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💎Your Lungs, QI Intelligence 💎 Breathe slowly, gently and deeply. Your lungs inside you represents the sky in your Universe. Your lungs connect directly to the atmosphere of the solar system so you are not only breathing oxygen but also the intelligence of the Universe. The more slowly and deeply you breathe the more healing wisdom, energy and power you can intake from the Universe. 💎
2 months ago
When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.😇 #pure #joy #puremind #meditate #howtomeditate #mindfulness #powerofmind #inspiringwords #quotes #peace #healing
3 months ago
What we should do when is tough in the race? We should fight or communicate with ourselves? Everyone has their own answers but for me it is important to control my mind and thoughs because running race is mental work too! Of course visualization before the race also very good practise! What iš your experience? . . . . #running #run #runningmotivation #runners #runner #trails #trail #trailrunning #trailrun #trailrunner #runnersofinstagram #runnerslife #raceday #race #mamabega #xtrasa #ultrarunner #nature #powerofmind #mindtraining
1 month ago
“You have complete control over your own mind, and you have the power to feed it whatever thought impulses you choose. Use this power constructively to achieve good health, peace of mind, and prosperity.” - Napoleon Hill I recently have found myself falling into a victim like mindset regarding how people view me. Over the past 8 years I’ve now been able to set my business up at a place that allows me a lot of freedom. I then found that people were starting to treat me differently in a less than positive way and then I found myself wanting to hide myself and then be sad that I couldn’t be myself. To me that is victim mentality. “Poor me, everyone is being ‘mean’, I can’t be myself” when actually I can be myself and it’s just my mindset and I’m so focused on those people that I find it over and over again. Where if I focus on joy and what I love I will find more of that and less of the other. It’s similar to my early 20’s when I would try to purposely be less pretty or glamorous because I found other females hated me for it and if I was average I was more accepted lol. So for years I lived like that and it was depressing. I was eventually able to shake myself out of that ridiculous mindset and decided I would be as beautiful, glamorous, and showy as I wanted and loving and kind all the way and that’s what mattered and people would still like me and guess what when I shifted to that mindset that’s what I found. The women who feel insecure and hate other women for being attractive still exist, I just don’t come across that really because I’m not looking for it. So yeah, basically this post is about literally everything you can think of exists, positive or negative, but you will only find it if you’re focused upon it. Sometimes you have to REALLY examine your own beliefs to understand why you’re attracting something into your life and for some it’s too painful to take so much responsibility that they blame it on outer circumstances. Use your thoughts combined with your emotions wisely. #icreatemyreality #powerofmind #napoleonhill #stepintoyourpower #victimmentality
19 days ago
COME FUNZIONA LA MENTE 1-Pensa al bene e al bene succederà. Pensa al male e il male arriverà. Tutto il giorno sei quello che pensi. 2-La mente subconscia non discute con te. Accetta ciò che decreta la mente cosciente. 3-Hai la possibilità di scegliere. Scegli salute e felicità. Può scegliere di essere amichevole o simpatico, disponibile, allegro, cordiale, amichevole e tutti risponderanno di conseguenza. Questo è il modo migliore per sviluppare una personalità meravigliosa. 4-La mente cosciente è ′′custode". La sua funzione principale è proteggere il subconscio da false impressioni. Decidetevi a credere che qualcosa di buono possa accadere e che sta accadendo ora. Il suo potere più grande è la capacità di scegliere. Scegliete felicità e prosperità. 5-I suggerimenti e le dichiarazioni delle altre persone non hanno il potere di ferirti. L'unico potere è nel tuo modo di pensare. Puoi decidere di rifiutare i pensieri e le dichiarazioni degli altri e affermare il bene. Hai il potere di decidere come reagirai. 6-Fai attenzione a quello che dici. Dovrà rispondere per ogni parola oziosa. Non dire mai "fallirò, perderò il lavoro, non posso pagare l'affitto". Il subconscio non capisce una barzelletta. Fa accadere tutte queste cose. 7-La tua mente non è male. Nessuna forza della natura è cattiva. Tutto dipende da come usi i poteri della natura. Usa la tua mente per benedire, guarire e ispirare tutte le persone, ovunque. 8-Mai dire ′′non posso". Domina la paura sostituendola con la seguente dichiarazione: ′′Posso fare qualsiasi cosa grazie al potere della mia mente subconscio". 9-Inizia a pensare alle verità e ai principi eterni della vita e non dal punto di vista della paura, dell'ignoranza e della superstizione. Non lasciare che gli altri pensino per te. Scegli i tuoi pensieri e prendi le tue decisioni. 10-Sei il comandante della tua anima (la mente subconscia) e padrone del tuo destino. Ricorda, hai la capacità di scegliere. Scegli la vita! Scegli la salute! Scegli la felicità! (Continua nei commenti) Imagine dal web
23 days ago

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11 minutes ago
The “bad” news IS the good news ❗️ Most people hear this as bad news at first. It can be mistaken for someone denying the things that have happened in their lives. As if it’s not valid to feel what they feel in response to what has happened. That is NOT what I am saying! Of course it’s valid for you to feel how you feel. If you shared your perspective on a given situation with me, I’d totally be able to understand that you feel the way you do. Because we always feel our thinking, we always feel the perspective that we take on. That’s just how it works. 100% of the time. It’s understandable that it sounds bad or strange when someone tells you that you can’t blame anything “out there” for how you feel. It turns what you’ve believed for many years upside down 😦 BUT! If you hear me out, you might see why it’s actually good news! If people and situations can’t make us feel any particular way, then it doesn’t matter what happens in life, we CAN feel ok. Doesn’t mean we always will. But we know that it’s possible. It’s like I’m shining a light on your resilience… You ability to be ok regardless of what life throws at you. Wouldn’t that be good news? To know that you don’t have to fear what could potentially happen, because it doesn’t have the power to MAKE you feel anything. It means that you aren’t a victim to life 🥳 It means that you have more power in your experience than you thought! It means that you are an active part in the creation of your life experience! It doesn’t mean you’ll never feel sad or upset or annoyed or angry. It just means that you know the feeling is arising from within YOU, and not from the other person or the situation. And so you tend not to hold on to the negative feeling for as long. You come back to a state of peace and calm much quicker. And, this is HUGE: you don’t feel the need to change or fix the other person or the situation. Because you know the feeling isn’t coming from them. Can you get a sense of how the “bad” news is actually good news? Share your thoughts in the comments ⬇️ #3principles #threeprinciples #insideoutunderstanding
1 hour ago
Always Remember to be happy.you have no idea who is falling in love with your smile. #powerofmind #smile
3 hours ago