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I have spent the past couple of week reflecting on my previous races, I have thought about where my strengths lie, what my weaknesses are what I enjoy doing and what I don’t. I have done so many races in the past from track to trail, road to mountain and I think I have figured out what I want to focus on (for now 😉). I think it is good to race a whole host of distances on all different surfaces, it makes you strong and more importantly you can figure out what you enjoy the most. I had such an amazing time in Chamonix this summer and can’t wait to go back but at the moment I am not really interested in races where I have to spend half of it walking up a mountain…I want to RUN! I am going to use this new focus to see what my little legs can do (they are little I just take pictures at crafty angles 🤪). My favourite distances are 100km road and 50km runnable trail. What are yours? 📸 @mountainmindset.co .uk
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Two easy sessions today and 20k into the books 📕 Just preparing for the next quality session that is coming pretty soon 🚀 • • • #running #training #marathon #marathontraining #hokaoneone #timetofly #timetoflysverige #gococo _sportswear #gococomoment #umarasports
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The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit. Be patient. Be humble. Keep moving forward. - #mindfulness
2 days ago
Don’t forget to have fun 🥳 . With the autumn marathons and ultras rolling around SO quickly training is ramping up for everyone and quite frankly we’re all tired 😂 . It’s meant to be hard, otherwise everyone would be doing it. The fact that you’re showing up everyday means you’re a superhero. . Don’t lose sight of the joy of running. Run with friends, find new routes, remember why you started. . Gorgeous 10 miles on the country lanes last night, found all the usual hills and then some more. This is absolutely my favourite way to get a road run done 🤩
28 days ago
CHAMPIONNE DU MONDE DE TRIATHLON LONGUE DISTANCE ( 20-24 ans ) 🥇. Mon second Full, sous les couleurs des bleus 🇫🇷 @fftriathlon en 10h18 🔥. Un chrono fulgurant avec une natation en 1h12, un vélo en 5h29 et un marathon en 3h27 ! Une aventure tout simplement magique et unique ! Merci au fan club présent durant la course, mom&dad et au meilleur de tous @martin_uliana ♥️ Le début d’une grande carrière peut être 😄 @dim.kotskos best coach ever 😍. @worldtriathlon @challengealmere @betriathlon @beautysane #triathlon #triathlon _in_the_world #ironman #fftri #hokaoneone #hokafans #cervelo #equipedefrance #almere #champion
2 days ago
“Why don’t we run the travelator?” . As soon as I said it I regretted it. If you’ve not had the pleasure it’s 47m of climb over 450m, all on gravel. Exactly like the travelator from Gladiators . It’s enough to make you question your choices on a good day. I have no idea why I suggested it after a morning gym session and feeling rough after my second jab 😂 . At least it’s only going to feel easier next time!
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Woche 9 #marathonvorbereitung und sie läuft 🤘👟🏃‍♀️Heute stand nochmal ein langer Lauf auf den Plan langsame 20km mit 5km Endbeschleunigung.Naja und ich lass es mir natürlich nicht nehmen den Halben noch voll zumachen 🥳🤭✔Ich kann jetzt schon sagen das ich in den letzten Wochen oft mit mir kämpfen musste und mit meinem Kopf viel diskutiert habe 😏und auch gelernt auf meinen Körper zu hören(naja man musste mich da auch mal daran erinnern )Aber das Gefühl ist einfach nur geil es schon bis hier her wieder geschafft zu haben 💪💪💪Also Marathon Nr 2 ich bin gespannt auf dich 💪👟👟🥵26.9.21 virtuell Run für @lauf_liebe #laufen #rungirlrun #marathontraining #halbmarathon #runningcommunity #runninglife #hokafans #runrunrun #runingmotivation #runninglife #runingmom #laufenmachtdenkopffrei #laufliebe #longrun #instagramrunners #runners
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Intervals for lunch 🥳 . 2 times 1km @ 4:15/km . I really found back the joy of running/suffering 😜 . Enjoy the weekend! . #friyay #runnersheal #werunthis #hokafans #timetofly #aftershokznl #shokzsquadnl #compressport #fueledbyetixx #exploreperfection #chaseyourdreams
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Best run of the week so far 🇭🇷🔥 One of them days where woke up just wanting to hit snooze button, put my run off til later on in the day 👌🏻 Got my bearings for local area, even managed to find a small flat section down by the shipyard 🤣 4 miles my go to distance to keep things ticking over 💯 350FT+ elevation 🧗🏻‍♀️✅ #Lapad #Dubrovnik #Croatia #Running #ukrunchat #Marathon #ManchesterMarathon #Strava #Hokafans #BeachyHeadMarathon
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