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😂😂 who’s your Fav Support ?
1 day ago
on my knees for her ac romantaries scenes: wantedits.ga
1 day ago
Just finished Arcane! VI is now my new fav. Who's your favorite character? 把奧術看完了 然後被VI帥到葛屁 趕快抽空畫一下兩姊妹 (感謝他們的超大瀏海 我只要畫一隻眼睛就好 喔耶) #arcane #leagueoflegends #jinx #vi #riotgames
1 day ago

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We have a new #SecretLair available RIGHT NOW!!!!. As part of the #secretversary2021 SUPERDROP. In this set, we get alternate art’s of some #EDH iconic cards done up in the artstyle of the #RiotGames new show on #Netflix , arcane. A set of 7 cards, this is larger than the average layer in terms of card count. Total Price ~ $50 SL Price $29.99 SL Foil Price $39.99 Before I get into the price of this one, I want to point out that although many people don’t like the MTG crossovers I really want to commend that this style where you are doing reprints and they are technically named the same as existing cards is MUCH MUCH better than when the only place the card exists is in a SL product. Getting onto the value, we open up with rhystic study, a 30+ dollar card in its own right that some people argue is a must play in blue. Unless this card sees significant reprints, this card alone justifies the price of this SL. If you’ve been wanting to pick up a rhystic study, just get this secret lair, and you can get 6 more cards with it. Path to exile is not worth a crazy amount but sees tons of edh play, also they’re literally giving you another reprint of it in a secret lair that’s also available at the same time, Fblthp: Completely, Utterly, Totally Lost, you can see it on my post from a few days ago! Counterflux & Krosan Grip Come in as cheap but highly played EDH cards. Seize the Day and Thran Dynamo have some really great edh decks it can go into, and come in with a nice price point. With the price and playability of Rhystic Study alone, this secret lair’s price is good, some of the highly played add ons just help push the price into an even better space. As always things to keep in mind are that this math is done when the card is released. It is very possible that prices will drop in the near future, if not at least temporarily. If they reprint these cards again, it will affect the supply and price greatly. Play rates are reflective of EDH rec percentages as of posting, which take limited time frames into account. #PriceCheck #mtg #mtgart #mtgartwork #cedh #SecretLair #magicthegathering #art #edhmtg #mtgedh #commandermtg #mtgcommander #commander #wotc #mtgaddicts #mtg
16 minutes ago
Vi Mixed media on 6x9 grey tone paper. I figure I had to draw Vi to go with the Jinx I did earlier in the month. This piece and many others are now available on my etsy store (link in bio)! Free shipping in the US for anything purchases $35 or over. #Arcane #LeagueOfLegends #Vi #violet #LoL #Fanart #LolFanart #brawler #netflix #Mixedmedia #SteamPunk #coloredpencil #CopicArt #videogamesArt #riot #riotgames #enforcer
17 minutes ago