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🌸If you must walk your path alone for a while, do it. 🌿Don't abandon yourself for the sake of someone else. 🌸You never have to fight or chase someone for their love and acceptance for you. 🌿Never settle for less than the life that you deeply desire for yourself. 🌸Leave them be, wish them well, and trust that “your people” will find you. (Image text: "Replace the fear of losing people with the belief that life will always present the 'right' people for you in each moment of your life."- @michellemaros )
6 days ago
My intention word for this year has been trustworthy. I step into my day with the attitude that I cannot control what happens or comes my way, but I do have complete control over how I will respond. So instead of wasting my energy complaining, lamenting, or annoyed at what’s happening I trust life is presenting the present moment and it’s up to me to decide what I will do. It’s not been easy but the awareness I’ve gained just seeing how often the mind does not want to accept the moment and spends precious energy trying to figure out how to make it something other than what it is. Life is trustworthy. The reason something didn’t work out as you had hoped my loves, is life has a better plan for you. ☕️
2 days ago
You are incredibly courageous when you make the decision to heal from your suffering. Healing is not linear. Healing does not happen overnight. Healing takes patience, lots of bravery, and the willingness to look at everything that has caused the pain and little by little begin to let it flow through your body. This is not at all easy my loves, but what a worthwhile journey this is. You will come out the other side stronger, wiser, and free from the tyranny of another person's trauma inflicted upon you. You take your life back. This is the hardest thing you will ever do so love, honor, and accept yourself completely and be kind to yourself. Healing is a brave accomplishment. 💕 (I love when I realize I'm handling a situation better than my old self would have.-@DahliaDidThat )
5 days ago
truth 💣. Yes, we have limited time. Yes, everything can’t be a priority. But we do make time for what is a priority in our current season of life. What’s one thing you want to make time for this week?
2 days ago
one month of living in our new house and my sewing area is the first finished space because #priorities . 😉
22 hours ago
Boundaries are a form of empowerment, and a way for us to align with our identity, our desires, and where we stand in the world. When you don’t have boundaries, you are sending out a signal that you don’t know what you want, that you’ll take whatever you can get, and that you won’t put up a fight along the way. When you don’t have boundaries, you feel like you are constantly living in a “doormat” mentality. Setting boundaries is a form of self-respect and self-love, it is not a punishment for others.
5 days ago

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Feel complete…Book a massage! We have availability today after 5pm. You can book an appoitment via our fb page, via our website www.sabaisydney.com or call 1300 4 MASSAGE . #priorities #massagetime #metime #feelgood #stressrelief #relax #sabaisydney #menai #sutherlandshire
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Balance is so important with mental health - too much of anything can put us on empty. ⛽️ There’s a time for doing, and there’s a time for sitting still. This is your reminder to take mandatory breaks, and fill that gas tank BEFORE you hit empty. 💚
8 minutes ago
We are officially halfway through the month. I love taking a few moments to reflect on my day to day life and to see if I’m showing up in a way that is aligned with my priorities. Are there experiences you want to have with friends and family this season? Before fall is completely behind us, make it a priority to get those things on your calendar and in your schedules. Looking back on old photos always reminds me to ask myself... If not now, when? #fallactivities #October #autumn #freshhabits #priorities
13 minutes ago