Georgian bridge serves is the focal point for the riverfront in west of London. . . . #riverwalk #richmond #oldbridge #richmonduponthames #thamespath #weekend #architecture #katiabragaharq #londonlifestyle
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