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Off to the next stop…
1 day ago
Finally starting to add some color in our Bumpin Bus and it’s changed the whole vibe in here ! I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this wall since it was so plain so I decided to paint this design on there to add some razzle dazzle. I plan to add shelves with some plants on that wall as well ! We have 5 more months until we start living in the bus but it’s already feeling super homey in here 🧡🐶🚌 Any recommendations for scenic places to stop at in West Virginia? We plan to travel through there next week and we’re trying to find a good spot to stay at 🏕
8 hours ago
we left the Upper Peninsula this morning and feeling pretty bittersweet about it but we have plans to come back. (maybe w a van 👀) we have absolutely loved our time here but sometimes our 40ft bus + no car makes it harder to explore more areas cause of the parking situations, and that’s ok! we’re so grateful that we even get to live this lifestyle after years of dreaming about it so no complaining on our end! thanks U.P. for the adventures & memories, until we meet again 🤩⛰🌲🍂🌟 #skoolie #skoolieconversion #schoolbusconversion #skoolielife #schoolbus #dogswhotravel #skooliedogs #dogsofinstagram #doglife #tinyhouse #buslife #buslifeadventure #adventure #travel #aussiesofinstagram #pomeranian #australianshepherd #tinyhome #diybus
5 days ago
Before & after container home transformation located in Rakula, Australia by @hideawaylitchfield .⠀
4 days ago

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Floor going in. Rust coat, insulation and subfloor and vinyl. We didn’t quite get the vinyl finished today, those pics coming soon. #skoolie #skoolieconversion #skooliesofinstagram #texasskoolie
2 minutes ago
Puppy potty training in the rain 🌧🐕🧥
18 minutes ago
Deconstruction Day 1………Get the seats out of the bus! 🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌🚌 Bolts in floor were too rusted and old to get out with a drill so we used a grinder to cut the legs loose, and an open-ended wrench and drill to detach the seat from the wall. #8down500togo #deconstruction #demo #busseatssucktogetout #familytime #teachingtime #trades #ouradventure #skoolieconversion #skoolielife
29 minutes ago
Despite a messy start to the day with an antifreeze spill…A big day for Bus-ta-move! Floors are shaping up nicely and a generator found her new home. #skoolie #skoolieconversion #schoolbusconversion #bust _a_move
56 minutes ago
Things are coming together in here! can’t wait to see how this bus turns out, I’m looking forward to it. Hope @elizabethfucci and @pultz_alex love it! ❤️
57 minutes ago