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Oh my gosh, we're not even done with today and we are wiped out! Both sleepy-wise and product-wise. ☺️💚 I'll be heading back home tonight and cutting and sewing more wool Pin Pennants, making more mobiles, restocking as much as I can, and probably taking a nap. Seattle, you're amazing, and I can't wait to see you all again tomorrow. 10-5 PM Exhibition Hall at The Seattle Center. Booth 64 with plant cuttings and gratitude. 💚🌱 #HEMLEVA #ShopSmallBusinesses #SmallBusinessSaturday #SmallBizSaturday #smallbizlove
16 hours ago
This was a different Stroll for me than in previous years. This year, it was about spending time with friends, slowing down and not moving at breakneck speed and just enjoying myself. I didn’t get up at the crack. There was no rushing. No running. A later ferry. Quick stops for hugs and hellos at @nativeshoes and @vvnantucket after seeing Santa, and then straight to a 2 plus hour lunch at @breezenantucket at the fabulous @thenantucket . A mandatory photo shoot with the @hafsaandco wreath at Brandt Point with @shorelinesillustrated . I did not even get into town until almost sunset, and, as a result of that, I missed visiting almost all of the stores that I usually visit. I am sad about this, but I am fortunate enough to visit Nantucket often and I will be bACK soon. And, of course I will continue to promote special items, sales etc, and most of these stores have online shops. I think that this is just what I needed after this last year. Thank you to every single one of you for following along with me and special thanks to those of you who have been so sweet and so supportive. Tagging some people and places who I was lucky enough to see and visit today. Outfit details: Short sleeve puffer @jmclaughlin c/o Long sleeve shirt @talbotsofficial Plaid maxi @ckbradley (old) Necklace @bluedoorvibes Earrings @starmandsdesigns Shoes: old from @erinhielle See you again soon, ACK!🎄🕎♥️💚
12 hours ago
💥New Drop on the website! 💥 We finally made a batch of Bronzemascus and made a stunning batch of GoMai with it! Raindrop and ladder pattern available. WIDE billets in this batch! Link in bio ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ #handmade #custom #shopsmall #metalwork #welding #metal #welder #weldaddicts #blacksmith #forgedinfire #everydaycarry #edccommunity #forge #explorepage #bronzecasting #edcgear #welder #craftsman #photooftheday #edc #forged #bronze #metalwork #pocketdump #handforged #steel #damascus #instagood #bladesmith #smallbusiness
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Would you like to build a snowman? Sorry 😜 I couldn’t resist! These are made with the Build A Snowman Dies from @honeybeestamps . I have had so much fun with these snowmen this year!! #inkingidaho #beckyroberts #deafstamper
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20 hours ago
#NotVanishingSeattle : Little Thai! This longstanding family-owned restaurant on Brooklyn & 42nd in the #UniversityDistrict is in the beautiful Brooklyn Square building (also home to the great Korean Tofu House & Saigon Deli). The 1907 building used to be the University Methodist Episcopal Church, until the congregation left in 1927 to build a larger facility – the University Temple United Methodist at NE 43rd & 15th Ave (a soaring gothic structure that was recently torn down). The Seattle Vineyard Christian Fellowship bought the bldg in 1991 & has leased spaces out to various small biz. #LittleThai was established in 1991 & owned by Kristada Chautavipat, Kanlaya Khomthongstid & Warinee Comthongstid (who passed away in 2016 after a battle with cancer). In October 2011, Little Thai suffered a serious fire that started in Vineyard Church above it, & the interior had to be completely replaced with new floors, walls, ceiling & furniture. It was closed til February 2012 while they rebuilt, setting them back financially. The pandemic also had a big negative impact on business, as the #UW students that usually helped sustain it were gone while campus was closed. #LittleThaiSeattle also imports many of the ingredients required for its dishes - the costs of which greatly increased (but they’re reluctant to raise their prices). Little Thai is known for fresh ingredients & wide variety of menu items not found in many other restaurants. In addition to noodles, curries & fried rice dishes, some customer favorites include their Five Spiced Chicken noodle soup, Yen Ta Fo, Mussel Pancake, Thai Pulled Pork, Khao Clook Gopi (fried rice with special shrimp paste sauce, sweet pork, fried egg, red onion & dried shrimp), crispy fried fish – and their All Day Combo Deal if you can’t make up your mind. Little Thai has generous portions, affordable prices & extremely sweet staff who treat customers like family – many who’ve been going there for decades. Share your Little Thai ❤️! 🍜 🍛 🇹🇭 #UDistrict #shopsmall #supportlocal #supportAAPIowned #supportfamilyowned #seattlecommunity #seattleculture #seattlecharacter #seattlesoul #seattle #oldseattle #vanishingseattle #vivaseattle
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Wearing one of my favorite shirts from Indian Paintbrush Boutique paired with new earrings from Selective Earring. #uniquelywyoming #indianpaintbrushboutique #selectiveearring #shopsmall #gillettewyoming
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☕️ Ven a disfrutar de un gran café en @streetmarketmx , aprovecha el día nublado para probar nuestro café de olla casero 😋 @buscaensanpedro @adopta_monterrey #streetmarket #shoplocal #shopsmall #cafe #cafemexicano #roaster #cafedeolla #spgg #sunday #sundayfunday
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