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When Bae says he’s taking you to a spa and then.... swipe ➡️ #theleaves #emilycanhamautumnstorychallenge
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5 months ago
Haven’t been on here for ages. A day off work spent indoors while it poured outside so....I fake tanned, threw on leggings and cleaning house, 5 loads of laundry, changed beds, ironed....Now off to nursery pick up in rain and hoping I don’t go all blotchy! #newworldproblems #mumontherun #faketanandraindontmix #beigeandgold #lifeofamum #selfcare #mondaymotivation #mondaymonday #over40andfabulous #over40swomen #capandmac #sportsluxe #beigeaesthetic #neutralaesthetic #neutraloutfit #golden #houseworkdone #dayoffwork #londonmum #nurserypickup #schoolrun #iamthelondonmum
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Do you ever catch yourself in your own "body shaming" cycle? Where all you do is pick apart the areas of your body/face that you don't like and completely disregard the things you do like? The Itty Bitty Shitty Committee can set up camp on your shoulders so you need to stop inviting them to stay and set up house. Today let's begin the journey to honestly and wholeheartedly, learning to love our bodies. We may not "like" every bit of them, but let's work on the conversations we have with ourselves ❤ Self-love is about acceptance and seeing yourself as the gift you are. Learn to love yourself because you respect your body. See your body as a tool and teammate. Your body helps you live to your full potential. Listen to it and honour what it needs. Whether that be with good nutrition, movement, health changes but most importantly MINDSET. Things to remember.... 👏 Stop blaming your body for the bad things in your life 👏 Stop letting a look or comment from someone else determine how you feel about yourself 👏 Stop thinking you aren't in the body you are supposed to have 👏 Stop letting the number on the scales or your dress size define you 👏 Stop judging yourself by what you can't do, and instead celebrate what you can 👏 Stop being mean to yourself when you look in the mirror 👏 Stop thinking your looks are more important than the way you feel 👏 Stop waiting to reach your goal to enjoy your body 👏 Accept your body type and fight your inner perfectionist The problem isn't with your body... The problem is what you think of it... And what you think of YOURSELF... Today I refuse to let my mind BULLY my body 😏 I am Strong I am Beautiful I am ENOUGH ❤ . . . . #bodypositivity #bodytransformation #weightloss #selflove #positivity #positivevibes #loveyourself #lifeistooshort #lifequotes #ausbeautyblogger #ausyoutuber #goldcoast #over40s #over40swomen #beyou
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I never realised just how much weight you can carry on your face! 6kgs down and I'm loving seeing my cheekbones again 😍 ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #bestversionofyou #weightloss #6kgdown #over40s #bodytransformation #facetransformation #over40sweightloss #over40swomen #gethealthy #rmhtribe #rebelmichele
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9 days ago
Disturbed sleep, needing more sleep, getting hot when asleep. Sleep seems to be a common topic of conversation at this stage of life. 💤 Having been someone who could sleep through anything a few years ago I found myself continually waking up, tossing and turning and very grumpy as a result.  Woe betide if it was a human I could blame for waking me up (teenage children trying to be quiet doesn’t often work!) I know I was fortunate because my sleep patterns did correct themselves after I became stricter with myself with a sleep routine, reducing my coffee, etc. You can still definitely tell which my side of the bed is though - one side is the quilt, sleeping bag & a blanket on top, the other is just the quilt, window open and often when I’m in it one leg hanging out😂 For those of you who have had prolonged sleep disturbances you truly have my sympathy. Sleep deprivation is a form of torture so is not something to be shrugged off. One thing I did do on days where I had disturbed sleep was be kind to myself - if I could I would have a slower start to the day, reduce what I was trying to achieve that day and say no to things that were not essential. This moves on to self - looking after yourself, prioritising yourself. Something I’m working on at the moment - honouring myself by doing what I say I’m going to do and not letting other things get in the way.  It’s too easy to let demands from others take away from what I need/want to do for myself.  Yes sometimes it needs to be now but I’m learning to use the word - later or on occasion - no! Self-care, self-love, self-acceptance - all important and key to living a life that feels good. And all 3 impact those around you too. 💟 Finally, STRETCH - needed more than ever! Keeping flexible, not wanting to wake up in the morning and feel like everything takes a while to get moving and release - do I do it enough, no!  Do I need it more - YES. Do I keep saying I’m going to do more - YES - so I need to honour myself and do it! 🧘‍♀️ It’s all linked. #midlifecoach #a-zofmidlife #midlifecanbethebestlife #over40swomen #over50swomen
15 days ago
You are always enough. You are good enough as you are. Be unique Be you….society no longer has power of you or your identity.🙏🏽 Shape your own reality..begin by realising your own self worth and value. You deserve Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Prosperity and Harmony. #iam #iamenough #healgrowflourish #deserving #abundance #abundancemindset #flowandgrow #flowandeasewithe #love #selflove #care #selfcaresunday #selfcare #empower #empoweredwomenempowerwomen #over40s #over40swomen #agewithgrace #livemylife #lifemylifetothefullest #today #spirituality #usui #warrioroflove #warrioroflife #highvibration #frequencies #unique #beyourself #healinsideout
20 days ago
Why is old seen as negative? Vintage, classic, antique all have positive connotations and a value attached to them - but if something is one of these, it’s also old. It’s about time that when we refer to people as old they receive the same positive reference as vintage etc. I saw on here the other day “ageing is living” - getting older is living - we age from the moment we’re born! It’s only when we reach a certain age that it is seen as a negative - madness! IT’s OK It’s OK to not always be feeling your greatest. It’s OK to say no. It’s OK to take space and rest when you need it. It’s also OK to … Say yes to new opportunities. To want to make changes. To create a life that you want, not one based on the expectations of others. To be visible and go after what you want. Most of all it’s OK to be you, boldly you, wholly you. #ana-zofmidlife #midlifecoach #midlifecanbethebestlife #middleage #ageing #over40swomen #over50swomen
26 days ago
When I describe midlife as a new phase it’s not a stop and then suddenly you’re in midlife.  It is a phase that creeps up on us - it’s a lot to do with how we identify ourselves.  40’s, 50’s and beyond is how I define it. I recently learnt the word “middlesence” the dictionary definition of which is  “the period in a person's life between the ages of about 40 and 60, especially when this is considered a difficult period of change” I prefer this definition but I am unable to trace who said it “the period in a persons life between the ages of 40 and 60 where one discovers or rediscovers their true gifts and finally figures out what to do with them while having the courage to use those gifts to fulfill their life purpose.” This implies a new phase, a  phase of courage and confidence, a phase of rediscovering your true self and living a purposeful life in that knowledge. - YES PLEASE🙌 There may be difficult times but it can be a phase of possibility and opportunity, reevaluation and growth.   Negative stereotypes - while there may be some small grain of truth in stereotypes, they tend to pick on one characteristic and greatly exaggerate it e.g. the slightly hysterical woman with hot flushes - the stereotype is that this is all that defines midlife women and that they are unable to function in any other way 😡 - which is so far from the truth.   The stereotypes are usually negative and usually dismissive.  They focus on one aspect and ignore all others.  When negative stereotypes are the main influence on the representation of a group the negativity is what becomes the narrative.  I’m pleased to say this is changing but it is also relevant to the way women are talked about, represented in general and the language used - e.g. mutton dressed as lamb vs silver fox, cougar, etc. Let’s break away from the negativity - celebrate who we are, what we represent, acknowledge difficulties but also acknowledge the celebration midlife can be. #midlifecoach #ana-zofmidlife #over40swomen #over50swomen #midlifecanbethebestlife #madformidlife
29 days ago
Mary Poppins was practically perfect not perfect. ☂ And we’re all imperfect. And perfectly so. If we constantly strive for perfection we’ll always end up disappointed or feeling like we’ve failed - that’s not to say we don’t strive to do our best or to get better but look at the growth, look at what we’ve achieved and what we can learn for next time.  Recognising that we’re imperfect is key to all relationships - the relationship we have with ourselves, the relationships we have with a partner, the relationships we have with friends, family and others. If we can accept ourselves as imperfect, we can learn to accept and love ourselves as we are, in that moment.  We can still want to do better, to improve, to grow, to learn but without the berating and negative self-talk if we don’t get something 100% right, if we make mistakes.  Seeking perfection can keep us stuck - “done is better than perfect.”⭐ Seeking perfection can keep us procrastinating and putting things off - as @maddyshine says “perfectionism is socially acceptable procrastination.” If we can accept imperfection in us then we can be kinder to ourselves and continue moving. Fear of not being perfect (not wanting to fail) means we miss out on new opportunities, giving things a go, learning anything new.  (always a beginner when we start something new).  It will lead to frustration with us, with others.  I love helping you gain the momentum to take action - imperfect action - but action.  If you feel you are stuck why not find out how I can support you to get unstuck!💟 Drop me the word “unstuck” and I’ll come back to you and we can have a chat.🙏 #imperfectlyperfect #midlifecoach #procrastination #unstuck #imperfectaction #over40swomen #over50swomen #lifecoach
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