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Secretary bird di
3 days ago
#liebeslauftagebuch , wenn man regelmäßig läuft (und noch dazu oft die selben Wege), könnte man echt meinen, es wäre langweilig. Ist es aber nicht. 🏃🏻🏃🏻😉 rn. m überlege ich mir, mal Intervalle auszuprobieren. Nur zur Abwechslung. Mal schauen…🏃🏻😁 n Dienstag! 🤘🏻 n #earlybird
2 days ago
Világosodik 💡 . én már régóta a tavaszt várom 🌸 Azt amikor hosszabbak a nappalok és szinte egész nap világos van. Szerencsére már úton vagyunk ebbe az irányba, hosszabbodnak a nappalok.nt szuperjól látok. n félelem nélkül.🔦Sikerült 🤍 .nning #MagicMorning #SmilesAndMiles #CollectMomentsNotThings . 📸 @balibelak 😘
14 hours ago
🌸leines 🌸 It’s friyay and almost weekend. My favourite part of the week. Family time, bakingtime and reading time… leines. These are reserved for afterwork when I dive into my book with a nice cup of tea. licious cakes with no sugar, eggs or butter - here you go: 🥣 ingredients 🥣 - 100 gr flour - 25 gr almond flour - large pinch of salt - 75 gr @zusto.officialnl r - 125 ml almond milk - 45 ml neutral oil - fresh lemon juice (I squeezed 1/2 🍋) - 1 tsp almond extract 👩‍🍳 Start to bake 👩‍🍳 r 2. Add the almond milk, oil, lemon juice and almond extract 3. Mix until you have a smooth doughleine baking tin and scoop some dough into each mold. 5. Put the baking tray in the fridge for 30’ leinesgreesn brown In no time your kitchen will be filled with a nice almond flavour. Happy weekend! ssert #vegancookies🍪 #foodoftheday #foodstagram #bakinglove #booklove #nomnom
5 days ago

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Wasnkrais eigentlich? nkraissrenmischricklungenren Menschen. nkrais?st Du es beschreiben? English: nkrais actually? nkraismic.velopments in our lives. In this way we learn to move more easily and to be more alert, also when living with other people. nkrais?scribe it?
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💥 LAST FEW PAPER TICKETS REMAINING 💥 tails to transfer your money to reserve one or go across to shoobs for an early bird e-ticket Be Thankful presents a night of afro, amapiano, tribal and soulful house at the Hatch Club in London. 💃🏻🕺 Limited tables and VIP tickets available. 👆🏼 This is a ticket only event - no pay on the door. Purchase your tickets from Shoobs by searching ‘Be Thankful’ or use the link in the bio 💥 tickets can be purchased until 12am on the night of the event (if available) - perfect for you last minute ravers! 🎶 🚨 If sold out, missed out 🚨 🚨 You will not be able to pay on the door 🚨 PLEASE NOTE SECURITY WILL NOT ADMIT ANYONE WITHOUT A VALID TICKET. #BeThankful #HouseMusic #Amapiano #Soulful #Tribal #Afro #HouseMusic #LondonHouseScene #NewEvent #AmapianoMusic #SoulfulHouseMusic #TribalHouseMusic #AfroHouseMusic #MatureCrowd #GoodVibes #GoodVibesOnly #DjLineUp #Festival #Dance #Drink #Laugh #LoveLife #Dancefloor #VIP #Ticket #EarlyBird #Shoobs #TableService #SoundSystem #Raving #Clubbing
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