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4 months ago
Been at @p.k .saenchaimuaythaigym for one year now. People who know me know that making the switch from Sitsongpeenong, where I was for over 4 years, was very difficult. But I'm glad I did it. Thank you to everyone for the progress I've made in my skills despite all the setbacks with lockdowns and whatnot. I know things are not perfect but together, we will set things right 😁👍 Special thanks to Game and Kru Padjai for doing their best and Belen for inviting me over to drop by in March 2020 ♥️ อยู่ค่ายมวยพีเคแสนชัย 1 ปีแล้วค่ะ ขอบคุณทุกคนที่ดูแลฉัน 🙏 @gamethoedsak @padjai_thailand @belen_nycc Pic taken almost a year ago with the shorts Belen gifted me. I wore them today! 😁 ___________________________________________________________ #muaythai #muaythaifighter #muayying #pksaenchai #muaythailife #muaythaitraining #muaythailifestyle #muaythaifight #muaythaiboxing #muaythailovers #muaythailadies #muaythaikickboxing #muaythaiislife #muaythaiforlife #muaythailove #muaythai👊  #muaythaiwomen #ilovemuaythai #muaythaiworld #lovemuaythai #nakmuaythai #fightlife #fighterlife #combatsports #nakmuay #striking #nakmuayying #plantbasedpower  #vegetarianathlete
3 months ago
I’ve run a Muay Thai gym, and experienced chauvinism from some of the students in the past. And I’m ashamed to say that because it embarrassed me, I didn’t always address it. Thank you @rocketpunchfc for your comment on my last post, making me reflect on this. Muay Thai is about respect as much as it’s about physical fighting. Being chauvinistic or sexist isn’t respectful, and shouldn’t be something we tolerate in our Muay Thai gyms… Much like we don’t tolerate angry, aggressive sparring. If a student behaves out of alignment with the values of Muay Thai, they’d be better suited to a different combat sport. As coaches, as teammates, we need to stop accepting chauvinism when we see it. It’s not ok to be a dick, just because you have one. We all need to recognise this is a male dominated sport, and we’ve a responsibility to not allow this to dissuade women from exploring this incredible martial art too. Muay Thai is such a physical pursuit, it's a place most men fear to tread, and the women that do step up are something else! It always comes back to respect. And the women that even walk through the door deserve lots of it. They certainly shouldn't be faced with chauvinism that undermines trust in the gym, or those involved in Muay Thai as a whole. If you missed it, I’d love to know your thoughts on my last podcast episode, “What Do Men REALLY Think of Women in Muay Thai?” link in bio
3 months ago

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Never let anyone who hasn’t been in your ring criticize you for who you are and what you have or haven’t accomplished. This picture is from my fight this past June. I accomplished so much. I fought in front of a crowd, I defended myself, I countered back, and I walked out of that ring without hesitation to get back in it. I am a fighter. It’s how I live my life. Don’t ever let ANYONE tell you how you failed. If they haven’t stood where you are standing, then their opinion doesn’t matter. #muaythaifighter #muaythaifemale #muaythaiwomen #muaythaitournament2021
21 hours ago