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If your man is pulling away, distancing himself or has already left you, chances are you’ve already tried EVERYTHING to get him back. But there is still a small window of opportunity to draw him irresistibly back into your life - EVEN if he’s completely ignoring you right now. Convincing him is nearly impossible. Begging him will only push him further away. (And if it works it will only be temporary and cause MORE problems.) But a part of him still loves you. A part of him still aches to be with you. He may even be thinking of you right now. TAP THE LINK ON MY PROFILE PAGE @hissecretobsession786 👈to discover how to tip the scales and rewrite your relationship. . If love our content plz follow us @hissecretobsession786 because this is a big motivation for us. Thanks 🙏🏾 . . . . #sadlovequotes #relationshipquotes #relationshipgoals #fallinginsociety #relationship #relationshipmeme #sadquotespage #relateablequotes #usa #unitedkingdom #canada
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