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Well that lasted all of two minutes… so much work to fill the cottages with regional guests for the school holidays, all for it to be shut down with so little notice. It’s so mentally draining, let alone the massive financial implications. It takes way more man-hours to cancel refund or rebook bookings than what it does to process an actual booking. We have no idea how to move forward in this current situation. We have had such little help from the government for the business and absolutely no individual help as we received the token business grant. Bills still have to be paid, mortgages and wages are still needing to be paid, refunds, so many refunds, animals to feed and the work load hasn’t diminished. It is so hard to push through. We will, we have no other option, but it’s dire at the moment. We will never get back these months that we could have been earning an income, and when we do open up, we have thousands of dollars worth of bookings in credit that will need to be used. It’s going to take years to get back on track… there are no answers, there is no quick fix. Today was survival mode, tomorrow I will try and reset. I apologise for the miserable post, but small businesses, especially in the Tourism sector are in serious trouble. We need more support from the government… it’s been two years of not being able to earn a living…. @darrencheesemanmp @danielandrewsmp #enoughisenough #slowlykillingus #notpolicitcal #justneedhelp #please #freshwatercreekcottages #farmstay @surfcoastshire
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U GUYS ITS FINALLY HERE IM FINALLY HOSTING A DTIYS!!!😭💖U ALL HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG IVE WANTEDTO HOST ONE OF THESE OML IM SO EXCITEDDDDD💖💖💖💖 TYSM FOR 1K HOLY SHEEEEESH!!! LOVE U ALL SO SO MUCH OMG I WANNA HUG U ALL🖤🖤🖤 Ofc I just HAD to do goldric for my dtiys bc im obsessed w them AAAHSJAKSK anywayyyy…. I couldn’t decide which background I liked more so you can chose from either!🖤🖤🖤 🌈DEADLINE🌈 November 20th 🌈RULES🌈 1) u can change around the pose, perspective, colors, bg, etc… just keep the outfits and the characters!😁 2) tag me in ur drawings and use the hashtag #beatupblonde1k so I can see ur entry and shower it w love!!! I’ll also be posting them all on my 1k story highlight!✨ 3) include my drawing as ur last slide 4) one entry per person pls! 5) no tracing or copying mine or someone else’s entry! (pls just don’t it’s not cool) 6) HAVE FUN!!! and no need to follow me to enter, but I’d appreciate it if you do!!! 🌈PRIZES🌈 1st place: bust up fully shaded drawing of any character (no bg) 2nd place: bust up flat color drawing of any character (no bg) 3rd place: bust up neat sketch of any character (no bg) I’ll post more info abt winners and prizes after the deadline!!!! HAVE FUN EVERYONE!!! (Also if nobody joins just pretend I didn’t post this lmaooooo) #beatupblonde1k #dtiys #dtiyschallenge #tohdtiys #owlhousedtiys #goldric #edricblight #edricblightfanart #huntertoh #goldenguard #goldenguardfanart #goldenguardtoh #owlhouse #owlhousefanart #owlhousehunter #owlhouseedric #pleasejoin #please #illgiveallmylovetoyou
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who else miss her....i know i do :{
4 days ago
#please do #repost@happymunkey_ Don't raise a glass. Don't spill a drink. Roll up and light up the night. Make the clouds thick. Exhale it in the air. Cough up a lung and remember those great moments in life 😁🐵💨 No one dying just making sure new traditions are made. Get involved with us click link on. our bio check the Munkey biz magazine our podcast and new Merch coming soon
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Love when our tree friends are excited about their baby trees as we are producing them! Noah and Maria planted with @communitycarbontreescostarica about 5 years ago and they are already collecting baby breadfruit trees from those ones we originally grew with them! Now they are planting another 75 trees! We love when our farmers come back asking for more! # #more #please #planttrees #farmers #family #community #comebackformore #cantstopwontstop #changeofseasons #costsrica #welovetrees #treefriends #sponsoratree #communitycarbontrees
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#3D Circle Design #It is suitable for use in any company, industry, store, online platform. If associated with this letter. #Please do not use in any case without permission #Thank You
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