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Well the excitement hasn’t stopped! I have more news to come and I can’t wait for when I tell you all 🥰🙌🏼 Other than that, I hope the clouds stay away this weekend so we can all enjoy the sunshine ☀️ does anyone have any fun plans this weekend ? @fairfaxandfavor . . . . . #country #countryside #countrygirlsuk #countryfashion #countryfashionblogger #redhead #redheadbeauty #redheadgirl #ginger #gingergirl #gingerlife #fairfaxandfavor #thecotswolds #cotswoldslife #summer #smiles #countrygirlsglow #countrylife #casualfashion
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I love playing with the pieces that are too warped to fit, the toys that feel like they’ve been worn down. I like to water the paint that thinks it’s dried out, hang the canvas’ that’s had one too many layers. I like to dance with the tree on its last limb, and sing with the birds who have lost their voice. To find glue for the broken, an ear for this misunderstood, and a home for the lost. My heart is a reflection of you, the capacity In which you are ready for in which ever way you come , I will forever see you and be your mirror to show you that you are loved, you are good enough, you are worthy, you are me. 🤍 📸 @sasserstillsboudoir
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