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Biking was last week, today #benzsunday is all about motorcycles 🏍
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Hamburg fahrn! Einfach mal ein paar Tage durch Hamburg bummeln und uns treiben lassen. . #hamburg #porsche #volkswagen #vw #prototype #oldtimer #classiccars
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If you're looking for something to watch this Sunday while you wait for the Austin GP, our latest episode is out on the channel! Opel GT & VX220 on the North Coast 500 We hope you enjoy it! This was our big holiday for this year and we managed to both film it for posterity and enjoy it in real-time. We'd never operated a drone before and we've learned a lot about the filming this time around, which we can hopefully deploy to better effect on future road trips. This has been a huge slog, not gonna lie, but we're pretty pleased with the results. It's not perfect but we're far from professional, we really hope you enjoy this one as there won't be another for a while 👀😆
2 minutes ago