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My diet tip. I have only 2 dosais when I have dosais. So trick is to make them as big as possible 😄. Still only 2 counts lya? See, limiting the quantity. #mylaporekitchens #dieting #notdieting #fakedieting #dosais #dosa #only2 #dinner #notovereating #bs #chennai #ecr #kuchbhi
2 months ago
So finally got an appointment today after many trials on the web site. Went for our 12 pm slot by 11 am. Quite organised. This was at Appollo OMR. We were done and out by 1.30 pm. It’s the second day of my periods. Vaccination during periods is absolutely fine ( I asked ), and please go ahead and get yours done asap. Thank you all, for the messages, guidances and tips on how to get slots. What worked for me is as per @gleaful ‘s suggestion, I logged in at 4 am ( no luck) and again at 5 am and surprisingly there was some 85 or so slots available. Quickly booked it ! Now waiting for the second dose and the opening of the below 18 for my daughter. Husband got 2 doses a while back. He & my inlaws got covishield. We got covishield as well. I didn’t make any informed choice. There was no other option. I am not that bothered about which one is better either. Both must be good. As per me, key to life is NOT TO OVERTHINK. #mylaporekitchens #staysafe #vaccinationdone✔️ #chennai #covishield #dontoverthink
6 months ago
A sudden, unplanned trip to kerala. At coimbatore airport now. Just landed. My mom is a bit unwell. So I’ll reply to messages as and when I can. Thank you. #mylaporekitchens #personal #unexpectedtrip #tokerala
2 months ago
So the first person I am blocking from my page. He had sent another nasty comment to this. It got deleted when I blocked. Should have taken a pic. He said you should rot in your onion garlic kitchen or something like that. And he said that I was quite arrogant when he was trying to help me out by guiding my in the right path of Satvik food. Where do these people come from? Who is this person to tell me what I should and what I shouldn’t cook. Dealing with such nastiness is tiring. Thank God you have the option to block such vile characters. I do not believe in a ritualistic religious existence. I believe in God. I believe God has no likes or dislikes. And it doesn’t matter what you cook or you don’t. We cook what we like. We eat what we like. As long as I don’t cause you any damage, why are you bothered? If he doesn’t like garlic rasam, wonder what he will say about my upcoming post 🤣! #mylaporekitchens #mean #liveandletlive #hehatesonions #lol #mybpishigh
10 months ago
Sorry or not sorry? I am thrilled that my posts are intriguing and shocking to humans without dogs. Shock factor is good. Would love it if other per parents help me in answering how dogs clean their butts 😄. Obviously I am posting this here because I am - fill in the blanks. Does being on social media and sharing part of your life really give people rights to question your life style? Maybe it does. I don’t know. Maybe I am too old to understand why people do not get boundaries. Or are there no boundaries? It’s ok to question me about my undies as well? Really. Seriously people. Everyone has boundaries. Everything has boundaries. Take care not to cross the personal space just because you follow a page. You do have the option to unfollow. And I do have the option to block. Which I will. Maybe it’s my PMS that’s making me post this, but I do not take kindly to crossing my personal space. I do get phone calls at 9 pm, 5 am etc. I usually ignore those. If I am really pissed off, I pick up and tell them that running an online business does not mean that someone can call me at any hour. We have WhatsApp. Use that. If I lose a customer because of that, so be it. It’s better than having to deal with a person who doesn’t get basics. Maybe I am over reacting. But my dogs aren’t dogs to me. They are my kids. If you do not like them, choose to unfollow. It’s a free world. #mylaporekitchens #crazydoglady #crazydogmom #dogsarefamily #chennai
5 months ago
When you are too busy to take food pics and fb comes up with some throw back pics! Good old times at Vdky when my dad was alive. Things change drastically when you lose your parent / parents. Wish I could travel back in time ! #mylaporekitchens #vadakkencherry #throwback #nostalgia #goodolddays
7 months ago

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So Sreedevi from Thrissur ordered laddus and badusha as a gift for someone at annanagar. And that’s the feedback 💃🏽. Swipe to see one more. I truly haven’t worked on anything else the last 4 days. This affected our regular work tremendously. But no pain, no gain. I don’t know how I am going to take it forward. All I know is that, we will do regular batches monthly. Once in dec. maybe twice a month jan onwards. And let’s see how this road goes. All these feedbacks have made it worth the effort. Thank you ♥️. A special thank you to all those who ordered, especially for the faith you have in us to try it out. #mylaporekitchens #sweets #savouries homemade #nopreservatives #testimonial #happycustomer #happycustomers #chennai #onlinefooddelivery
8 hours ago
So a bunch of #happiness . 4 days of hard labor and loads of stress and anxiety mainly because of the rains. Worries that packages should get delivered on time. Worry that water shouldn’t leak into packages during transit. Worry that everyone should like it! And phew. All boxes ticked. And now, next time on, we know exactly how this should be done. Lessons learnt. And we delivered even in t nagar and seethammal colony today which are already knee deep in water. Kudos to the delivery guys. I realised their value today 🙏🏾. #mylaporekitchens #food #sweets #savouries #homemade #nopreservatives #nothingartificial #traditionalsweets #notbulkproduced #handmade #chennai #panindiadelivery #worldwideshipping
9 hours ago
Our new addition to the home made masala range. Our masalas contain no onion or garlic. I mean specifically the ‘masalas’. Not the other podis. Those which have garlic will say ‘garlic’. Anyways, do try. I did. And it’s yumm. #mylaporekitchens #masalas #raita #raitamasala #homemade #nopreservatives #nopreservativesadded #vegetarian #vegan #noonion #nogarlic #panindiashipping #worldwideshipping #chennai #food #onlinefood #onlinefooddelivery
9 hours ago
Today’s breakfast - pumpkin Kuzhambu, Keerai molakootal, yesterday’s rasam extended ( added some fresh ginger and green chillies and diluted dal), snake gourd poriyal. Assorted vadams on the plate. Will soon be added to the website for sale. #mylaporekitchens #food #homemade #homecookingisthebest #homecookedfood #homecookedmealsarethebest #vegetarian #southindian #southindianfood #southindiancuisine #meals #tambrahmfood #tambrahm #chennai
18 hours ago
Yesterday’s lunch. Green moong pulav ( @mylaporekitchens pulav masala), broccoli gravy (@mylaporekitchens punjabi garam masala - this is my current favourite) and raita ( with the new @mylaporekitchens raita masala - to be added to the website). #mylaporekitchens #pulav #greenmoong #biryani #masala #broccoli #raita #raitamasala #homemade #homemadefood #homemademasala #vegetarian None of our masalas contain onion or garlic. To buy, click on https://mylaporekitchens.in/collections #mylaporekitchens #masalas #lunch
18 hours ago
This was yesterday’s breakfast. Menu was carrot Kuzhambu, chukku rasam, garlic Kaara kuzhambu left over that was made by the sweets master ( my mil loved it and said she has saved the left overs for herself 😄), capsicum usili and radish thogayal. ( recipe - https://mylaporekitchens.in/pages/recipes#radishthogayal ) #mylaporekitchens #food #breakfast #kuzhambu #rasam #thogayal #kaarakuzhambu #breakfasttime #breakfastplatter #vegetarian #southindian #homecookedmealsarethebest
18 hours ago