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Green leaves, open doors and shorts in October? IN CANADA🤯 Maybe it’s the fact I can spray paint fearlessly, or that I haven’t replaced my shop heater yet, but I’m really enjoying this extended summer! However, my neighbours probably wish I’d close my windows but whatever🤷🏻‍♀️ Here’s a full shot of this pretty that went home today✨ It was my first time using white oak! I mixed some @odiesoil with a touch of oil based stain to add a smoked out touch to the oak and I’m really happy with how it came out! #joycelynalisedesigns #scrollsaw #scrollsawartist #handmadeart #spraypaint #woodlandcreatures #scrollsawart #scrollsawproject
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The infamous train bandit @photopoltergiest will make an appearance this weekend for the Art Duel competition. Watch him take on 11 other artists October 16th at @texasartsmusicfestival ! . . Poster by @devisedcolor . . #art #competition #artcontest #artchallenge #graffiti #streetart #spraypaint
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