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Hoy cumplo 38 y no puedo estar más agradecido con la vida por ponerlos a todos ustedes en mi camino, que vengan muchos más con mailof @chels_ink y Canela del amor!!! ♥️🙏🏼 . . . . . . 📸 by @emeaoh y @hectordread . #soundmixer #cinemexicano
1 month ago
🍸 is up. And it was a day littered with finding cables that need to go to the repair bin. #stlaudiopost • • • • • • • #soundmixer #locationsound #locationsoundmixer
2 months ago
Lectrosonics DCR822 / DBSMD 📡🤩 - Mais dois canais de lapela, dando sequência à lenta migração para um sistema 100% digital. Com a faixa de UHF cada vez mais congestionada, investir em sistemas sem fio se tornou um quebra cabeça complicado - e caro! 💸 O espectro eletromagnético é finito, a demanda só tende a aumentar e as operadoras de telefonia arremataram fatias significativas em leilões bilionários. Desde então, a alternativa tem sido buscar sistemas banda larga e digitais, tanto pela maior faixa sintonizável, como pelo uso eficiente do espectro: mais canais, num espaço menor. Soma-se a isso a possibilidade de gravar diretamente no transmissor, a qualidade do áudio digital e a robustez da construção, feita pelos fanáticos de Rio Rancho! 🚀 - 🇬🇧 Two more channels in my slow migration towards a 100% digital wireless system. With the congestion of the UHF band, investing in new wireless has become even more challenging and expensive. There has been an ever-growing demand for a finite spectrum, cell phone companies spent huge amounts of money for it, resulting in little to no free space available, depending on the area. The alternatives for the professional user has been wide band and digital systems, for it's larger tunable range and more efficient use of the spectrum. On top of that, the possibility of recording directly on the transmitters can be a lifesaver, along with the trusted Lectro build quality, made in Rio Rancho by a bunch of fanatics! 🚀 - #soundmixer #locationsound #productionsound #sounddepartment #lectrosonics #dcr822 #dbsmd #wireless #radiomic #proaudio
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Started with a Zoom H4n… then 3 years ago got the Zoom F8n. Starting 2022 on the Zaxcom Nova system. Perfect for mic-ing multiple people with a lightweight foot print. When I first plugged my Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic into this beauty… I was surprised at not hearing any background noise… even when I turned the volume all the way up. That was stunning.
6 days ago

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We always love to see @lwjsound 's rig, especially when it features our Spacer Bubble 😍💚 Did you know The Spacer Bubble now comes in Chroma Green and Chroma Blue, allowing you to get your microphone closer to the sound source, in blue and green screen environments: Helping you to stand out on set, by blending in! 💚💙 Oh...and we made a Red one too! ❤️ Learn more by clicking the link in our bio ☝️ #makingsoundsoundbetter
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Many thanks to our Swedish dealer Visono Media (@visonomedia ) for this introduction to our Purple Edition MiniCart. Available to buy from your nearest dealer (www.soundcart.audio/dealers). #soundcartmini #soundcart #minicartpurpleedition #soundmixer
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