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[advertising feature] Sushi Roll is my Game of the Month! . 🍣 I’ve had an absolute blast playing Sushi Roll (@gamewright ) in January. This is the bigger brother to Sushi Go!, which is a fun, lightweight card game. Sushi Roll sees you drafting dice, again in a set collection manner. . What makes it so darn good? Well, check out my thoughts on the latest blog! It’s over on @zatugames ’ website. Link in my bio takes you part of the way there! (Tap/click on BLOGS and you’ll see it!) . Thanks again to @coiledspringgames for sending me this review copy of Sushi Roll. It’s a sen-sushi-nal push-your-luck dice-drafting game! . #sushiroll #sushirollgame #sushitime🍣 #sushilover #philwalkerharding #dicedrafting #gamewrightgames #coiledspringgames #zatugames #boardgameblog #boardgameblogger #boardgamereviewer #minireview #ilovedice #ilovesushi #iloveboardgames #customdice #dicegame #gatewaygames #gatewaygame #gameofthemonth #buryboardgames #bgg #bggcommunity #boardgamecommunity #brettspiele #bordspelmania #bordspellen #brettspieler #boardgamer
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#GeekAndTheGame Today I decided to join in the hashtag #GeekAndTheGame started by @neverboardofgaming This is an opportunity to share the game/s that got us into our wonderful hobby! I have two such games; one that introduced me to the hobby and one that made me fall head over heels for gaming! ⚔ Dragonwood by @gamewright was the first modern table top game I played! It was the first time I realised games could have cool themes and be more than just economy based or traditional style! It was then the first game I ever played with my kids (and the first game I ever modified for them). So in a lot of ways, this game is the true gateway game for my personal relationship and journey with board games. It will always have a very special place at our table! 💥 Clank! In! Space! by @renegade_game_studious was the game that led me down the rabbit hole of board game obsession. It was the first game that said "this is the goal, but how you achieve that is totally up to you!!" It presented a whole new experience! I was a console gamer before board games and the world of Clank! has all the things I love about console gaming, but in a way that was so new to me. It made me realise there were so many potential experiences to be had and worlds to explore, right there on my very table! So those are my two gateway games! They are very different, but without them both I might not be here today doing what I do and loving it so much! What games got you into the hobby or really sealed the deal for you? If you'd like to join in the #geekandthegame hashtag, consider this your nomination, everyone is welcome!
8 months ago
With a family of gamers, we have quite a collection with @gamewright games a significant part of our shelves. Do you have a company you consistently enjoy? #FamilyGames #FamilyOfGamers #FamilyGameNight #GwPinGiveaway #Gamewright #GamewrightGames #KidsGames #GamesWithKids #GamerKids #KidsWhoGame #GameSchool #GameSchooling #GameSchoolers #TabletopGames #GameCollection #GameNight
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It’s Friday and what’s on the menu for tonight? It’s Sushi Go Party! By @gamewright 🍣🍱🥢 Sushi Go Party is a card drafting game that’s fun for the whole family! And who doesn’t love the cute little wasabi?! 🥰 We love the party version of Sushi Go because you can customize the menu to make it fun for any skill level of player! #sushigo #sushigoparty #sushigopartygame #gamewrightgames #boardgames #boardgamenight #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgaming #boardgamingcouple #boardgamingcommunity #boardgamingfamily
9 months ago
🏅Joining the #BoardgameFaceOff challenge with the lovely @tigerocketlife , who I think is my long lost twin! 🐯🐵 This fun event was started by @kay_plays_games & @boardgamebeacon , where each month they will select a theme for battle. The chosen theme for February is Top 3 Dice 🎲🎲🎲! As an extra layer of fun, we added a theme for each day. 😆 Round 1️⃣…”Food”! 🐵 @achunkeemunkee has picked these delicious sushi dice from Sushi Roll by @gamewright 🍙🍣🥟. These dice are so cute with all the cute food icons on them, I hope they will help me win this round! 😋 🐯 @tigerocketlife has picked these gorgeous food dice from Wingspan, by @stonemaiergames 🦉🐛🌾 This is one of my favorite and most upgraded games, but these dice are amazing all on its own! 🤩 ✅ Which dice speak to you?? 😄 Check out @tigerocketlife to vote in her stories! Give her a follow too as she posts fun game reviews AND food pics!!! 🥰 ➡️💛 Want to join?? You still have time! Pick a partner, pick your top 3 dice, then battle your dice by posting a poll in your stories for people to vote for their favorite! #boardgames #sushirollgame #gamewrightgames #wingspangame #stonemaiergames #boardgameschallenge #boardgamegeek #bggcommunity #boardgamecommunity #playmoregames #dicebattle
3 months ago
REVIEW: Build theme parks, museums and more to recruit citizens and make them love being there! It’s the family-friendly city builder Happy City! Big thanks to @gamewright for sending a copy for us to review. Players: 2-5 Playtime: 30mins Rec. Ages: 10+ Happy City is a tableau city-building game that reminds us a bit of games like Machi Koro and Santa Monica, but lighter and with its own wonderful charms. Players all start with 2 coins and a Happy Market which generates 1 coin. On their turn players can choose from the three price levels of buildings and discard one already showing and/or reveal new buildings, but there is a limit of three buildings showing at a time. Buildings offer 4 possible benefits to players. Some generate additional income, some add citizens (meeple icons), some add happiness (hearts), and all have a color. The colors are used to qualify for special properties you can get once per game. They often give a big benefit, so it can be wise to go after one early and reap the rewards the rest of the game. The game ends when a player reaches 10 building cards in their tableau. The rest of the players take their turns for that round. To get the final score you simply multiply the number of citizens by the number of hearts - highest score wins! 😊 Initial thoughts: Pros: Easy set up, very easy to learn while still requiring strategic planning. There is an “expert” mode which makes the game quite a bit more challenging and can keep the interest of experienced gamers. Cons: The cards are small for such a big box, regular card sizes would have been nice. Verdict: If you like city-builders, are looking for a light game between heavies, or just a game that can be enjoyed by all ages, Happy City is a quality choice. If you’ve had a chance to try it out we’d love to hear what you think! #HappyCity #HappyCityGame #Gamewright #GenCon #GamewrightGames #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #games #boardgames #cardgames #strategygames #coopgames #workerplacementgames #adventuregames #boardgamegeek #boardgamecommunity #bggcommunity #bgg #familygamenight #familygames #rpg #roleplayinggames #tabletopgamingcommunity #boardgamesofinstagram
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Brunch anyone - who’s playing Sleeping Queens this weekend? Photo credit: @gameswithbeany #gamewright #games #sleepingqueens #familygames #boardgames #gamewrightgames #boardgamesofinstagram
11 hours ago
Abandon All Artichokes isn’t your garden variety deck-building game, well, actually it is, but in a different way. In this light and family friendly deck-building game, you’ll start with a deck full of artichokes and race to be the first player to draw a hand with no artichokes. With the help of 10 different vegetables from your garden, you’ll compost those prickly produce crops out of the game or even send them into your opponent’s deck to drive them further away from victory! Read more about Abandon All Artichokes in our Staff Reviews at GamescapeSF.com. #abandonallartichokes #okeydokeyartichokey #artichoke #artichokes #artichokegame #gamewright #gamewrightgames #staffpick #boardgames #cardgames #familygame #gamescape #gamescapesf #sanfrancisco @gamewright
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Getting in a quick breakfast "rank and roll" with a play of Qwingo (published by @gamewright ) with my daughter Zoë! 💕 This was our sixth play and we each have 3 wins. It's been quite the duel and we each tend to take a different strategy in how we call out numbers. Super fun way to start a Friday. 🤘 #BoardGamesOfInstagram #BoardGameGeek #BoardGames #TabletopGames #BoardGameAddict #BGGCommunity #BGG #BoardGameCollection #BoardgameLife #BoardGamePhotos #TableTopGamer #TableTopGaming #Qwingo #GamewrightGames #RollAndWrite #RankAndRoll #BreakfastGaming #DaddyDaughterTime #GamingWithFamily #FridayGaming
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Board games bring out the smiles! Great shot of Outfoxed by @favouritefoe . . . . #gamewrightgames #boardgames #familygames #outfoxed #coopgames #gamewright #games #boardgamesofinstagram
2 days ago
Games that inspire me to create - Part 3. “Forbidden Desert” @matt.leacock Forbidden Desert was the first game to really draw me into co-op games. I remember wanting to play again and again until I beat the first level and then moving on to the next challenging level. Co-op and Solo games have really exploded lately, especially during the pandemic. I see more and more co-op games on crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Gamefound. From a creative standpoint I view Forbidden Desert like one big puzzle. Just like a rubix cube I know what to expect going into it but it’s mixed up every time. I know the core moves I need to make to start unlocking its mechanisms but if I’m too relaxed about my actions then I can quickly fall into chaos. When I design games I want players to have a sense of importance and urgency to what they do on their turn as every action can really matter. I also love designing games that set up differently every game. You might have visited the magically forest before but this time your showing up at a different point in your journey with different circumstances. My only complaint with a game like Forbidden Desert is that once you start to master the puzzle you start to lose the replay ability. I hope to learn from games like this in ways I can take the puzzle aspects and apply them to something more competitive outside of a co-op setting. 🏜 🎲 . . . . #boardgame #boardgames #boardgamegeek #tabletopgames #bgg #tabletop #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamer #boardgamelover #boardgamesrock #boardgamelounge #boardgamefun #boardgamereviews #boardgamedesign #boardgamereview #kickstarterboardgames #familyboardgames #forbiddendesert #coopboardgames #gamewrightgames #gamewright #mattleacock
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Weekend board game stack! We learned 4 new games this weekend: 🐿 Go Nuts is a simple little push your luck dice game we all had fun playing 🍪 Toss Your Cookies is a set collection game with some passing, tossing, and dice rolling 🏰 Bonn is the limited edition version of Alhambra the Card Game 🐠 Oceanos is a set collection/tableau building game with colorful art 🕵️‍♀️ Then we played a few rounds of Codenames Duet, which we haven’t pulled off the shelf since December. It’s such a great twist on regular Codenames and is the one I prefer playing. We were housebound all weekend but loved the gorgeous weather, getting to spend a lot of time playing in our yard, and of course, gathering around the table for games. #boardgames #boardgamefamily #boardgamegeek #gamenight #familyboardgames #gamewrightgames #iello #gamegeek
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