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I only pray heaven knows when to lift you out. ~ #maynard 10,000 days in the fire is long enough.... Happy Toolsday. #selfie #tool #10000days #bandt #bandtee #bandshirt #collection #toolsday #toolarmy #thirdeyegirl #wingsformarie #music #lyrics #concert #junkie #socialmediamusic
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@the_singing_doctor Even the dog was like: “Erm, how much freaky stuff did you just inject into yourself? Is there in fact a hidden drug problem here that as your dog I should know about?!” #ivflife #junkie Ps I NEVER resheath needles and they normally just go straight into a sharps bin… but I did on this one off time to show you what sort of size things are. I had already injected after drawing up the amounts myself so 2 out of 3 syringes here are totally empty. There are already bruises on my abdomen so if I am in a freak accident JP will already have some explaining to do. 😂. You can end up looking quite beaten up. I am not ready to show you my abdomen. Not because I am emotional about it. (I’m not). Mainly because I ate a LOT of chocolate to get me through the pandemic. And did quite a lack of sit ups. I am well aware of the body positivity movement and support it. But I can’t get a good shot of my belly ever so slightly hanging over my waist band of my jeans. Anyone wanna know what any of them are for? I mean, what do you want to know? The medical side or the emotional side. (A reminder I will be only as open as my own little broken heart allows me to be. Many times I have nearly told you all this journey but couldn’t for whatever reason.) (Might explain why my vaccine was one of the later nhs ones, even though I was frontline, as we awaited the guidance on pregnancy and fertility treatments). (For those of you wondering about that… I felt super relieved after knowing I was protected from covid because I was seeing the other end of the spectrum with heavily pregnant women becoming very unwell from the virus) (So many brackets). (I just find them hard to resist).
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Collab with @flowsandwich As always not judging long term MAT users, recovery begins before sobriety and big pharma's predatory practices lead to people struggling to come off drugs like subs. If you're working on your recovery I'm proud of u 💪
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BOOK ACCORDINGLY ‼️😊 💈✂️ #Junkie
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