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Whatever is good for your soul, do that🙂❤️. . . . . #rishikesh #peace #ganga #ramjhula #explore #blackandwhite
11 days ago
So yeah let's continue where we left. After lunch we crossed the laxman Jhula again and walked towards RAM JHULA. When we reached there it seemed no different than the laxman Jhula in appearance but the only thing different there was that 2 wheelers were allowed to cross this bridge. Also I think it was bigger in size compared to the previous, with comparatively less crowd. We crossed the bridge, clicked a few pictures in midst of crowd and then we walked along the streets, explored the bustling markets, ate a fruit called "Ramfal" (It was kinda bland, a little slimy to be honest but tasted good with the salt.) (You can see that in my reel that have posted before.) Then we entered a bookstore with all kind of mythological and epic books. (They were available in different Indian languages. Most of them were south Indian languages and Bangla, hindi, sanskrit ofcourse.) But it was like I was entering a whole new world. Then we continued our walk towards JANKI SETU whose story I'll tell you guys later in the next post. #smilesquad #happysmiles #keepsmiling #ipurpleyou #borahae #rishikesh #uttrakhand #ramjhula #ramfal #shriram #divine #gangaghat #ganga #gangakinare #yourdailyremindertosmile
10 days ago

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