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"you're sitting awfully close to me" i wasn't a fan of how the closed eyes turned out. i like this crop better. also, fresh paint splatters. #watercolor #watercolorpainting #watercolour #portraitart #portraitpainting #sadart #paintsplatter #instaart #artstagram #aquarelle #akvarell #beautifulbizarre #skjnikart
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Are there any particular techniques or styles that you use and where did you learn them? (Q20 from my favourite artist interview questions) . . . . . I went through a phase of doing very softly blended misty landscapes in oil paints and this was definitely inspired by NZ landscape painter Tim Wilson. The actual technique that I developed for that style however, was through trial and error in the studio. It always has been. Trial and error and experimentation has been the most fun way to learn. In this pic, which is a close-up of Horus' eye, I use another style consisting of watery washes of vinyl paint. This creates what looks like watercolour portraits, landscapes and animal paintings. Again I found this technique by playing around with paints, seeing how they absorbed onto the canvas and merged when I started watering down the paint a great deal. If it didn’t give me the “look” that I wanted, I would try a different ratio, or google "binding agents" that you can add to strengthen the glue-like quality of paint that has been watered down, so it stays stuck to the canvas grain. I find that play is the best way to learn. This is because something unexpected always comes out of it and quite often you find yourself creating something completely original, using an original technique that you’ve developed yourself! . . . View this piece at newzealandartwork.com and search "Horus"
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first sustained investigation is finally finished! my theme for this year is “sonder” the realization that the people around you are living lives just as vivid and complex as your own. to fit this theme this is a painting of my younger brother eating with strangers in the background. i have no idea what they are discussing, but their lives intersected with mine in that very moment. I tried to focus more on the process with this painting. working large and covering ground first instead of section by section. #acrylicpainting #portrait #portraitpainting #painting
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