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Heyo! It’s Monday again and time for another #mechanismsmonday and this week we are looking at variable player powers as chosen by Landris himself, @northern_dice 🤗 I love this mechanic so much and could pick many games to represent this including many not pictured here. But I have to say my absolute favourite is Comsic Encounter. Who does not enjoy a game where someone’s power is to win the game but losing all their ships, the exact opposite of the games goal, and to do so, largely in secret? Or to punish people for not helping you, without them first knowing that you could! Or hide your cards from other players and completely lie about what it is?! It’s just amazing! And one of my all time favourite games. 😍 What’s your favourite game with variable player powers? Why not comment below and post yourself with the hashtag #mechanismsmonday 🤩 Next week @punk.meeple has chosen hidden agenda/objectives games. So get thinking now if you want to take part next week too. 🤭 Have a great week y’all! 🥳 #dungeonmayhem #dungeonmayhemmonstermadness #zombiekidzevolution #tinyepic #tinyepicmechs #forbiddensky #cosmicencounter @gamelyngames @dungeons__dragons @scorpionmasque @gamewright @fantasyflightgames #boardgamephotography #boardgames #boardgame #tabletopgames #gamenight #brettspiele #giochidatavolo #boardgamesrock #boardgamephotos #boardgameday #analoggames #analogaming #juegodemesa #boardgamecommunity #whatboardgame
1 year ago
Which is your favorite, Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert, or Forbidden Sky? I always enjoy the classic, but I really like the stacking in Desert… and I still need to play Sky! #forbiddenisland #forbiddenislandgame #forbiddendesert #forbiddensky #mattleacock #gamenight #familyboardgame #familygamenight #tabletopgames #boardgames #boardgamenight #tabletopgaming #boardgamer #gamewright @gamewright
7 months ago
🇬🇧. THE FORBIDDEN DESERT, a boardgame from @matt.leacock illustrated by @tyler_edlin_art and #cbcanga , edited by @cocktailgames . One of my first boardgame i bought to start my collection. . A cooperative boardgame where you're playing from 2 to 5 characters with specifics and uniques abilities, trapped in a desert where a sandstorm is threatening to take you down. The goal is simple: find in this desert in movment composed of 24 tiles the 4 pieces of the flying machine which will enable you to escape. If the adventurers collect the all different pieces and gather together before one of them dies thirsty, or the sandstorm rises or the sand tiles deck ends, that's a win. . Each round, players have 4 actions to collect the clues to locate the ship pieces. They also can use different items, exchange them and interact between themselves. . This boardgame is the little brother of the famous collection #forbiddensky and #forbiddenisland , i haven't played none but this #forbiddendesert is a really good cooperative game, replayable, with a neat material and a colorful universe, i can only recommend it. . From 10 yo. From 2 to 5 players. Around 25€. . #j2s #jds #boardgames #jeuxdesociete #jeudesociete #brettspiel #boardgame #bgg #boardgamecommunity #boardgameaddict #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamegeek #jeux #game #sandstorm #bggcommunity #desert #escapegame #tempete
1 year ago
Forbidden Sky is hard. I have now played nine times with the little people and yet to win a game. The children, on the other hand, allegedly managed to win a few when they were playing together 🤔😅
5 months ago
🚀 BOOM 💥 Name some FAVE components of yours! 💬 while you check out my Rocket 🚀😆... I have had the predecessor Forbidden island 🏝️ for years and I still love to play now and again but it's nice to try out a new puzzle with similar mechanics... In Forbidden Sky You are elevated in the clouds try to repair your rocket 🚀 to blast off but you have to make sure not to fall off the side of the 7000 foot up platform due to high winds 💨 or get a jolt ⚡of electricity by being near cables or Tesla coils! You win this mini coop adventure by getting power to your rocket and including a certain amount of components based on difficulty 🔋 There are mechanics for wind direction and gear ⚙️ to pick up to help keep you safe all within the familiar gameplay from previous games. I love this game 😍 and the components have me smiling 😁 ear to ear 👂🏻! . . . . . . #forbiddensky #forbiddendesert #forbiddenisland #cooperativegames #coopgames #boardgamegeek #gamecomponents #boardgames #boardgameshots #rockets #boardgamegeek #bgg #bggcommunity #tabletopgames #boardgamecollection #gamerlife #gamenight #boardgamesaddict #boardgamersofinstagram #awesomegames #gamewithfriends #iloveboardgames #boardgamelover #gamecommunity #boardgameart
1 year ago
🚀Rocket🚀 #onewordmanypictures #Raczugaming This weeks word was chosen by @brettspieltagebuch Happy new year everyone! Here’s a throwback to a not so smooth takeoff from us playing #forbiddensky by @gamewright last year when we visited @ludoraticafenottingham 🚀 looking forward to more trips to games cafes this year! #boardgames #bgg #boardgamesofinstagram #boardgamecommunity #tabletop #tabletopgames #tabletopgaming #meeple #meeples #boardgamecafe #gamescafe #happynewyear
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На этой неделе были другие дела, так что успели сыграть только в Сундук Войны, Уотергейт, Запретное Небо, Бирмингем, Инновацию и в Империи. Половину партий вдвоём, остальные втроём, а кооператив впятером слили вообще за каких-то полчаса. Всем привет! Самым ярким событием стали, конечно же, Империи. Не хочу раньше времени раскрывать все свои впечатления, потому что планирую написать отдельный обзор, однако уже после первой партии стало понятно, что игра не просто удачная, а ещё и очень особенная, во многом уникальная, а это уже дорогого стоит даже само по себе, здесь же ещё и весь набор механик и новаторских идей прекрасно сочетается между собой и отлично работает, не ломая баланс. В Бирмингеме попробовал закрепить стратегию полного выставления всех поездов, выполнив за всю партию только одну двойную модернизацию, взяв только один кредит и только один набор джокеров. Как оказалось, стратегия работает безотказно, а поскольку она не зависит от карт на руках, её можно применять так часто, как захочется. В Запретом Небе, как и ожидалось, чем больше участников, тем сложнее добиться победы, на что недвусмысленно намекает сама шкала интенсивности грозы, хотя очень может быть, что просто с непривычки начали составлять платформу неправильно, почти не думая о том, что с громоотводами явно нужно быть аккуратнее. Всем огромное спасибо за активное участие в жизни "Цитадели"! Играйте в лучшее! До встречи в клубе!
8 days ago
The closest we've gotten to winning Forbidden Sky so far... this one is hard even on the easiest level 😅 We thought we were going to make it this time, but then Aunty Nik Nik got blown out of her faraday cage and got struck by lightning 😭😭😭 So close! We *will* conquer this beast!
16 days ago
25 days ago
Tonights "fresh out of box" is Forbidden Sky; so far I have enjoyed everything out of the Forbidden Boxes, hopefully this one will be just as good! #boardgames #boardgame #boardgamersofinstagram #boardgameaddict #boardgamegeek #boardgamegeeks #boardgamecommunity #forbiddendesert #gamewrightgames #mattleacock #forbiddensky #forbiddenskyboardgame #boardgamer #boardgamers
1 month ago
Andddddd lift off! 🚀 Had the chance to play Forbidden Sky (@gamewright ) over the weekend, and wow what a game! If you've played the other Forbidden games or Pandemic you'll be familiar with the sort of mechanics used in the series, but for me this is hands down the best Forbidden game. 🚀 Players are aboard a mysterious platform in the sky during a brutal storm, and must work together to discover the parts required to launch a rocket and escape. Crucially, once the rocket is constructed, you must connect the circuit to allow the rocket to launch! 🚀 It's such a cool concept because unbeknownst to me the rocket actually does light up and play sounds once you've completed the circuit which is a great little touch. I had no idea it was a real circuit. 🚀 The storm will strike you with lightning and the high winds can topple you off the edge of the platform, so players must carefully navigate and explore the platform before time runs out or you fry or fall! 🚀 Great concept, great components and a whole heap of fun. Helps that we won 😊
1 month ago