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Incredible moments in Utah chasing storms! The road to get this this overlook it’s a road at the end it’s a Jeep trail. The first time we ventured out this way I got within a mile and a half of the end in just my regular old Ford Escape but alas one spot had a drop too steep and I didn’t want to pull a bumper off. But I was so proud my regular old mid level clearance suv made it as far as it did! • • • Tags: #utah #utahphotographer #utahisrad #utahgram #utahunique #utahphotography #utahbeauty #sunset #rainbow #sunsetphotography #sunsetlovers #sunsets #nature #explore #offroad #desert #desertlife #desertvibes #hike #hiking #adventure #optoutside #camp
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🏜️ ================= Photographer 📸 @neohumanity ================= Drop a like and comment if you like this picture💫 ================= Follow us for more contents about our beautiful America ❤️🇺🇸
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Первая жалоба. ⠀ И надеюсь последняя. ⠀ Зато теперь я знаю зачем художники подписывают свои работы 😑 ⠀ Хотя раньше думала, да ну бред какой-то кому это надо. Оказывается надо! ⠀ На днях я случайно увидела СВОЮ работу у другого художника. Более того, этот человек, не только скачал и загрузил к себе в инстаграм мою работу, но и даже текст скопировал слово в слово. ⠀ Я не против когда, например, художественные паблики берут мои фотографии, но они всегда делают 100500 отметок и ссылок, что работа моя или спрашивают в Директ, можно / нельзя. И все счастливы. ⠀ Но, вот такое я не понимаю, честно. ⠀ Хочется спросить, ну на хрена а?! ⠀ Я написала в Директ этому человеку, с просьбой хотя бы сделать отметки. Ответа не получила. ⠀ Подала жалобу, скинула фотки, что работа действительно моя, и как оказалось у инсты с этим все ок👌🏻 Фото было удалено, справедливость восторжествовала. ⠀ Так что, я доросла до уровня когда тырят мои работы! 😄 ⠀ А как бы вы отнеслись к такой ситуации? ⠀ Теперь вот надо ещё над подписью думать, фотошопом лепить поверх рисунка или прям на работе подписывать 🤔 ⠀ Помогайте 👇🏻 ⠀ P.s. Вы же тоже видите скалы в форме лиц? 😄 #мезя _в_дебрях_азии
21 hours ago
Feeling these vibes going into the weekend 🤘🏼. Feeling more like myself again after a week of easy running and eating. . . As I alluded to in previous posts my relationship with food and rest has been well tumultuous at best. I viewed rest as a waste of energy, and food as a means which would add weight to a frame that I was trying to lean out to achieve a physical appearance that I correlated with success. Yet these two things could not be farther from the truth. . . The reason I keep bringing these two issues up is because more and more people have reached out and expressed concern about their relationships with these two key factors to running, and well life. I guess I am only hoping to keep instilling and starting conversation around these taboo topics. It’s ok to eat, to rest, and it’s ok to also feel bad about those things. You are not alone. Hell I’m there with you more days than not. But it’s also ok to give yourself some grace, knowing that by doing two things you are prepping your body for the next adventure and effort. The only ideal frame is the one that allows you to keep putting in the effort. The effort is what matters. The rest will follow. . . The idea of self, and an ideal self for a sport, are ones that are often intertwined. We correlate our worth with a sport, failing to recognize that maybe the thing that makes us chase that sport and other facets in life, are manifestations of something deeper; like a commitment to yourself, to improving yourself, working hard, dedication, etc. It is how we do what we do that matters. Life is very short and often full of surprises. Our ability to do a sport is a gift, and extremely limited by physical and environmental factors. So why not have fun with it? Why not treat the act as a celebration? No matter how serious or good you are at something, it is no excuse to lose the joy you find from that activity, or the spark of joy you can bring to that sport or job. Be a little weird and rage on, eat, rest, and be gentle but do not go gently 🤘🏼 let’s have some fun this weekend. PC: @mlauchert
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Il cielo si tinge di rosso, all'improvviso. #desert #sunrise #abudhabi #deserttrip #alba
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