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분명, 월요일만의 기쁨이 있을거에요. T.G.I. Monday 💪 . 좋은 기운 팡팡, 한주 되세요 :-) . . . @cafeducycliste @articleone_kr . . .
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Full speed through the ghost town of Doel #ridebiehler
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🚲JONAS 5/7🚲 Going home after a lovely visit to fellow Estonian and her German husband we came across Jonas with his ever gorgeous green fixie. Basically he took the same train with us and was on his way out of the station building, when we stopped him. Well, who know that just a week later in the evening, we would recognize his shadow jumping on a bike and after screaming his name, it really appeared to be him! I haven't even posted his photo, when I saw him already! His mother is living in our hood, so I hope to see him more. 🚲 Anyway his mint coloured bike comes from London: Brick Lane Bikes. If you are not familiar with them, please check their stuff @bricklanebikes . I really enjoyed taking photos of Jonas' bike, as it looked so neat and also super light, oh, I wish one day I will be blessed with a bike like that. While looking at this bike, you can only imagine how well it rides. Lots of detail photos again, but I took the last photo especially for you guys, so you can get yourself familiar with, if you already are not, with Thickslick tires. Gorgeous frame and tires! Plus lovely presentation of the handlebar and seat. 🚲 Jonas: "Cycling in Berlin is quite dangerous, especially if you compare it to Copenhagen and Amsterdam." 🚲 24/6/2018 Berlin Mahlsdorf, Berlin, Germany 🚲 NB! If you use these photos in social media, please refer back to this blog at worldbicyclist.blogspot.com . . . . . #beautyofcycling #cyclingcollective #cyclingphoto #cyclingpic #everyrideisepic #gravelbikes #gravelcyclist #igercycling #instacyclingcommunity #keepcalmandkeepcycling #lovecyclingtogether #mountainbikers #mtbbiker #neverstopcycling #outsideisfree #vegancyclist #plantsforlife #vegancyclists #vegancyclistsofinstagram #rideforanimals #vegancycling #cyclingforveganism #compassionatecyclist #vegancycle #plantpoweredcyclist #stopeatinganimals #govegantoday #loveanimalsdonteatthem #animalsarenotfood #worldbicyclist
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Monday considerations: are the bad days made for appreciating the good ones? 🤔🤔🤔
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