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Might do a livestream soon to discuss the giveaway, I think the plan is to have 5 winners and they will be allowed to pick which game they want ❤️ - Oliver (Follow us for more! ♥️) - Original Content Partners Tagged: @tunnelsnakesfool @nuka_courier @atomic_fallout_ @fallout.t51b @omegafallout @king_of_new_vegas - #fallout #falloutnewvegas #falloutnewvegasmemes #fallout3 #fallout4 #fallout76 #falloutgaming #memes #gamingmemes #gamingdaily #memesdaily #gaming #gamer #pcgamer #pc #xbox #ps4 #ps5 #playstation
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Vault-Tec relationship to the war ☢️ part 1; . . Let's start from the begging from the moment it was decided to establish the Vault-Tec, due to the high pace of conflict between America and China, and it appeared that it was not possible to avoid the outbreak of nuclear war in an instant. So USA lunched project save house to establish underground shelter to protect people from the effects of this war and in order to prevent their exposure to nuclear radiation, provided that these fortifications are opened after the radiation rate returns to a normal rate that allows the possibility of coexistence and rebuilding again. It was clear that the entire project was for the purpose of protecting humanity, But what is the truth about Vault-Tech’s relationship with the project, and was the United States aware of its nature and that it was designed to conduct experiments on people and collect data, and most importantly if Vault-Tech was the cause or catalyst for the outbreak of war, What is the benefit in the first place from spending these trillions of dollars if the world will end and what is the benefit of collecting data and to where and to whom it is going? These are all questions we ask when we start investigating whether Vault Tech is the culprit of war .
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