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10 months ago
My own definitions of what I consider great cinema keep on changing constantly. It’s a rare curse that comes along with getting exposed to new extraordinary films regularly, many of which surpass your expectations of what an extraordinary film looks like. But in the middle of all this assessment, a film like Incendies suddenly comes knocking at your door to remind you of the real power of this art form - not just as a medium of storytelling but a medium to exchange ideas, to inspire people to introspect, & make them think about the horrors of inequality, war, violence & everything else that plagues the world. Incendies is the kind of film that moves you, discomforts you, & leaves you with a bundle of emotions that you keep unpacking for days after watching it. Following the story of twin siblings who set out on a journey to find the truth about their mother’s past when she passes away, the film takes you to a conflict ridden world that seems far removed from your reality but yet feels familiar. Based on the play ‘Incendies’ by Wajdi Mouawad, the story is partly inspired from events that happened during the Lebanese Civil War of 1975 to 1990 and the life of Lebanese prisoner Souha Bechara. Director Dennis Villeneuve doesn’t just simply want to offer you a story about family & grief, but uses the opportunity to make you think about the world we’ve created and the atrocities we keep subjecting each other to. “Ideas only survive if we’re there to defend them”, quips a rather insignificant character at one point in the film. It’s one of the few memorable quotes from a film that’s not heavy on dialogue but is enough to establish the prowess and confidence of the writers in their craft. While highlighting the need to stand by the ideas that protect you against injustice, the film is also trying to make you question the mere existence of the ideas that divide us. What’s the point of belief systems that turn fellow members of the humankind against each other, that urge them to wage wars and don’t even let them stay alive in the first place? Incendies is a truly a life altering & rare piece of cinema that’ll leave you in tears & shock, but with a tinge of hope.
10 months ago
Prisoners (2013) If you haven’t already seen this film, please do yourself a favour and watch it, you will not be disappointed. Powerful performances from Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano transform Denis Villeneuve’s vision into a gripping thriller that has become branded as one of the most iconic films of the 2010s. ‘Prisoners’ plays on a parent’s greatest fear when two young girls go missing in a small town. The film brings in heavy elements of moral ambiguity and will have you asking yourself, “what would I do?” The performances in this film are top tier, especially Hugh Jackman, who nearly brings me to tears every time I watch his car scene with Jake Gyllenhaal. ‘Prisoners’ is one of the greatest mystery/crime films ever made. 9.25/10 #film #prisoners #hughjackman #denisvilleneuve #jakegyllenhaal #pauldano #prisonersmovie #thriller #thrillermovie #mystery #truecrime #crimemovie #filmreview #filmreviewer #moviereview #moviereviewer
7 months ago
5 iconic rage scenes by Jake Gyllenhaal ------------------ 🤬 which performance do you like the most? Comment down bellow⬇️⬇️ ------------------ Like our content ? Hit that follow button! ⬇️👍 - @moviepydia - @moviepydia - @moviepydia ------------------ . . . . . . . . . . #jakegyllenhaal #jakegyllenhaaledit #jakegyllenhaaldaily #jakegyllenhaaledits #stronger2017 #nocturnalanimals #nocturnalanimalsmovie #nightcrawler #nightcrawlermovie #prisoners #prisonersmovie #enemy #enemymovie #jakegillenhaal #jakegyllenhall #jakegylenhall #jakegyllenhall
9 months ago
A Truly Horrifying Crime Movie About Missing Children Directed By The One And Only Denis Villeneuve • Starring: @thehughjackman @jakegyllenhaal Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ • • • #prisoners #prisonersmovie #jakegyllenhaal #hughjackman #movie #moviereview #film #filmreview #hollywood #goodmovies #movies #comedy #scifi #action #fantasy #romance #drama #dramedy #director #adventure #2010s #movies #movielover
6 months ago

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سلاممممممم امروز معرفي فيلم زنداني هارو داريم كه يكي از بهترين فيلم هاي درام-معمايي كه تاحالا تو زندگيم ديدمههههه!!! اين فيلم سرشار از روايت هاي قانع كننده و بازي هاي خيره كنندست…!البته اينم بگم كه شايد فيلم اولش خيلي كند روايت بشه اما وقتي يكم ميگذره و داستان پيشرفت ميكنه همه چي براتون جذاب تر ميشه! اين فيلم منو عاشق شخصيتِ كِلِر دووِر(هيو جكمن) كرد و اينم بگم كه يه سري جاها ازش بدم ميومد به خاطر پيچيدگي زيادش چون باعث ميشد معياراي اخلاقي خودمو زير سوال ببرم و باهاش همدردي كنم..! پنج نفر از هفت بازيگر اصلي سابقه ي نامزدي اسكار دارن و از چنين بازيگرايي مطمئنا بايد انتظار بازيِ قوي بود( كه انتظار بيهوده ايم نبوده🥲) فيلم به حداقل ها قناعت نكرده و از پرسيدن سوال هاي سخت ترسي نداشته ، از بررسي مسائل ناراحت كننده شونه خالي نكرده! و هيچ ابايي از اينكه احساساتتونو به بازي بگيره نداشته و از همه مهم تر به نارضايتي اي كه ممكنه پايان غير قطعي فيلم ايجاد كنه اهميتي نداده! دنيس ويلنيوو فيلمي رو ساخت كه ميخواست،،،! فيلمي كه بسياري از اصول رايج هاليوود در راضي نگه داشتن عامه ي بينندگان رو زير پا ميزاره! بسياري از فيلم هاي قوي معمولا درام يا ناراحت كننده هستن و زنداني ها از اين قاعده مستثني نيست…! شما اين فيلمو ديدين؟نظرتونو راجبش كامنت كنيد🤓🎬 #فيلم #فيلم _خوب_ببينيم #فيلم _سينمايي #دانلود _فیلم #معرفی _فیلم #فیلمبازان #فیلمباز #prisoners #prisonersmovie #prisonersmovie2013 #hughjackman #jakegyllenhaal #movie #denisvilleneuve #سینمایی _خارجی #سینما #سینمای _جهان #فیلم _تریلر
1 day ago
Late but still delivering today's b-days posts. Happy 66th birthday to actor Dennis Christopher, pictured in his breakout role of Dave Stoller in a still from the classic coming-of-age comedy Breaking Away, which I saw as a teen back in the mid 2000s and loved it. Following this are stills of him as Eric Binford from Fade to Black, Charlie Paddock from Chariots of Fire, the adult Eddie Kaspbrak from the It miniseries and Leonide Moguy from Django Unchained. Great actor and best wishes to him. #dennischristopher #greatactors #thetimetunnel #bloodandlace #3women #september301955 #breakingaway #fadetoblack1980 #chariotsoffire #trapperjohnmd #moonlighting #matlock #stephenkingsit #sixfeetunder #startrekenterprise #djangounchained #prisonersmovie
1 day ago