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Unfortunately The Everrain is leaving our collection. We have prepared the video on our YouTube channel with the review. In short. The game looks stunning. The end. All the rest fails badly, a lot or at some point. This is very frustrating as the world created and idea are brilliant and that’s one gigantic missed opportunity. There is still hope because fans are trying to fix this game making home rules. Yet, we decided to sell the Everrain because the time saved not playing this game is more precious for us. If you want to check it… firstly at least read BGG forum. #everrain
9 hours ago
The more we play it, the more brilliant Foundations of Rome from @arcanewonders is becoming. Number of interactions between buildings, players and special cards is insane. Despite super easy rules (5 minutes of explanation) gameplay is so rich and deep you’re are going to play one session after another . Different types of buildings affect other ones in the unique ways, boosting income, population or victory point. Everyone has own hidden objectives and starting cards introducing slight asymmetry. We have monuments, buildings with unique traits and conditions to built them. But the best here is a huge room for interaction, also this negative. Buy cards opponents need to thwart their plans, fit your structures among their to grab their bonuses for yourself. Use special cards to twist the core mechanics, including… stealing from others. The only cons we’ve discovered so far are very minor stuff, like scoring manual covered by cards deck or no info about the monuments size on their cards. Summarizing, WOW!
1 day ago
Time to highlight last titles we got from @little_house_bg . On the left Tremadura, with theme described as a journey to discover a new land beyond the edges of the Duero River. On the right Q-memory, where players will try to finish the quantum link (which means revealing all of the tiles) but in order to do so, they need to follow the quantic sequence. Both Tremadura, and previously highlighted Pantheon and ISO, were reviewed by us on our YouTube channel. If you’re into clever pocket games, check 18 Hex Games campaign coming to KS (link in bio).
1 day ago
Ele voltou! Patchwork, um dos melhores jogos pra dois está de volta! Um jogo que sempre deve estar em catálogo em nossa humilde opinião #boardgames #boardgame #bgg #jogodetabuleiro #juegosdemesa #jogosdetabuleiro #spiel  #jeuxdesociete  #ludopedia  #tabletop  #boardgamegeek #geekgirl #mundogalapagos #patchwork #uwerosenberg
1 day ago
Splendor é um clássico! Um jogo de regras simples, muita estratégia e planejamento, mas também é uma corrida para fazer 15 pontos. Foi um dos jogos que jogamos na @ludusluderia durante a viagem do @diversaooffline . Você gosta de Splendor? #boardgames #boardgamegeek #brettspiele #jogosdetabuleiro #juegosdemesa #jeuxdesociete #jocsdetaula #giochidatavolo #gryplanszowe #tabletopgames #TabulaQuadrada
23 hours ago
Vuko’s face 🐈‍⬛ when he is fighting with himself to NOT sit on a new, probably the biggest, board game box he ever saw 😁. Foundations of Rome from @arcanewonders arrived today and already hit our table. We’re in the middle of the first session, so we share with you our impressions over the weekend, when we play it a few times more. So far we can say that game has stunning table presence, and it’s seems to be a very good bg mechanically as well - rules are simple but interaction between players is brilliant. More info soon!
3 days ago

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Nós não conhecemos ninguém que tenha jogado Santa Maria e não tenha gostado. O problema é que nós conhecemos poucas pessoas que tenham jogado Santa Maria. Ele é uma daquelas pérolas esquecidas, que deve ter sido lançado junto a algum outro grande jogo ou talvez tenha vindo caro demais na época mas que por motivo ou outro acabou sendo deixado de lado. Gostamos tanto dele que foi um dos jogos que esteve no nosso #desafio10x10 de 2021 e que só melhorou a cada partida. Para 2 a 4 jogadores, ele #jogaemdois muito bem e merece muito mais atenção do que recebeu. Santa Maria é um dos poucos jogos de caixa grande da já querídissima Editora @papergamesed que traz excelentes jogos pockets para o público brasileiro e este não poderia ser diferente, jogue Santa Maria, gostoso demais! #boardgamegeek #boardgames #jogosdetabuleiro #vidadeboardgamer #dicapradois #jeuxdesociete #bgbr #tabletopgame
1 hour ago
Quand ta blonde a un coup de cœur pour un jeu pendant la fin de semaine, hé bien on y rejoue le lendemain. #jeuxdesociete #jeuxdetable #jeuxdeplateau #boardgames #tabletopgames #boardgamegeek #jdsmtl @portalgamespl
1 hour ago