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Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat with one of their collaborations at the Tony Shafrazi Gallery in SoHo, October 1985.  Photo by Tseng Kwong Chi Chicago Tribune (November 21, 1985): At 24, Basquiat is one of a handful of graffiti writers whose luck kept them one step ahead of the law and whose talents earn them varying degrees of fame and fortune.  "I like everything about his art," Warhol said of Basquiat. "There's not a bad painting that he does." Described by one critic as the pioneer of a "post-graffiti" style, Basquiat disdains the label "graffiti artist."  "I don't think the two words even go together," he said. "I'm an artist, not a spray painter." "Graffiti is way past its prime," he adds.... The styles of Warhol and Basquiat contrast sharply. Basquiat captures the exuberant anger of the subway, expressed in primitive death masks and animal figures. Black faces and figures people his work.  The 55-year-old Warhol has maintained the pop style that made him famous in the '60s, substituting his soup cans now for corporate logos—"GE," "Arm & Hammer" and "Zenith"—and turning tabloid headlines into art. In the collaborative works, all untitled, Warhol applied his logos and headlines, and Basquiat added his own expressionistic images and slogans, many of them in childish style that he favors....  The paintings are selling despite bad reviews, said gallery owner Tony Shafrazi.... Warhol and Basquiat declined to expand on their collaboration. "I just did some and he did some. We didn't think too much about it," said Warhol, although it was a historic effort for him, marking the first time since 1962 that he has taken a brush to canvas. He generally prefers silk screens and lithographs, which can be produced faster and in greater quantity.  Asked what about Basquiat tempted him back to the palette, Warhol said breezily that he was inspired by him. "He's the greatest. It was his hair-do," Warhol said about Basquiat's unruly Afro with tufts.
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Sold Portrait of a Dreamer
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Title "Upside down" today was a good day! Acrylic, pencil, charcoal on world history book page 12by10 inches 2022. #studio #artist #worksonpaper #potrait #contemporaryart #primitive #modern #neoexpressionism #surrealism #greenboots #red #americanartist #latinamericanart #rojo #ipaintmyreality
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