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What a five years it has been! We knew we were in for an adventure and it sure has been one. Always thankful for the memories we have created together and excited to see what more is to come! For those of you who are new to following our page, here is a little about our story.. We, Daniel and Sydney, met early in high school when we both got our first job working in a family-owned diner. She was a waitress, he was a bus-boy. We became quick friends during the late nights working at the restaurant. Daniel went to an all-boys school and Sydney to an all-girls. It was both of our first time pursuing a relationship. Eventually we spent time together outside of work - from his first snowboarding experience to her first 5k race (she was a snowboarder, he was a runner). College brought a whole new adventure with two years of long-distance dating, a semester studying abroad in Austria, a few years together at Franciscan University making mutual friends and spectating on the sidelines of each other's sporting events. After 7 years of dating we quit our first big-kid jobs to get married and enjoy a three-month honeymoon - from the beaches of Bali to a roadtrip through America's National Parks and a visit back to the Austrian Alps - all the while we lived by the motto that "we will not regret this whenever we have kids." The end of our travels landed us in Colorado where we had our first child nine months later and have since grown our little family to 🖐🏻 After developing a very strong community in Colorado, we recently made the tough decision to move away and further pursue our career goals - Sydney recently started graduate school and Daniel joined the US Air Force Reserves. We are young and adventurous, and even as parents we still live by a motto of seizing every opportunity and living without regrets. 📷 @bekahkay @evergreenphoto_ \\ 3Dec2016 \\ #younglove #noregrets #neverturndownopportunity #bringthekidsalong #wildandfree #tinybigadventure #fiveyearsmarried #anniversary #happyanniversary #weddingday #youngparents #thejoysoflife #marriage #abideinme #foreverandalways
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If your man is shutting you out and distancing himself. Or if he’s already made up his mind that it’s over. Then there’s only one thing you can do to get him back for good. You can’t convince him. You can’t beg. You can’t make promises. It will only push him further away. And changing his mind is impossible. TAP THE LINK ON MY PROFILE PAGE to discover how to trigger emotions deep inside him. Feelings he ALREADY has for you. That will get him to change his own mind from the inside out and have him chasing you and begging YOU for a second chance. . . . . Follow for more @realationshiphelp.blog . Dm for credits/removal . Tag us for in your inspiring posts/videos for feature #relationshipquotes #cuterelationships #couplequotes #reallovequotes #lovelifequotes #lovelifequotes #loverquotes #couplequotes #relationship101 #relationshipadvice #boyfriendandgirlfriend #foreverandalways #hesmine #lovephrases #relationshipmatters #lovefeeling #feelingsquotes #boyfriendquotes #quotesabouthim #quotesforher #quotesoftheday #quoteslover #relationshiptalk #relationshipposts #loveqoutes
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If you’re new around here, HI!! I’m Erica — Owner of Blush & Bashful Events. I really really love what I do. Like, for real. I think my clients are total rockstars, and I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with such wonderful lovebirds. I couldn’t imagine a job being more dreamy. Logistics meets true romance. I believe there’s true magic that happens at a wedding and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to witness it time and time again. Here are a few other facts about me: * I’m married to my high school sweetheart — 10 years this May 🤍 * We have a four year old son named Brooks who rocks our world! * Probably could’ve guessed it, but I’m a hopeless romantic 🤍 * You’ll never find me without lipstick on! * I love to cook and drink good wine 🍷 * When I have spare time, I love getting lost in a good book. Thanks for following along! Now, let’s grab a drink and chat about your wedding! 🤍
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Hey insta. I married the love of my life again but this time in front of GOD & forever and always ❤ #married #villagomezwedding2021 #wedding2021 #marriedlife #foreverandalways #couples #blacklove #latinlove
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🎄Christmas dinner with my Favs ❤️! #ForeverAndAlways #Coupa
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A big mistake most women make when they're texting a guy is that they don't text in a way that hooks his attention. This practically ensures he'll leave you hanging... rather than texting you back right away. CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO 👉 @maturelove_thoughts 👈 Now learn how to send text messages to a man that guarantees he won't stop thinking about you. . . . . . #relationshipgoalshelp #relationshipquotes #cuterelationships #couplequotes #reallovequotes #lovelifequotes #lovelifequotes #loverquotes #couplequotes #relationship101 #relationshipadvice #boyfriendandgirlfriend #foreverandalways #hesmine #lovephrases #relationshipmatters #lovefeeling #feelingsquotes #boyfriendquotes #quotesabouthim #quotesforher #quotesoftheday #quoteslover #relationshiptalk #relationshipposts #loveqoutes
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