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How is this kid so cool at 13 already? Love the at home color job, reminds me of myself at that age ♥️ they had lots of dense, dense wavy hair that sprang to life when cut with the razor. Cleansed with new wash rich by @hairstorystudio to help protect the color and keep the moisture in tact. . #edosalon #edosalonandgallery @edosalonandgallery #teenhair #teenhairstyles #skatercut #redhair #fireenginered #fireengineredhair #punkhair #diycolor #razorcuts #beforeandafterhair #bixiehaircut #bowlcut #shortshag
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Long hair days 👩🏻‍🦰 5 tips to grow strong healthy hair: 1) SILK is your friend: invest in a silk pillowcase or a silk bonnet, your hair will be considerably healthier and less frizzy 2) Eat your VITAMINS : make sure to incorporate Vitamin B5, Omega 3 fatty acids and Biotin (B7) in your diet through nuts, eggs, peas, salmon and leafy greens. A Biotin and Zinc supplement could also help 3) Save the HEAT: heal tools like curler or straighteners should be limited and always used with a heath protectant product. To dry your hair choose the cool or low heat setting. I invested in a professional hairdryer this year and it was a game changer. 4) Know your HAIRTYPE: there isn’t a one for all care routine, especially for wavy or curly hair the recommendations vary considerably (in this case check out the curly girl method!). 5) TIE the knot: Braid your hair when you go to sleep or during your daily activities, a loose hairstyle like a braid or a bun will help protect your hair and to keep it clean for longer.
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Ruivinha diva 🧡 Modelo: @souclaraaaa
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